The Best Dog Toys For Teething Puppies

The Best Dog Toys for Teething Puppies Soothe Their Sore Gums

Quest suggests using various toys to promote proper chewing habits and alleviate pain, including this chicken-flavored chew toy with ridges and nubs to scrape away plaque buildup, providing extra gnawing pleasure when frozen repeatedly.

Avoid toys that could break or shatter into pieces that your puppy could accidentally swallow, and start teaching your pup how to control his mouth from an early age.

1. Kong Puppy Chew Toy

While teething, puppies will chomp on anything within reach – including anything they find attractive! Teething toys give your pup something safe and soothing to chew on that also numbs any soreness in their gums. Kong Puppy Chew Toy is an ideal option as a soft rubber KONG version designed for puppies that is made up of treat-dispensing grooves as well as an attached treat ring holder; perfect for interactive play sessions, separation anxiety relief or keeping puppies occupied during crate training sessions!

Pet parents can fill the Kong Puppy Binkie, a pacifier-shaped chew toy for puppies, with treats or peanut butter as a distraction during playtime or when home alone. If your puppy’s attention span is short, consider engaging them with one of Kong’s Goodie Bone puzzle toys that encourage active play while requiring their brainpower to extract snacks out of its bones – this helps slow their rate of eating!

2. Kong Puppy Frozen Chew Toy

Certain chew toys are designed to improve dental health, such as this Kong Puppy Frozen Chew Toy. Constructed of soft natural rubber for soothing sore gums while its Denta-Ridges provide dental cleaning capabilities and encourage positive chewing behaviors.

Pet parents love that this puppy teething toy can be customized with treats like peanut butter, canned food, or soft foods for added fun and cooling during hotter weather conditions. Plus, its freezing power extends its longevity when used by pups who love licking at it!

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Consider your pup’s age and size when selecting a teething chew toy, as toys meant for adult dogs can be too hard or cause tooth damage in puppies. A toy designed for large breeds such as this adorable Nylabone dinosaur-shaped chew toy may pose a choking hazard to teacup puppies! For optimal results it is wiser to find toys specifically made for small breeds like this Nylabone dinosaur-shaped toy that is great option for dogs up to 25 pounds.

3. Multipet Chilly Bones Teething Chew Toy

This chew toy’s innovative design enables pet parents to freeze it time after time – perfect for keeping teething puppies busy while distracting them from chewing on inappropriate objects, like shoes and furniture!

Puppies explore their world through their mouths, and without proper chew toys they may become bored and search for anything to chew on – potentially leading to choking or tooth damage from hard objects they come into contact with. Sturdy yet textured chew toys will satisfy their cravings more effectively; for optimal performance choose those made of durable material, easy on gums, and featuring fun designs!

West Paw’s chew toy for teething puppies is one of the top choices, made of non-toxic Zogoflex material which is completely safe to chew on and features an adorable design complete with a squeaker to provide plenty of playtime excitement! Additionally, this toy comes in three sizes, making it suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds!

4. Hartz Dura Play Dog Chew Toy

Hartz Dura Play Dog Chew Toy is nontoxic and specially made for puppies, with its chicken flavor encouraging proper chewing while its textured surface helps prevent plaque and tartar buildup. Plus, its massage nubs offer additional oral health benefits while its colorful design can provide added visual stimulation – ideal for games of fetch!

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Puppies frequently experience inflamed gums, prompting them to chew in order to soothe their sore gums. Teething toys may help save furniture, shoes and hands from being damaged while diverting their attention towards more appropriate objects.

Quest suggests choosing toys suitable to the size and mouth shape of your puppy’s mouth, according to Quest. She notes that toys too small could pose a choking risk or may not provide adequate chewing resistance; furthermore buttons or ribbons with small parts should also be avoided as these could easily be torn off and swallowed leading to choking or intestinal blockages; for aggressive chewers a hard plastic bone with multiple ridges and nubs might make an excellent alternative option.

5. PetStages Dog Chew Toy

Puppies often become obsessed with chewing anything they find during the teething stage, so using chew toys for puppies can be an excellent way to alleviate their pain while diverting their attention away from other objects in the house. A puppy’s breed, personality and habits will ultimately determine which chew toys they find enjoyable; there are however numerous options out there!

Petstages’ Dogwood Chew Stick offers an effective yet safe solution for real wood chew sticks that may splinter, perfect for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Made in the United States and designed with puppies in mind, this chew toy combines natural wood flavor with synthetic strength for hours of chewing fun! Featuring Real Wood and Mesquite BBQ scents to tempt chewers further! This safe treat offers plenty of satisfying scents to entice them.

Starting your puppy off right by getting them used to having their mouth handled early can make brushing their teeth much simpler later and could also prevent accidental choking incidents.