The Best Dog Toys for Teething Puppies – Soothe Their Sore Gums!

Puppies have an insatiable desire to chew, and toys provide an effective distraction from shoes, furniture, or other potentially hazardous or toxic objects. Teething toys offer hours of entertainment while soothing gums and encouraging healthy dental development.

Puzzle toys like KONG rubber toys that dispense treats will keep active puppies entertained and engaged while they gnaw on them. Some can even be frozen to provide relief from gum pain and reduce swelling.

1. Orbee-Tuff Chew Toy from Planet Dog

Puppies are naturally curious creatures, and as part of the teething process they cannot resist biting into everything from shoes to furniture – such as their mother’s shoes! Therefore it is crucial that safe chew toys be given them.

A quality chew toy should offer your pup various textures to explore while also offering playtime activities like tugging. Furthermore, it should be made from non-toxic material that won’t harm them while being tough enough to withstand their chewing habits and chewing habits.

Chilly chew toys can help soothe sore teething gums while keeping your puppy busy and happy, providing an alternative to rawhides that may splinter and present a choking risk. You don’t have to worry about these toys getting dirty or smelly too quickly either, with many having crinkly parts or squeakers for extra texture and fun!

2. Orbee-Tuff Squeaky Toy from Outward Hound

This chewable toy was specially created to ease teething puppies’ painful gums, providing relief through cold, soothing water that is both purified and non-toxic, without needing refilling or draining after each use. Plus, its surface features nubs and ridges to massage gums and promote clean teeth! Made in America and available in three forms (puppy for teething pups; original for strong chewers; magnum for those dogs that destroy everything!).

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This toy resembles an infant teething pacifier and can help divert your pet’s attention away from destructive chewing habits on furniture, shoes and other household items. With multiple textures that soothe and entertain puppies as well as gentle tug-of-war action. Cleaning it is easy too – simply throw it in the dishwasher or use soap and water. Product Variation (9/10):

3. ONTWOPETS Dental Chew Toy

If your pup needs a safe, non-toxic alternative to raw bones like marrow, knuckle or femur bones that could break apart into sharp splinters that cause choking or other serious injuries, consider this chew toy made of unique tough polymer nylon material that stands up well to aggressive chewing yet is soft enough for soothing teething puppies’ sore gums. It even features an exciting squeak feature to keep their attention.

This toy features cleaning nubs that stimulate gums and clean teeth to help prevent plaque, tartar and other dental issues from developing in dogs of all sizes and ages. Featuring its dinosaur shape, this toy appeals to dogs of all sizes and ages; plus, its simple cleaning mechanism means it stands up well to even tough chewers!

As there are countless toys designed for teething puppies on the market today, it’s essential that any chew toy that claims to be useful actually be made specifically for this purpose. A quality teething toy should include features designed specifically to assist your pup through this challenging developmental stage – like textured surfaces and materials which reduce risk of choking.

4. Nylabone DuraChew Power Chew

Acquiring a new puppy is one of the most thrilling parts of being a pet parent, as their boundless energy and adorable puppy cuddles make them an absolute pleasure to be around. However, teething can be challenging for some puppies; as a result they begin chewing everything they find or drooling excessively to alleviate pain.

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Chewing is an instinctual behavior for your puppy, yet inappropriate chewing items may lead to sore gums. Giving them a chew toy will provide much-needed comfort for their gums while encouraging positive behaviors such as training.

Nylabone offers this toy specifically tailored for puppies to help promote dental health by offering a soft chew to reduce plaque and tartar build-up while alleviating teething pain. Plus, with nubs designed to massage gums and delicious chicken-flavored nubs that make this chew perfect for their tastes – as well as being vet recommended, safe use.

Freeze this toy before offering it to your puppy to help soothe their sore gums and alleviate playtime pain. Just be sure to monitor their chew time closely, removing it if the toy begins breaking apart or shows any sign of choking.

5. Chilly Chew Toy from Petstages

Puppies can quickly become bored of chewing the same toy over and over, so offering a range of toys to them will keep them engaged while also deterring them from wanting to chew on furniture or shoes. You should select safe toys made of rubber, plastic, nylon or fabric which can withstand their vigorous chewing while being suitable for puppies themselves. Make sure it gets checked regularly for loose threads, rips or excessive wear and tear as this will keep the dog entertained!

Petstages’ ring-shaped toy features various textures designed to soothe gums and clean teeth. Perfect as either a chew toy, fetch toy, or gentle game of tug, its durable rubber construction stands up well against even powerful chewers – plus it floats!

Petstages’ chew toy, the NWK PWT Teething Cooling Chew, can be frozen to soothe sore gums as your puppy chews. With bright colors, ribbons and streamers to entice them to play with it more, crunching when gnawed on and crinkly bits for added entertainment value – this toy provides hours of entertainment and relief from sore gums!