The dog has the lower hind leg, the front leg

The dog has the lower hind leg, the front leg

Dogs with a low back and front legs are a common disease. This disease makes it difficult for dogs to walk and lose their cute appearance. So what is the cause?

Low table is the most common musculoskeletal disorder in adult dogs. When you have this disease, you have to work hard to treat and help your dog make a full recovery. The disease only makes it difficult for the dog to walk and does not seriously affect health. However, lowering the table will greatly affect the aesthetics and mobility of the dog.

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Signs of dogs with lower hind legs, front legs.

Normally dogs walk with cushions under their feet, when the dog gets off their legs are bent down, bent. In many cases, the dog’s ankle is almost glued to the ground, making movement and walking extremely difficult. When viewed from the outside, the dog’s paws look very pitiful and sinful. So what is the main cause of dog fall?

Signs that the dog is downThe dog sign is a knocked over table. internet photos

Reasons why dogs are depressed

Most dogs have lower back and front legs due to 2 main reasons: due to the dog’s diet and exercise regimen.

  • Dog’s diet is not reasonable and scientific, mainly owners feed too much fat and protein food forgetting minerals, calcium. This directly affects the musculoskeletal system, causing the dog to get off.
  • The second most common cause is the dog’s exercise regimen. The owner’s busy schedule, poor care and attention puts the dog at greater risk of contracting this disease. Being confined for too long and being sedentary causes the dog’s musculoskeletal system to be underdeveloped, leading to leg defects, including table dropping.
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The reason why the dog is downThe reason why the dog is down. internet photos

Some specific reasons:

– Confining the dog in the house for a long time due to weather conditions and worrying that the dog will get sick.

– Locked in a cage for fear of the threat of dog thieves.

– Covering the dog too much, and not letting it sunbathe, which causes the inability to absorb vitamins from the sun.

– For dogs to absorb too many nutrients, fat causes dogs to suffer from many diseases such as obesity. This makes them lazy to exercise and the risk of the dogs being knocked over will be much higher, but too much calcium is also not good for the dog’s bones.

– Choosing a breed of dog to take care of is not correct. Large dogs often have a need to be more active, but you raise them in an apartment environment, making them incapable of exercise and running to develop the musculoskeletal system.

Also, giving the dog too much exercise also causes the dog to get down. Everyone thinks that running will make dogs much healthier because they can exercise and absorb vitamins from the sun. However, the exercise is too much and too much will gradually turn into overload. The musculoskeletal system cannot meet the needs of this movement, leading to weak legs. But if the dog is depressed from this cause, it is very easy to treat, just rest and limit vigorous exercise for a period of time, the dog will recover.

How to treat a dog that is down

Many of you wonder if a dog that is lying on the table can be cured. The answer is absolutely possible. However, to treat this disease, you must be persistent in following the program. The speed of the treatment process depends on the condition of the dog and the treatment used. All you need is persistence and patience.

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How to treat a fallen dog?How to treat a fallen dog. internet photos

How to treat a fallen dog?

  • In the early morning hours from 5 to 7 in the morning when the sun is not too strong, the soft sunlight at this time will help the dog to absorb vitamin D well for the musculoskeletal system. Let them sunbathe at this time.
  • Limiting the leash and keeping the dog too long in a crate or in an opposite position also prevents the dog from being too active and loud, causing it to overwork.
  • If the dog is nutritionally deficient, especially calcium, calcium should be supplemented for the dog immediately orally or by direct infusion. It is best to combine the use of calcium-rich foods such as bones and cheese.

If the dog refuses to eat. tired, it is necessary to find out the cause. It is possible that the diet and diet are not adequate or due to bad eating habits or it may be an accompanying disease. You must adjust the diet or nutrition so that the dog can get the best conditions during treatment.

The most important thing, as mentioned above, is that you have to be persistent to stick to the established path. You should consult your vet before deciding to use any medication for a downed dog.

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