The Best Dog Toys for Teething Puppies – Soothe Their Sore Gums!

The Best Dog Toys for Teething Puppies Soothe Their Sore Gums

Puppy teething can be a painful yet natural part of their development, so it’s essential that they have safe chew toys to gnaw on. Toys must be strong enough to withstand their chewing without disintegrating and becoming potential choking hazards.

Klein highly recommends Feeko’s Ring Toy for soothing gums and teeth simultaneously, along with being lightweight and water resistant – perfect for water play! Klein also noted it floats easily making it the ideal companion in aquatic playtime!

1. Kong Puppy Chew Toy

As puppies’ 28 baby teeth come through, it can be painful. Chewing on soft rubber helps alleviate that pain while teaching appropriate chewing behavior – this KONG toy was designed specifically to meet their needs as they develop their jaws and teeth.

This chew toy for puppies comes in the shape of a binkie and features small ridges to promote healthy teeth and gums, and can even be filled with treats for engagement! Plus, its durable construction will hold up against repeated chewing sessions; plus its fun bounce keeps pups entertained for longer.

Kong has become an iconic brand since their first toy became popular during the 1970s, and still remain a favorite with both pet parents and dogs alike. This versatile rubber toy can be filled with food to promote positive chewing behaviors or frozen for an added challenge that keeps pups engaged longer. Great for distracting bored puppies or aiding crate training or separation anxiety relief!

2. Hurley Chew Toy

This bone-shaped puppy teething toy stands out from other chew toys by being soft on puppies’ gums. This prevents them from chewing too hard and potentially harming their teeth or choking themselves during playtime, while its long lifespan means your dog can use it for weeks or even months before wear begins to take its toll.

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This best-selling chew toy provides a safe alternative to real bones or sticks and reduces destructive chewing by redirecting pups’ attention away from destructive habits. Made in the US, this toy combines wood-stack textures with BBQ flavors for satisfying dogs’ natural urge to chew while encouraging dental health benefits – it even features an integrated pocket to store treats reducing refills!

Zogoflex material makes this ball durable, floatable, and dishwasher-safe – not to mention easy to spot indoors and out! Plus, its bright orange hue makes it easily identifiable – perfect for playing fetch or splashing about in water!

3. Nylabone Chew Toy

Puppies often chew to relieve boredom or reduce pain, and their natural instinct is to grab onto anything in reach – including shoes, towels, or furniture. But chewing doesn’t need to be destructive; in fact, it may actually help strengthen their teeth!

Quest suggests giving them toys designed specifically for teething puppies as an effective and safe way to redirect their chewing tendencies, with bumps, ridges or other textures which help scrape away plaque and prevent dental issues, according to Quest.

Nylabone offers this ridged teething stick made of nylon coated in flavors such as chicken, peanut butter or bacon to promote appropriate chewing behaviors and promote appropriate behavior in smaller puppies. Plus it won’t pose a choking hazard!

4. EETOYS Puppy Teething Chew Toy

Puppies love chewing anything they find interesting – shoes, furniture and toys alike! Teething toys designed specifically for puppies can help alleviate discomfort while freshening breath and helping ensure young teeth remain clean and healthy.

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One option is this teddy bear-shaped chew toy. Made from soft rubber that soothes gums, this toy can be filled with treats for added chewing pleasure and playtime fun. Pet parents say it has been invaluable during the toughest stages of teething for their puppy.

Another great chew toy for puppies is this nearly indestructible bone-shaped toy that comes in two distinct flavors to satisfy every pup’s palate. Not only can this plaything provide entertainment, it can also massage their gums – great for their growing teeth! Pet owners report that it stands up well to aggressive chewers and has a lifetime warranty, plus floating capabilities which enable it to be used during tug-o-war or fetch games!

5. KONG Puppy Chew Toy

This chew toy features a special formula designed to soothe puppies’ gums while they play, help clean their teeth, and teach proper mouth use. Plus, it can even be placed in the freezer for extra relief for sore teething pups!

KONG toys are great choices for puppies with sensitive teeth as they offer gentle play experiences and stimulation to the mind and body alike. Stuff it with treats to provide extra mental enrichment and physical stimulation while the unpredictable bounce makes it fun to chase, providing an ideal distraction against barking or biting behaviors.

This chew toy features an innovative combination of KONG classic puppy rubber and Denta-Ridges to provide relief to sore gums, while KONG easy treat paste or peanut butter can be added for extended play time. Plus, interactive play helps ease separation anxiety when you’re away, makes crate training more comfortable, encourages interactive play time with other puppies in your household, encourages interactive playfulness while encouraging interactive crate training, is safe to chew on for prolonged playtime & lasts an extended period. Plus this toy will outlive any one other!