The Best Dog Toys For Teething Puppies

The Best Dog Toys for Teething Puppies Soothe Their Sore Gums

Puppies typically develop all 28 baby teeth by 8 weeks and their adult teeth start coming in around 12 weeks. Teething toys can help alleviate discomfort by soothing gums and providing something enjoyable for puppies to chew on.

The best chew toys for dogs are constructed of durable materials that can withstand heavy chewing. Puzzle toys keep puppies engaged while treat-dispensing toys encourage appropriate chewing habits.

1. Kong Classic

Puppies without adult teeth tend to chew on everything they come across, so having plenty of soft rubber chew toys available to relieve gum pain and amuse pups so they are less likely to gnaw on furniture or feet is essential.

The Kong Classic is one of the most beloved puppy-safe chew toys. Crafted from soft yet slightly pliable rubber, its soft surface offers ideal teething relief to canines of all sizes – just fill the toy with peanut butter or another treat and watch your dog explore, chew and play!

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Chew Toy is a durable teething toy designed to hold treats. Made of the safe Orbee-Tuff material that’s free of BPA and phthalates, this toy features a fun squeaker and some crinkle elements to provide maximum entertainment value for playful pups.

2. West Paw Zogoflex Chew Toy

If your pup has an aggressive chewing habit that causes teething pain, you’ll want something tough enough to keep their mind off their tender gums while soft enough for their gums. Reviewers have indicated that the West Paw Zogoflex may be an ideal choice, as its strong yet flexible rubber construction resists aggressive chewing habits.

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This toy offers a unique texture designed to soothe teething puppies while its bouncy design allows pet parents to play tug-of-war or toss their pup around with it. Plus, this American made toy complies with high environmental standards!

Although this toy may be on the pricey side, its durability makes it well worth its cost and provides hours of chewing fun for your pup. Plus, dipping it in water and placing it in the freezer provides soothing ice relief for sore gums! Furthermore, this toy makes an ideal companion if your puppy spends a lot of time alone as it keeps them occupied and entertained which helps prevent boredom-driven behaviors and destructiveness from emerging.

3. Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Squeaky Chew Toy

If your pup enjoys power-chewing toys, this Wobbler toy might just be what he or she needs! Constructed of durable rubber used by Kong toys, its hollow interior provides ample room to stuff with treats or kibble. Plus, its lively wobbling motion encourages pups to nose and roll it to find what lies within! Available in two sizes–half cup Small Wobbler or full cup Large Wobbler–so you can choose one to suit their mouth.

Many power-chewing puppies enjoy soft plush toys, but finding ones that stand up to their teeth is often challenging. West Paw has created this toy which does not contain filling material which could pose a choking hazard or leave a mess in your home when your pup decides to open it up! Plus it features internal squeakers to keep dogs engaged during playtime!

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4. Feeko Ring Toy

Teething puppies may seem determined to chew everything they see, including your furniture, but that doesn’t need to be the case. A selection of chew toys will help relieve gum pain while simultaneously keeping your pup entertained and away from valuable belongings while encouraging healthy chewing habits.

Puppies need something to chew on to satisfy their natural instinct to mouth and chew, according to veterinarian Dr. Sara Ochoa. However, hard materials like antlers or real bones pose the potential risk of fractured teeth; so select soft toys like this soft bone-shaped toy from Kong which provides satisfying chew time while not harming sensitive gums.

This KONG puppy binkie features a special ridge design to provide extra texture that soothes gums. Just like its counterpart, you can stuff this chew toy with treats or peanut butter for maximum engagement. Pet parents love this toy’s durability and interesting shape that keep their dogs busy longer than other teething toys; plus it can even be used either with or without water! Suitable for small breeds under 35 pounds this toy is recommended as an excellent solution!

5. Hartz Dura Play Chew Toy

Hartz Dura Play toys are ideal companions to your pup’s playtime! Crafted from durable natural latex exterior and soft, flexible foam interior materials for long-term fun that’s gentle on teeth and gums, each toy features irresistible bacon scent, an ear-perking squeaker, floats for outdoor play, comes in different shapes like rocket, bone and dumb bell. Perfect for senior and teething puppies alike – plus easy for toss and retrieve games of fetch! The flexible lightweight design makes this toy great outdoor toy for all sorts of outdoor games of fetch fun – making this toy ideal outdoor toy for all dogs!