The Benefits of a Raw Food Diet For Cats

The Benefits of a Raw Food Diet for Cats

Raw diets provide your cat with high-quality muscle meat, organs and bones from animal sources that mimic what they would find in nature. In addition, raw diets contain essential fatty acids and minerals which support their healthy body function.

Transition your cat slowly from their current diet to one composed of raw food in order to prevent stomach upset and help them adapt to its different texture. This will also give them time to get used to their new food source!

1. It’s Good for Their Skin and Coat

Raw diets contain more moisture, helping your cat stay hydrated for healthier skin and coat. Furthermore, they promote better digestion and may even help alleviate furball issues!

Note that while many pet parents provide their cats with a raw diet, it may not be best for all. When making this decision it’s wise to consult a veterinarian familiar with this approach or even better an animal nutritionist who specializes in raw diets for advice.

When creating your own raw diet, it is crucial that you use proper handling techniques in order to protect against pathogens such as Salmonella and E. coli that could spread pathogens that reside on surfaces, dishes or in cat feces – therefore following safe practices to limit exposure is vitally important.

Feeding your cat a raw diet is easiest with prepackaged, frozen or freeze dried meals designed by veterinary nutritionists to be balanced and complete for their individual needs – these options may also be an ideal option for older cats that have difficulty chewing or dental issues.

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2. It’s Good for Their Joints

Raw diets contain large quantities of phosphorus and calcium, essential elements for building strong bones and healthy joints. Furthermore, their connective tissues contain natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin that support joint health.

A raw diet offers your cat access to an assortment of fruits and vegetables, which provide an organic source of essential vitamins and minerals. Plus, fruits and veggies are full of antioxidants, phytonutrients and enzymes – essential elements in their wellbeing!

Raw diets contain plenty of essential fatty acids – omega fatty acids in particular – which play a crucial role in supporting your pet’s organ and cell health. Essential fatty acids help combat inflammation, regulate blood sugar levels and strengthen their immune systems for maximum performance.

3. It’s Good for Their Digestive System

As cats are natural carnivores, their digestive enzymes work more effectively on a raw diet, which allows them to fully digest the food they eat and easily absorb its nutrients. Furthermore, it results in less waste being left behind when they do poop; making their litter box look and smell better in return!

A healthy raw diet for cats contains omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids which will keep their skin and coat looking supple, shiny and soft while helping prevent excessive shedding that leads to furballs.

Raw diets provide nutrients that can also enhance kidney health, as kidneys play an essential role in breaking down protein and clearing away waste from our bodies. A heat-free raw diet eliminates the need for your kidneys to work as hard in processing this process and thus keeps them healthier overall.

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4. It’s Good for Their Immune System

A well-formulated raw diet provides your cat with a balance of proteins and fats to support his or her cellular function, leading to improved skin and coat condition as well as increased activity levels as they gain the energy they require for survival.

Cats who suffer from allergies or digestive issues also tend to benefit from switching to a raw diet as it eliminates unnecessary carbs, fillers, and chemicals from their bodies – thus decreasing inflammation and bloat.

Raw meat and bone provide your cat with essential chondroitin and glucosamine nutrients that support joint health, making raw food easier for him or her to digest.

However, if you don’t feel confident enough in providing your cat with a fully balanced raw diet at home or live with young children or elderly individuals whose immune systems might be compromised, we would advise using an excellent frozen-dried product like our Raw Blends and Raw Coat Kibbles mixed with pieces of raw as this provides a safer option and helps ensure their transition to 100% raw diets is seamless.

5. It’s Good for Their Heart

Raw foods contain essential animal fats and oils that support proper body functioning at a cellular level, and many owners report their cats fed a species-appropriate raw diet are more easily able to lose weight than those eating highly processed kibble, while enjoying healthier skin and coats as a result.

Cats who suffer from allergies, food sensitivities or digestive issues typically show significant improvements after switching to a raw diet. The healthy fats and oils found in raw diets help decrease inflammation while simultaneously soothing an overactive immune system so the gut can heal more efficiently.

For those wishing to make their own raw meals for their pet, there are various recipes online and from commercial producers available for you. Furthermore, freeze-dried and dehydrated diets provide your pet with an optimally nutritious, raw-inspired meal option.