The best dewormers for puppies on the market

The best dewormers for puppies on the market

There are so many types of deworming medicines for dogs on the market today, choosing the best ones for dogs is really difficult.

Let’s learn with the blog who loves cats and dogs to find out which worm medicines are trusted by vets.

Signs of a dog infected with worms.

Finding out that your dog has some unusual signs like:

  • Dogs do not eat, get tired or lose their appetite, which causes the body to lose weight.
  • Fainting or vomiting worms, flukes.
  • For puppies: Open your jaw and look at the dog’s gums, if they are weak, it is a sign of worms.

Common reactions when deworming dogsCommon Signs When Dogs Have Worms

If you don’t want to take your dog to the vet clinic, you can also see >>> instructions on how to deworm your dog at home to save money <<

Perhaps no more needs to be said about the deleterious effects of helminths on the development of dogs. When the worms multiply and develop in the dog’s body, they invade the body’s organs, they can reach dangerous areas such as the heart and lungs, causing the dog’s death.

Currently, there are many ways and medications that can treat worms in dogs. You can use popular methods, such as using chopped barrel jelly and mixing with steamed egg yolks. Method 2 – You can use dried areca nut puree into a fine powder to use to treat dog worms.

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If you don’t want to use popular methods to deworm your dog, you can check out the medicines trusted by veterinarians on the market today:

dewormer for dogsdewormer for dogs

  • Heartgard Plus for Dogs – Treats worms in dogs, especially heartworms. You just need to mix the medicine with food or give it directly to your dog.
  • Drontal Plus dewormer for dogs specializes in the treatment of dangerous worms and larvae.
  • Lopatol: Dewormer for puppies and adult dogs. It is a safe drug for dogs, with few side effects and very effective after use.
  • Thenium Closylate: Dewormer should not be used for nursing dogs or nursing mothers. It must be used exactly as prescribed by the doctor, the dosage must be precise according to the weight of the dog. The drug can cause vomiting in dogs.
  • Espisprantel: Dogs younger than 7 weeks cannot take Espisprantel worms.
  • Praziquantel: There are 2 forms of injection and oral medicine.
  • Febendazole – Small granules are easy to take, the drug is easy to take and has few side effects.
  • Mebendazole: Dewormer for dogs is widely used, it is easily absorbed through the digestive tract, and at the same time it absorbs the nutrients of the worms, leaving them without nutrients. Mebendazole dewormer is suitable for all dogs, has no side effects and is safe for your dog.

Guide to deworming dogs at homeGuide to deworming dogs at home

If you are not confident enough and you are a first-time dog owner, you should consult the people who raised or owned the dog, the place you pick it up, for advice and instructions on how to care for it.

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In addition to using deworming drugs, you should also vaccinate your dog against 7 diseases for the best health. At this early stage, physical strength and stamina are still weak. You should also monitor and feed your dog an adequate nutritional diet.

The time of use of the dewormer for dogs is reasonable

At how many months should a dog be dewormed?

As newborns, puppies need solid food combined with mother’s milk to increase stamina. By week 4, you can deworm your dog. It can be said that this is the golden period for using the drug because the worms are beginning to lay eggs in the intestine. You must destroy before the worm eggs are released into the environment.

Using worm medication at this stage is reasonable because your dog has not grown up yet, you can easily force him to take medication. After the first deworming, it can be repeated every 2 weeks. Repeats can be at 4, 6, 8 weeks until the puppy is 12 weeks old. So why does this stage need so much repetition?

How to deworm your dog at homeHow to deworm your dog at home

The 2-4 week old dog stage is a period when dogs have weak resistance, are always curious about the outside environment, or gnaw and forgive what they see, so the possibility of helminth infection is very high. That’s why you should deworm your dog every 2 weeks.

Above is some knowledge and experience on the use of deworming drugs for puppies. I hope it will be very helpful for those of you who are about to adopt a dog.

Good luck