The Best Dog Toys For Teething Puppies – Soothe Their Sore Gums!

An inquisitive puppy needs plenty of chew toys that won’t harm their gums while they gnaw at shoes or furniture, such as shoes or furniture. Look for soft materials such as fleece that won’t fracture teeth and teethers made with sturdy materials that won’t tear or fray over time.

These hard nylon teethers are slightly softer than regular Benebone bones, making it easy for puppies to grasp them with their paws. Plus, their tasty chicken flavor and textured surface help scrape plaque off teeth.

1. Invincibles Minis Dog Chew Toy

This chew toy was specifically created for puppies with sensitive gums, providing relief while discouraging chewing of fingers, chair legs, or furniture. It features soft bristles to massage gums while two flavors – lamb and apple – tempt dogs into playing. Plus it boasts high-quality care and cleanability ratings!

This puppy toy doubles as a treat, making it even more appealing for dogs who enjoy chewing and playing with toys. With its fun shape and texture, this item is suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds.

This plush toy can withstand aggressive chewers, and is filled with cotton to keep dogs entertained. Plush toys like this one come in various sizes that cater to every pet!

2. Kong Dog Chew Toy

There are various chew toys for puppies to chew on while teething, but the one best suited to their size, breed and chewing style will depend on each individual puppy’s size, breed and individual chewing style. One popular option is the Kong Puppy Teething Chew Toy which features soft but strong chewable material suitable for all sizes of puppy mouths while also being soakable and freezable to provide an additional relaxing treat that helps soothe gums.

It features raised nubs on its surface that massage your pup’s gums when they chew, and it can even be filled with peanut butter or treats to make playing even more engaging! Furthermore, this toy comes in various sizes to meet all types of pups’ needs.

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This chew toy is ideal for playing tug-of-war with your pup! Newman, Grossman, and Klein all recommend this form of play as a means of both alleviating puppy energy while teaching him or her how to interact appropriately with people.

3. Nylabone Chicken Chew Toy

Pet parents report that this toy provides soothing cold texture relief to sore gums in puppies. Once immersed in water, it can then be frozen so that it can be chewed on repeatedly by pups – providing long-term entertainment while being easy to keep clean! Pet parents report long-lasting entertainment as well as easy maintenance of this toy for their pups.

KONG toys are known for providing enrichment to dogs, and this teething puppy toy from KONG is no exception. Crafted from soft rubber suitable for puppies and featuring ridges that clean teeth and soothe sore gums. Plus it comes with hollow pockets to fill with treats to keep puppies entertained for longer. Comes in various colors and textures that complement any pup’s personality as well as being easily hangable on a chew toy holder!

4. Outward Hound Textured Chew Toys

Puppies who lack something appropriate to chew can resort to chewing furniture or other inappropriate objects for entertainment. KONG has created this teething toy specifically for puppies that is designed with soft rubber material to protect baby teeth and tender gums while simultaneously offering wells that can be filled with treats, then frozen, as well as soft bristles that massage sore gums.

This plush toy is both chewable and squeaky, constructed without stuffing for maximum durability. Available in various animal shapes that puppies love shaking, tugging on, and gently chewing (though we do not advise it for power chewers), this toy features puncture-proof squeakers to keep dogs busy for hours while its durable design prevents wear and tear.

5. Freezeable Stick Toy

Puppies often turn to destructive chewing during their teething phase, and one way to keep them busy and entertained is with chew toys. But when selecting one for your pup it’s important to take into account his or her unique personality – timid dogs may benefit more from soft plushie toys while more active pups might prefer hard, ridged chew toys.

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Redman also suggests Kong’s classic rubber toy as an ideal teething toy for puppies, which she notes provides long-term entertainment to their favorite licking or tug-of-war games. Made of slightly softer rubber that’s safe for growing teeth and can be filled with treats or peanut butter for long lasting entertainment!

This toy features a textured surface and Denta-Ridges that help clean puppies’ teeth and soothe sore gums, while its freezing feature reduces chewing pain for dogs while offering them a cold, satisfying crunch.

6. West Paw Puppy Tug Toy

As puppies go through their teething phase, they can become quite destructive, chewing up anything they can get their mouths onto. To save yourself the hassle and the expense of repairs to furniture caused by chewing, invest in teething toys designed specifically for puppies so they have something safe yet satisfying to chew on during this stage of development.

This crinkle chew toy features a soft surface to soothe their sore gums, along with an interactive squeaker inside that adds another challenge for their canines to enjoy while they chew. Pet parents report this chew toy is durable and long-lasting – ideal for both light and heavy chewers alike!

This chew toy was specifically created for teething puppies, providing soothing relief from sore gums when frozen. Featuring chewable ridges and pockets filled with treats for enrichment purposes – sure to keep the pup busy for hours!

7. Teething Rings

Puppies may be tempted to chew on things that could potentially do them harm, such as shoes and furniture. To satisfy their chewing urges safely, provide something soft yet malleable enough for their teething gums – teething toys are ideal as these provide soothing comfort while the added bonus of cooling it can provide even further soothing benefits!

This ring-shaped toy features a soft cotton-poly fabric shell that’s safe and comfortable for puppies to hold. With an internal squeaker and vivid colors to keep their attention during playtime, this toy keeps their interest throughout playtime – when chewing is finished simply throw it into the freezer for cooling relief and an unexpected snack! Additionally, this toy is dishwasher safe for effortless clean-up!