The dog vomits yellow foam, white foam, refuses to eat, what is the disease? How to treat at home?


Dogs that vomit yellow foam or white foam with symptoms of anorexia indicate that the dog’s health status is having problems. Find out the cause and treat it promptly.

maybe the phenomenon dog vomits yellow foamIf you do not eat, do not eat, the bad mood has become all too familiar, but this sign lasts with increasing intensity, you should immediately take your dog to see a veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis.

So what is the cause of this situation and what is the deal that dog owners should make when faced with this kind of situation? Please follow this blog article love cats and dogs.

There are many causes of these symptoms, but when you see this condition for a long time and continuously, you should immediately think of the following diseases.


This is a common disease with the above symptoms. At first, the dog vomited yellow and white foam, showed signs of fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, diarrhea many times, and would not stop. Dog poop is usually brown and fishy. Dogs lose strength very quickly and lead to death if not treated in time.

How to handle dogs that vomit foam

Treatment: It is necessary to monitor the dog’s health during this period, especially not giving the dog food for 24 hours, using infusion methods, or replenishing lost water when the dog vomits and has diarrhea. You can make electrolyte water for your dog.

If the dog shows signs of fatigue and mood swings, and walks unsteadily, you should use additional support with energy-boosting drugs, such as vitamin B1… If these signs do not improve, you can immediately take the dog to the hospital. rapid diagnosis.

There are many cases of mild enteritis, you just need to give your dog rest and adequate water. With my dog, most of them are minor intestinal inflammations, so just rest and using digestive enzymes can be cured after 2-3 days.

Note: Isolate the sick dog from the entire pack to avoid infection from contact between dogs in the pack.

Dogs infected with Parvo

Just like in the previous article, I introduced you to Parvo disease in dogs, which is considered to be an extremely dangerous infectious disease that directly threatens the lives of dogs.

The disease has a very rapid progression and ends the life of the dog in a few days. Parvo is currently a disease that has no cure, the only way to prevent your dog from contracting it is to vaccinate him from a young age.

parvo symptoms

  • Dog vomits white foam, refuses to eat, accompanied by yellow liquid in the vomit.
  • Dogs stop eating, tired and grumpy they no longer run and play like before.
  • Persistent and persistent diarrhea, foul-smelling stools.
  • In particular, they are slower and lazier than usual.
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Although it is a difficult disease, Parvo is not necessarily fatal. Even Parvo treatment has a higher survival rate if you catch it early and take it to the vet. Early detection is extremely important, dogs die from diseases in large part because owners catch them too late.

Symptoms of Parvo Disease in DogsSymptoms of Parvo disease in dogs. internet photos

Dog vomits yellow foamwhite foam, not eating are just the initial signs of this disease, so when you see any of the above abnormal signs, you should treat it by stopping feeding your dog and taking him to the zoo immediately. medical examination for timely examination and diagnosis.

With Parvo, the sooner you visit the doctor, the better your chances of saving your baby’s life that day. Most deaths are due to the subjectivity of the dog, causing children to be late for treatment.

experience healing

  • Because the disease is characterized by rapid dehydration leading to exhaustion, the principle of treatment is that as long as you reduce the dog’s diarrhea and vomiting until day 5 or 6, the baby can make a full recovery.
  • With my dog, as soon as there were any strange signs, I took him to the nearest vet for examination and I tested positive for Parvo virus. The doctors immediately gave the dog fluids and antibiotics (glucose, tonics, and antibiotics). When you bring the dog home, continue to combine it with a folk remedy shared online, which is guava leaves.
  • The preparation is very simple: Take 300g of guava leaves or 2 handfuls of water and cook with water, cook over low heat until the remaining water in the pot is 200 ml. Remove the leaves and drain the water to cool.
  • Use a new syringe (remove the needle) to pump into the dog’s mouth. Drink continuously 2 hours apart. At this point, the dog is very tired and no longer has the strength to drink water. Try to open your mouth and pump the baby’s cylinder. Guava juice has the effect of reducing the dog’s diarrhea, thereby limiting the loss of water in the body.
  • The next morning, my baby Golden had no symptoms of diarrhea. You continue to use guava juice and go to the veterinary clinic for active treatment. My dog ​​only had to be treated at the clinic for 3 days in combination with the use of guava juice continuously for 7 days. The baby is completely healed.


The best way to prevent this is to vaccinate your dog against 7 diseases to prevent the spread of this virus. In addition, you must also keep the cage clean and tidy. Infected dogs must be separated from the pack to avoid infecting other dogs.

Additionally, dogs that vomit white foam and refuse to eat yellow foam can also be a sign of Care’s disease, one of the many causes of death for thousands of puppies each year.

The dog vomits a yellow liquid.  white liquid, stop eatingDog vomits yellow foam. white liquid, stop eating

Dogs with Care’s disease with symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea

Care is an extremely dangerous disease in dogs and the mortality rate from Care is higher than any other disease in dogs. Although the dog is cured, it also leaves a lot of scars afterwards.

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Care sickness, also known as Sai fever, is a common illness in dogs. Dogs with this disease often do not survive. The disease is caused by a virus and unfortunately there is no cure. The disease slowly progresses through several stages throughout the body.

symptoms of care

Perhaps many dog ​​owners have experienced how difficult it is to care for a dog with Care. Not like Parvo. Care goes through many lengthy stages that directly affect the dog’s physical condition and stamina. The disease affects all organ systems in the body.

Can the disease from dogs spread to humans?Disease care in dogs. internet photos

Digestive only a small part of the whole disease process. Inflammatory bowel disease causes prolonged vomiting, diarrhea as I mentioned above. Mucus, fishy smell, the dog is quickly exhausted. The feces change color in stages until they bleed and die.

Respiratory system: Runny nose with colored discharge will gradually increase breathing, wheezing,

Nervous system: Eyes gradually cloudy and with pus, ulcers. Red spots appear in the groin and lower abdomen. The dog is in a bad mood, tired, does not eat as before. Seizures and direct effects on the nervous system.

The care disease has no cure but can be prevented by vaccinating dogs. Vaccines will help your dog fight the virus.

To understand more details about the disease, obvious symptoms, causes, effective prevention. You should check the article.

Dog vomits yellow foam due to foreign body in throat

Yellow foam, white foam in vomit can also be caused by a dog choking on a bone or having a foreign object stuck in the digestive tract.

Cubs are usually curious and always want to hide from their mother to explore the world, on the way they are ready to sweep, gnaw anything. It is also understandable to choke or introduce a foreign object into the digestive system. When the dog shows signs of prolonged vomiting, blood, loss of appetite.

Think about your dog having eaten something strange and stuck. Take the dog to the veterinary center to be scanned and diagnosed so that the foreign body can be removed.

The above are probably 3 common reasons when dog vomits yellow foamwhite foam, prolonged refusal to eat, in addition to these 3 reasons, dogs can contract other dangerous diseases such as helminths, poisoning, poisoning, hepatitis, spirochetes, encephalitis…

There are too many reasons to explain dog vomiting. You can consult more causes and home remedies when your dog vomits >>> Here

How to cure a dog's vomitHow to cure vomiting in dogs.

The advice of the blog that loves cats and dogs is that you should immediately go to the nearest veterinary clinic. Do not try to diagnose your dog’s condition. Sometimes just because you think you are wise for 1 minute your dog is gone forever.

Your dog’s life is in your hands.

If I can be of any help to you. Please comment on the condition of the dog. I will do my best to help as much as I can as soon as I get a question.