The Best Dog Toys for Teething Puppies – Soothe Their Sore Gums!

Puppies require toys that can withstand chewing without breaking into pieces they could swallow and pose a choking risk, like soft materials or different shapes and textures to see which are preferred by your pup.

Pet parents love this frozen teething stick for its ability to soothe their pup while they chew, with its cooling effect and its ridged surface that cleans teeth while soothing sore gums.

1. Kong Classic

Puppies can be notoriously destructive chewers, so providing them with various toys to play with can help stop them from damaging furniture and fixtures. One great choice is the Kong Classic; a durable teething toy featuring multiple textures to stimulate senses. Plus, you can even fill it up with treats (just make sure any peanut butter used in treats are safe for puppies)!

If your pup is an aggressive chewer, consider purchasing the Kong Extreme toy made of tougher rubber that can withstand their jaws. Plus, its dishwasher safe design makes cleaning up easy for pet parents!

The Kong Wobbler is another treat-dispensing toy beloved by pets for its brain game aspects. This toy spills treats when bumped, nudged or thrown. Available in both small and large sizes; similar to other Kong toys it can also be stuffed with treats or frozen cubes to provide extra chewing resistance; constructed of globally sourced nontoxic rubber material.

2. Hartz Dura Play Dog Chew Toy

Engaging puppies with safe toys that they can chew on helps distract them from any pain they’re feeling and sometimes can even ease it. This teething toy features some features that make it especially good for pups: its bright colours provide visual stimulation; fabric and rubber construction makes it soft on gums while placing in the freezer can further soothe irritated gums.

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Petersel says this puppy chew toy is one of the most durable choices available today, made of flexible rubber to soothe sore gums, with multiple sizes to accommodate puppies of all breeds and easy maintenance and cleaning processes. Plus, you can stuff it with treats for extra long-lasting entertainment!

3. EETIYS Puppy Teething Chew Toys

An engaging chew toy like West Paw’s Toppl can provide relief to anxious or stressed puppies. Stuffed with frozen food for extended chewing sessions and designed with space for soft treats to keep your dog engaged – it’s also safe for moderate chewers.

Frozen toys may help soothe their gums while simultaneously restricting blood vessels and decreasing circulation – helping alleviate both pain and swelling at once. Petstages Chilly Bone offers an easy-to-use puppy teether shaped specifically to their needs with vanilla flavoring for your pup to enjoy!

This squeezable toy is designed to be gentle on your pup’s teeth while simultaneously offering interactive puzzle play for mental stimulation. Fill it with food or small toys for a fun challenge that teaches problem-solving. Plus, this toy is nontoxic materials to ensure safe play experiences! This puppy chew toy is suitable for puppies up to 25 pounds!

4. Mammoth Flossy Chews Dog Rope Toy

Pet parents adore this non-toxic rope toy due to its soothing ribbed texture that’s ideal for teething puppies, irresistible bacon flavor, and fun play features like tear resistance and slobber wicking properties – ideal for games of tug without risk of your puppy swallowing pieces that could potentially cause intestinal blockage.

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Some puppies love chewing on rope toys while others may not. Either way, this two-in-one dog toy offers something for both of your canine companions to play with; you can throw for fetch and tug chase games, as well as use one-on-one playtime with your puppy. Plus it’s easily cleaned – making this toy an excellent teething aid for small breed dogs or puppies!

At a minimum, it’s wise to avoid tug-of-war during teething as this form of rough play can damage their gums. Any toy that frays or splinters should also be taken away since your puppy could chew on and swallow its pieces; especially long strings, ribbons, or plush toys which contain foam stuffing are potentially risky as these could potentially entangle themselves around their neck or intestines causing harm.

5. JW Pet Playplace Butterfly Teether

Puppies require chew toys that are both firm enough to withstand their razor sharp teeth while remaining gentle on sensitive gums. Furthermore, the best puppy chew toys provide multiple textures to keep pups entertained and some can even be frozen to help numb pain and alleviate discomfort.

KONG offers this gentler version of their classic chew toy: made of safe rubber that can withstand the sharp baby teeth of puppies. Plus, its texture is soft and malleable for soothing sore gums; and there are treats inside to further encourage chewing activities!

Nylabone offers this pack of safe puppy chew toys as a reliable and nutritious source for their canines to chew on, featuring various shapes of safe bones shaped like real ones without the risk of chipping or shattering, perfect for games of tug. Plus, these tasty bones come with bacon flavors to keep their interest piqued! As an extra feature these toys feature an indicator layer that changes color when it’s time for replacement!