The Bengal cat is the most expensive cat in the world.

The Bengal cat is the most expensive cat in the world.

As a breed of cat that is a cross between an Asian wildcat and a domestic cat, the Bengal cat possesses impressive patterned fur and looks like a miniature jungle leopard, hence the name Bengal cat. most expensive cat breeds today, the price ranges from $1000 to $10,000 and is sought after by many giants.

The origin of the Bengal cat

The Bengal cat is a hybrid breed of cat originating in the United States that appeared in the 19th century. Unlike many other cat breeds, the goal when breeders breed Bengal cats is for them to resemble natural wildcats as well. the leopard, the wildest cat, but must have the behavior and docile personality of domestic cats.

So the Bengal was bred by careful selection of domestic cat breeds combined with other Asian leopard cats. Thanks to that, Bengal cats have more or less wild DNA in them. Without exaggeration, the Bengal is a miniature copy of the jungle leopard. That is why they are called Bengal, this is the scientific name of the Asian cat, Felis bengalensis, the great-grandfather of this feline breed. Although popularly bred in many countries around the world, Bengal cats are not recognized by the International Cat Breed Association due to their nature as a hybrid cat.

Shape Features

The appearance and coat of the Bengal is quite similar to that of the American Shorthair, but its coat is quite thick and soft with striped compartments that are no different from real leopards. Bengal cats have a long, strong body with toned muscles. The legs of the Bengal cat are relatively small, the hind legs are usually longer than the front legs, but in return the legs are very large.

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In particular, the head of this cat is quite small, the face is thin, the cheekbones are very high, the eyes are large with black rims. Its ears are always erect on the top of the head, of moderate size, and the tail is small and elongated.

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As mentioned above, the Bengal’s coat is very soft, vibrantly colored, and high in contrast. Bengal cats mostly have bright orange and light brown coats, with common stripes of black or marble. These are 2 typical colors of Bengal. Also, when crossed with other breeds of cats, they can produce other coat colors such as sliver, tabby…

Due to the cross between wild cats and domestic cats, their mobility is very high, they respond well to their environment, and they are just as agile as their ancestors in the wild. The Bengal cat breed is highly intelligent, alert, and full of energy. Bengal is agile and strong like a miniature “leopard”.

Bengal cats are usually friendly, fun-loving, and affectionate. They are close to humans and other animals. When the Bengals began to be widely kept, many thought that they would not be able to give up their savage ferocity. However, no attacks on humans or other animals have been reported. Many studies also show that Bengals that are bred for 3 generations are usually fully domesticated.

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Bengal cat health care

This breed is at high risk for inflammation of the lining of the abdominal cavity and chest. This disease is relatively common and is likely to spread where many cats (more than 5 cats) share the litter box. This means that the cat farm becomes the most favorable environment for the development of the Corona virus which is most likely to mutate and cause clinical peritoneal infection (FIP).

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It is recommended to vaccinate Bengal cats! Because they do not have natural immunity like some species, it is advisable to vaccinate to avoid the risk of infection.

Bengal cats love water and like to drink from a tap, so you can buy a running water system at a pet store to bring them closer to nature.

Bengal cats love to climb and the higher, the more they like it. Therefore, they are not suitable for homes with limited space. In addition, they are very mischievous and active, so it is necessary to create a space for recreation or climbing for the Bengals so that they do not interfere.

Prepare lots of toys and play with them twice a day, each session lasting at least 10 minutes (or until the cat gets tired). Bengal cats are extremely intelligent and active, so you can prepare toys that simulate hunting behavior. Otherwise, the cats will find their own source of joy in destroying the furniture in the house.

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bengal cat price

Since its inception, the Bengal has always ranked among the most expensive cats in the world, behind only the Ashera and Savannah cats. In Vietnam, there are also very few purebred Bengal cat breeding facilities, breeding cats in Vietnam are usually crossbred with domestic cats with a price of 8-10 million/child. And most people who sell cats are private individuals who keep and sell them as normal.

Purebred cats imported from Thailand or Europe always command high prices starting at $1,000 and even several thousand dollars if they are 100% purebred (with pedigree proving at least 6 generations).