The black cat is like the most mysterious magical cat in the world.

The black cat is like the most mysterious magical cat in the world.

Cats, one of the most popular household pets in the world, are considered by many to be part of the family. To meet that need, many breeders have sought to develop and produce many different types of cats, such as British Shorthairs, British Longhairs, Persians… Accompanying the variety of breeds is the diversity of color forms. White, yellow, grey-blue, pink… are the favorite colors of many color lovers.

In addition, there are also some people who especially love rare fur colors likeā€¦among them, many people are especially attracted to cats with jet black fur. However, the number of black cats is not as great as that of other coat colors (due to the influence of the black pigment on the genetic process) and the quality of the breed is not guaranteed. If you are a mystery lover of black cats, through this article, achocanh would like to give you and introduce useful information so that you can find a pure black cat that suits you.

Black cat good luck or bad luck?

According to the wiki, black cats, also known as ebony cats, ghost cats, black cats, or lynxes, are cats with black or jet-black fur. In the concept of many cultures, the black cat is a symbol of mystery with many scary stories and anecdotes. In the Middle Ages, black cats were harbingers of misfortune, witchcraft, and death. The glowing eyes, which exude a fierce and magical gaze, and the jet-black fur, make every time they appear, bring a sense of panic and anxiety, indicating impending bad omen.

Black cats, even compared to the assistants of dark forces, in legend are effective henchmen of witches or witches in disguise. Some people even believe that if a black cat serves in the wizarding world for 7 years, she will become a witch. Even in the 17th century, anyone who owned a black cat was considered a witch and executed. Therefore, the black cat was extinct in some parts of Europe, for a long time.

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The black cat superstition persists to this day and affects many different cultures. As in the East, it is believed that a black cat jumping on a dead person will cause the corpse to jump up, turning into a demon.

So should you adopt a black cat or not?

Although there are many prejudices about this breed of cats, some people still resist owning them and often think that it is just a “superstition”. The jet-black fur, bright eyes, may scare some people, but many people consider this to be the mysterious and “fatal” charm of this breed of cats.

Some places even consider the black cat a symbol of luck, an invincible rat killer.

In Scotland, black cats are also considered a symbol of prosperity. Because many people after raising black cats have many advantages in their work, even in contrast to many countries who believe that “the cat comes is difficult, the dog comes is rich”. This country believes that the appearance of black cats in the house is a sign of luck and prosperity.

In Russia, with the terrible fury of rats, people here have to use black cats for this purpose. In particular, black cats are better at catching mice than other cats. Believing in this superhuman ability of black cats, a Russian museum recently assembled 60 black cats to protect more than 3 million works from the destruction of hateful rats.

The price of black cats in Vietnam

Despite the influence of superstitions around black cats in general and cats in particular, the charm of this animal is undeniable. However, the percentage of black cats is usually quite low, so they are quite rare and are usually found in rural areas, or rural areas. The price of a black cat is a domestic cat that ranges from 300,000 to 500,000 VND per child. Compared to other breeds of cats, this price is quite high, the reason is that this breed is quite rare and is hunted by many cat drivers, bought to be processed into kitty litter, one of the types that is well known for our people. for osteoarthritis and asthma.

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In addition, for black cats of foreign cat breeds such as British longhair cats, British shorthair cats, Persian cats or a Russian cat, the price usually ranges from VND 2 million to VND 5 million, according to the type and the pure line. strain or hybrid.

Where to buy black cats?

Pet buying and selling forums

On pet sharing forums, you can easily find many suitable options for yourself. However, you must take into account that the cats that are advertised in these forums often do not have a clear origin, you must ask specifically, especially if the place to buy is close to where you live, you must stop by to find out. Of course, avoid “money”. lost disability”.

Dog and Cat Market in District 10 (HCMC) or Buoi Market, Mo Market in Hanoi

These are the largest markets for buying and selling cats and dogs in Vietnam. In addition to domestic cat breeds, imported breeds are also sold here, catering to the needs of cat and dog lovers. The quality in these places is quite good, many people come here to look for their favorite dogs and cats. That is why you can absolutely find a black cat in these areas.

foreign cat camps

Foreign cat farm is a place where you can be completely sure of the quality and origin, in case you want to have an imported black cat, finding a cat farm is also a suggestion for you. With the advantage that the cat is cared for carefully, professionally, so the quality of the breed is good, so finding and buying an imported black cat is not as difficult as in other floating cat shops. However, the prices in these camps are usually higher than those bought in the market or in other stores, ranging from 5 to 7 million per child.