The cutest and most popular curly-haired dog breeds in Vietnam

The cutest and most popular curly-haired dog breeds in Vietnam

Curly-coated breeds in Vietnam are especially beloved for their cute appearance, loyal and intelligent personalities.

As you know, Vietnam is a country with a tropical monsoon climate. This causes a major hurdle for foreign dog owners, especially curly-coated breeds. Originally from countries with cold climates, these dogs have a thick, curly coat to withstand the weather. However, coming to Vietnam, in order to adapt to the living environment here, this coat is no longer as beautiful as the original.

However, curly-coated breeds still win the hearts of many dog ​​lovers in our country. Here are the 4 most bred curly-coated dog breeds in Vietnam today.

Popular breeds of curly-haired dogs in Vietnam

The poodle is probably the most domesticated foreign dog breed in our country. They are cute, smart and very adorable. Specifically, it is a curly-haired dog that is easy to care for, which is why it is chosen by many families as a pet. Poodles have 3 main lines: Standard, Miniture, and Toy Poodle.

Toy is the most bred poodle breed in Vietnam, standard is rarely seen. There are also tiny lines and sizes of micro teacups that save less.

As one of many dog ​​breeds that can adapt well to the Vietnamese climate, the poodle’s curly coat may not be as beautiful as its native background.

The poodle is also very easy to care for. You don’t need to try too hard to brush his coat every day. It is enough with a careful pruning and a weekly bath.

Poodle dog costs 2 million, 1 million VNDcurly haired poodle

Poodles can eat all kinds of foods, you can use fresh cereal foods, but avoid some foods that are not suitable for dogs. To soften the coat, you can give your dog 2 eggs per week.

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A poodle is also not too expensive. If you keep it just to be a pet in the house, you only need to spend 4-6 million. If you want to breed for breeding, you have to choose the breed carefully, and of course the price is also higher.

All detailed information about poodle dogs from their origin to how to breed them can be found >>> here.

Perhaps quite a few people know this breed, the Maltese is known as an aristocratic dog of balanced stature, mostly with long, straight white hair. However, in Vietnam, most Maltese dogs have curly hair when they are young. Only the hair on the ears and face is long. However, to be able to grow to such a length requires extremely good care from the owner with a reasonable diet.

Maltese dogs and their origins.curly haired maltese dog

This is a medium-sized, intelligent dog that closely resembles the Poodle. However, the stubborn personality and easy to get the little dog syndrome, very arrogant.

They are very attached to people, especially their owners. So you should take your dog out to play every day.

The price of Maltese dogs is also not too expensive. On average, in Vietnam to have a curly-coated Maltese, you need to spend between 6 and 8 million.

Also known as a Spanish dog, this breed has long, curly fur on its neck, face, and ears. When they are young, their curly hair looks very cute.

As an adult, it will be longer and straighter. They are widely bred in the US and Spain, their homeland.

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The coat of this breed is classified as difficult to care for. Because it is a thick coat, and the curls at the ends make it very prone to shedding, when bathing or in high humidity, this tangled coat will clump into fairly large clumps that are difficult to untangle.

In most cases, the only way to get rid of bumps close to the skin is to use a trimmer to remove them. The tangled area is usually on the ears, neck, and underbelly.

Origin of the Cocker SpanielCurly rooster dog. internet photos

Cocker dogs in Vietnam are priced at 3-5 million VND/child

The above article hopes to help you in part to understand more about curly-coated breeds in Vietnam. The information is compiled from many reputable website articles on cats and dogs today. I hope you quickly have a curly-haired puppy.