The cheap lines of pets under 1 million that you can take care of

The cheap lines of pets under 1 million that you can take care of

The line of cheap dogs under 1 million presented by the dog-loving blog hopes to help you choose the right pet for your conditions.

At the beginning of the article, I do not want to go directly to the main content, but I want to talk to everyone on the subject of adoption and dog care. I hope that when you receive children in the mind of a person who really loves and is passionate about dogs and cats, whether the dog is valuable or not.

I would also like to say always here, taking care and feeding a dog. You will have to exchange a lot of things, including a part of your personal time.

Taking care of a dog is more than feeding and playing with it every day. You need to think about the moments when the dog is sick, sick, skinny, ugly. Are you ready to be by your side and take care of your puppies? Hopefully, by adopting a dog, you will be a responsible owner.

Here are some cheap pet dog breeds under 1 million that are suitable for those who love dogs but don’t have a lot of money for beautiful foreign puppies.

Low price pet dog lines below 1 million VND

Most domestic dog breeds today command a fairly high price. Some of you are very passionate and love dogs, but you cannot afford to have a cute puppy.

However, as I said earlier, if you love dogs, cats and pets, why distinguish between luxury and cowardice? You can buy a pet dog that is suitable for you and keep it.

  • Our dog is commonly known as a grass dog.
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Maybe some of you don’t like dogs very much, but many of them are extremely cute. Even many of our dogs are as cute as foreign dogs.

Another characteristic that can be difficult for many foreign dog breeds is the intelligence and ease of care of our dogs.

My dogMy dog: a cheap pet dog under 1 million. internet photos

Having a cute dog is not difficult, most of them are sold in the markets. You can buy a puppy for 200-500k.

In fact, Cocker dogs numbering less than 1 million are extremely rare. On average, to own a Spanish Cocker dog, you have to spend at least 2-3 million, but for those with bad coat color and many unsuitable body features, the owner can sell it to you. Prices are around 1 million.

Characteristics of the Cocker - Spanish dogCocker – Spanish dog. internet photos

Cockers are intelligent and quite friendly dogs. It would be great to have this breed of dog.

You can see more articles with detailed information, characteristics and prices of the Cocker breed HERE

The Phoc Deer or Fox is a family dog ​​breed in Vietnam. Many families keep this breed as an ornamental. Pho deer also have many babies with prices ranging from 1 million to 1.3 million. Beautiful babies with standout colors like chocolate will cost a bit more.

deer pugDeer cub. Cheap dog breeds for less than 1 million VND

It is easy to care for and suitable for first time dog owners. They can eat a variety of foods and are suitable for the Vietnamese climate.

Hybrid dog breeds are also offered by many people at a fairly low price.

Due to some owner negligence or due to some randomness, foreign dog breeds are mixed with our dogs to produce hybrid dogs.

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Children have many special characteristics that bear the imprint of the two breeds of dogs, but they also lose many of the typical characteristics of foreign dogs such as eye color, coat color… This makes the price of children not too expensive.

But if you are a dog lover who does not care about the origin, this is a good option for you to fulfill your desire to care for and raise a cute puppy. Some dog breeds you can refer to

  • Japanese hybrid pekingese dog

The Japanese Pekingese is probably the right breed for you. With its cute appearance, the Japanese-Japanese Pekingese is chosen by many dog ​​lovers for care. They are not too expensive, averaging only hundreds to 1 million.

Japanese Pekingese hybrid dogPekingese hybrid dog. internet photos

To buy beautiful puppies, you can join groups selling cats and dogs on Facebook or famous cat and dog forums for reference.

Many of you who are raising dogs in your family want to sell puppies. However, you should be careful with juicy offers. Many valuable puppies are offered for only 1-2 million, but they have dangerous diseases.

Ideally, I recommend that you buy dogs from dog families other than dog breeding farms. Here people just want puppies to be with an owner who truly loves them.

I hope you will soon find a cheap pet dog under 1 million VND to satisfy your passion and love for pets.