The Best Dog Toys For Teething Puppies – Soothe Their Sore Gums!

The Best Dog Toys for Teething Puppies Soothe Their Sore Gums

Puppies love to chew, and teething pups are especially destructive. Keep them entertained and away from shoes, furniture and personal belongings with these puppy-safe chew toys!

Do not choose toys with sharp edges or ridges that could pose a choking hazard to your pup, instead select something with textures designed to massage sore gums and scrape soft plaque off teeth.

1. Teethe ‘n’ Tug

An adorable puppy can bring immense joy into any home, but with that comes inevitable teething pain and discomfort. Puppies begin gnawing on everything they come across as their milk teeth emerge – from furniture, leashes, socks and shoes all the way down to socks!

Soft, safe chew toys for teething puppies can help ease their discomfort while encouraging socialization and diverting attention away from furniture-chewing towards more constructive activities.

Nylabone offers the Teethe ‘n’ Tug chew toy as an effective choice. Constructed of soft material that’s gentle on puppies’ gums and features an interactive tug rope feature, this toy comes in various sizes to meet any pup’s needs.

NWK Frozen Chew Ring is designed to soothe teething puppies. Crafted of tough canvas that’s easily wipe-cleanable and filled with non-toxic water, this chew toy can then be placed in the freezer to cool and numb sore gums. Plus, its massage ridges and nubs massage gums and it holds bully sticks or edible chew toys to encourage play and reward healthy chewing habits!

2. Benebone Bacon-Flavored Teething Chews

This chewable teething toy provides relief to your pup’s sore gums by redirecting their natural chewing behavior away from furniture, shoes and other inappropriate objects and instead helps remove plaque and tartar as they chew. Made in the US and featuring real bacon that’s sure to delight any moderate chewer over four months of age; best recommended for moderate chewers over four months old who should always be watched while chewing to ensure no small pieces become swallowed accidentally and pose a choking hazard.

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Max, Chica and Nero all enjoyed our test dogs’ experiences chewing these bacon-scented bones that feature easy grip designs for puppies to grab onto. They could chew these bones for hours without them breaking, keeping their minds active.

KONG binkie is designed specifically for puppies, offering endless play value with non-toxic materials that offer 100% safety for chewing sessions and cooling relief during chewing sessions. Fill it with soaked kibble, stuff it with high-value treats or spread some peanut butter on it for extra fun! Perfect as an alternative to chew bones for teething puppies; and it even comes frozen for cooling relief during sessions!

3. NWK Frozen Chew Ring

Puppies love chewing up everything they find, from their own paws and toys to furniture – so it is crucial that your home be puppy-proofed with safe teething solutions for them to use when teething. Natural objects such as bones and antlers may be too harsh on a pup’s gums while children’s toys and household objects pose potential choking hazards.

For puppies who are teething, the NWK Frozen Chew Ring is an excellent frozen chew toy that provides soothing cooling relief. Packed with purified water and designed to be frozen, this toy offers cooling relief as its outer surface features nubs and ridges to relieve any teething pain.

Hartz Dura Play Double Ring offers another excellent option, featuring cotton rope loops for you and your pup to play tug of war on together. Plus, this toy is chemical-free and made with non-toxic vegetable dyes; though larger breeds may find alternative toys more suitable.

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4. West Paw Zogoflex Chew Toy

This toy helps ease teething puppies’ sore gums with its rubber surface and baking soda infusion, as well as help control bad breath. Made in the United States with no preservatives or additives added, and great for soothing hot days as it cools their mouth – although beware that pieces of antler may break off and pose a choking hazard!

Pet parents love the West Paw Zogoflex Chew Toy for its flexible structure and irresistible bacon-flavor, which makes this teething toy irresistible to canines. Plus, its flexible design enables tug-of-war games with multiple players while its frozen option adds even more fun when chewing begins!

Puzzle toys like KONG rubber toys are highly sought-after due to their long-term enrichment and reward properties. You can stuff these with treats or food, with many coming equipped with soft rubber surfaces specifically designed to assist young teeth.

5. Feeko Teething Ring

An anxious puppy using its mouth to ease its sore gums could use its teeth for comfort; but without an appropriate object to chew on, their sharp little teeth could end up chewing up furniture or personal belongings if left alone. There are thankfully great teething toys designed specifically to give relief and should provide your puppy some relief from his or her suffering.

Experts advise searching for toys with various textures that soothe your puppy’s gums, including those with ridges or bumps that may help reduce tartar build-up. Furthermore, the material used should not be too hard as this could potentially cause tooth fracture. Quest has suggested choosing soft toys rather than hard ones as these will provide greater comfort for him or her.

Petstages’ adorable rubber cactus toy comes equipped with a cotton-poly fabric shell and can be frozen to provide relief to sore gums in puppies and dogs alike. Perfect as either an interactive play toy or chew toy, it’s even made in the USA from recycled materials for added eco-friendliness!