The Best Dog Toys For Teething Puppies!

When puppies are teething, they’ll often try to chew up anything they find within reach, including furniture and valuable objects you hold dear. Offering them chew toys can help ease their discomfort while simultaneously keeping them entertained while they explore all sorts of new things to chew on.

The best chew toys for puppies offer multiple textures to soothe their gums and are made of safe materials that can be sanitized or frozen for additional relief.

1. Nylabone DuraChew Power Chew

Puppies can be hard on their teeth. Chew toys can help ease their discomfort while simultaneously improving dental health and eliminating bad doggie breath.

This pumpkin-flavored puppy chew toy helps soothe sore gums while providing hours of entertainment for your pup. Ideal for puppies up to 25 pounds, its durable construction and easy cleanup make it great value. Plus it smells wonderful – making a good distraction for dogs suffering separation anxiety! Finally, its cost-effective too.

2. Kong Puppy Binkie

The Kong Puppy Binkie is an effective non-toxic chew toy designed to soothe a puppy’s sore gums. With its soft rubber surface and pacifier shape, this toy can also provide small puppies with much-needed pacifier relief and mental stimulation. Plus! Stuff it full of treats or food to encourage more chewing action and stimulation!

Petstages’ teething bone encourages proper chewing behavior while soothing sore gums in puppies. Frozen versions offer additional cooling relief on hot days. Plus, its compact pacifier-shaped toy design makes it suitable for smaller dogs. Available in either pink or blue.

3. Hurley Chew Toy

The Hurley Chew Toy is a durable chew toy designed to offer all of the fun of both bones and balls rolled into one! Crafted using West Paw’s Zogoflex material, it bounces, floats, and provides hours of chewing pleasure for your pup!

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Ridged textures help soothe teething pups’ gums while offering additional stimulation through treats for added stimulation. You may even consider freezing this toy for additional relief! Just make sure that during playtime it remains under close supervision while regularly checking it for signs of damage.

4. Petstages Dog Chew Toy

This toy is ideal for puppies who are light to heavy chewers and can help prevent them from chewing up shoes, socks, furniture and other household items. Constructed of real wood sticks enhanced with BPA- and phthalate-free synthetic strength to offer appealing chewing texture for pups while remaining dishwasher safe – an appealing combination!

The textured grooves on this stick help soothe irritated gums and can even be frozen to further diminish any pain levels. Just be sure that any broken pieces are safely removed as they could pose a choking hazard for puppies.

5. Kong Puppy Chew Rings

Like other durable chew toys, this one can help relieve sore gums by massaging them while they gnaw on it. Furthermore, its ridged surfaces help clean between teeth to help avoid plaque and tartar accumulation.

This teething toy features a delicious chicken flavor and is intended for light chewers. Made in the United States with nontoxic materials.

Grossman, Newman and Klein all recommend tug of war toys as a means of entertaining your pup while simultaneously strengthening its jaw muscles.

6. Petstages Dog Chew Sticks

Petstages’ durable alternative to wood chew toys provides a healthier outlet for puppies’ natural chewing instincts. Perfect for moderate chewers, this toy even floats on water for long throw sessions!

Made of flexible, puppy-safe rubber that resists chewing but won’t damage teeth. It features a frozen fill for soothing relief for sore gums. Plus, there’s the added entertainment of its squeaker and various outer and inner layer materials! Easy clean-up too.

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7. West Paw Puppy Chew Rings

A chewable toy can provide relief to puppies with sore gums, while helping divert their attention away from destructive chewing. This fabric rope toy features multiple textures such as rubber nubs and ridges which may help reduce plaque and tartar build-up on teeth, providing extra gnawing relief and providing additional comfort. Pet parents can even freeze it to provide additional gnawing relief and comfort.

Avoid edible dental chew toys, which pose a choking risk, in favor of durable rubber toys made of tough material that can be filled with treats to add extra entertainment value – something like Planet Dog Orbee is ideal for puppies that like to bite, chew and fetch!

8. Benebone Puppy Chew Sticks

Benebone offers a teething chew toy to soothe your pup’s sore gums with this durable nylon bone chew. With real flavor that encourages them to keep chewing it for hours on end!

Utilizing specialized chew toys encourages appropriate gnawing behavior while diverting your pup away from destructive chewing behavior. Plus, these toys provide mental muscle flexing – perfect for wearying out an energetic puppy or soothing an anxious mind!

9. Kong Puppy Chew Rings

Puppies tend to instinctively put things in their mouths, including furniture pieces. Giving your pup chew toys will redirect his or her attention away from destroying your home and keep the pup safe!

KONG offers this teething stick as an excellent option for puppies, featuring ridged surfaces to scrape away tartar and plaque from their teeth and provide relief. Plus, this toy comes with an attached handle to play tug of war!

10. Petstages Dog Chew Toy

This puppy teething toy features flexible material designed to withstand chewing and biting without being so hard as to harm gums, while also offering different textures to soothe gums while providing entertainment and engagement for both pet and owner.

These nylon toys are slightly softer than the classic Benebones used by adult dogs and make an ideal size and shape for puppies. You can freeze these toys to soothe sore gums or allow pets to play and exercise by chewing on them – just be sure that you supervise their playtime to keep your pup safe!