The Best Dog Toys for Teething Puppies

The Best Dog Toys for Teething Puppies Soothe Their Sore Gums

Personality plays an integral role in what kind of chew toy your pup prefers. For instance, shy and timid puppies may prefer soft plush toys they can cuddle close to and suckle on.

Pet parents love this freezable chew toy that can be submerged in water and placed in the freezer to provide soothing relief on puppies’ sore gums.

1. Invincibles Minis Dog Chew Toy

Puppies often experience sore gums while their baby teeth erupt, and chewing is a natural way for them to relieve this discomfort while simultaneously engaging their brains. Therefore, toys that are both strong enough for sharp teeth yet gentle on delicate gums are ideal.

According to Quest, chew toys must withstand rough chewing without becoming so hard that it risks tooth fractures, while parts that can easily be eaten should also be avoided as these may create the possibility for swallowing or can even cause digestive upsets.

This chew toy is an ideal solution for many puppy parents as it provides both durable and soft relief to sore gums, with long-lasting chills from being submerged in water or frozen for long-lasting chills. Pet parents also appreciate its use as a massager with its textured surface massaging sore gums while its rubber nubs offer great textures to gnaw on and can reduce tartar buildup – an especially helpful feature if your breed of puppy requires smaller bites! Furthermore, multiple sizes are available so as not to leave anyone out!

2. Quest Dura Play Ball

This toy was specifically created for puppy teeth, offering soft chew surfaces to soothe sore gums. Additionally, its ridges can help reduce tartar buildup. Furthermore, its hollow center can be filled with food to extend playtime. Finally, its range of sizes caters to various breeds’ mouth sizes.

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Puppy chew toys can also serve to divert puppies’ inappropriate chewing behaviors, such as nibbling furniture legs and shoes. Many are flavored, while some contain features that make them more alluring than furniture legs or shoes for puppies.

Sueda recommends when selecting a chew toy for your puppy, it is important to keep several factors in mind such as its age and size as well as material it is made from. Make sure the toy does not become too small as this could present a choking hazard; rubber is often more durable. Be sure to periodically inspect for signs of wear and tear and discard when worn-out toys have reached this point.

3. Teethe ‘n’ Tug Rope Chew Toy

Puppies love to chew on toys that stimulate their gums, so providing them with toys specifically made to support dental health is vital for their well-being. Rope chew toys designed for dog dental health have fibers which floss and freshen puppies’ teeth while they play. Available in playful designs from gift boxes to teddy bears to cupcakes and flying saucers – you just need to ensure any rope toy you choose is suitable for your puppy – thin rope toys may quickly be destroyed while long strings could become stuck between teeth or around its tongue, creating choking hazards!

Mammoth offers this two-knot rope toy as an ideal choice for puppies, dogs and large breeds alike, thanks to its soft yet durable construction. Made in America and free from artificial colors, flavors or preservatives – plus it comes with partially stuffed design that reduces chances of messier play sessions!

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4. KONG Puppy Binkie Chew Toy

As part of their playful activities, puppies may nip and mouth other puppies in their litter or household objects, causing irritation to sore gums while also helping prevent tooth decay and plaque buildup. This ring-shaped toy’s durable nylon and wood composite construction makes it heavy-duty enough for even heavy chewers; additionally, its inner squeaker doesn’t puncture easily for extra chewing fun! Plus it’s dishwasher safe!

Puppy teething can be an ongoing process, with baby teeth emerging as early as eight weeks and permanent ones appearing later on in life. According to Quest, when looking for chew toys for puppies to help ease this transition it’s essential that they are soft yet sturdy and designed specifically to reduce plaque and tartar build-up between and under their gumline – this bouncy bacon-scented chew toy fits the bill! With various sizes suitable for puppies of different breeds and ages and proudly made in America!

5. Petstages Freezeable Chew Toy

West Paw Design has made sure their plush Hide-a-Squirrel chew toy will appeal to dogs that love soft toys! It features a chewable center where you can place food or dry kibble, plus it features an engaging squeaker! Moreover, this puzzle toy has been constructed from long-wearing materials designed to withstand even heavy chewing while being machine washable for easy clean-up!

If you want a teething toy with extra cooling features, consider the Petstages Freezeable Chew Toy. Puppies love this chew toy because its cool surface helps soothe their sore gums, but make sure that their dog remains under supervision while playing with this toy as chewing on random parts could result in choking hazards.

Puppy toys are an effective way to keep them busy and away from your shoes! Select non-toxic chew toys suitable for puppy mouths that suit their individual personality; interactive chewers might enjoy toys filled with treats or puzzle toys which require them to use their minds!