The 5 Most Bred Poodle Breeds in Vietnam

The 5 Most Bred Poodle Breeds in Vietnam

Poodles in general are bred a lot in Vietnam not only for their cute appearance but also for their loyalty and intelligence.

Vietnam is one of many countries with a hot and humid climate all year long, because this has made it difficult to care for foreign dog breeds. Many children when they return to Vietnam often die because they cannot adapt to this special climate. However, there are some breeds of poodles that can adapt and grow well in the harsh climate of our country. Here are 5 varieties of frilled dogs that are widely bred in Vietnam with an average price.

The 5 Most Bred Poodle Breeds in Vietnam

poodle dog

Poolde is the most bred poodle breed in our country. Poodles can be easily seen anywhere on the street, in cafeterias, in apartments, buildings…

It is not difficult to understand why this breed is so beloved. The poodle is known as one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world.

The Poodle is a breed of dog bred to hunt mallards in Europe.

They are agile and have a very thick and curly coat. Later, when they became family pets, they quickly won the hearts of dog lovers and became the #1 breed in Vietnam.

How to raise a 2 month old poodle?fluffy poodles

Currently, there are 3 main lines of Poodle dogs: Standard, Mini, and Toy. There is also Teacup and Tiny with super mini size. However, the toy remains the most popular poodle breed.

They have a well-proportioned body and a suitable height, which is quite enveloping. To own a Poodle, you only need to spend 4-5 million VND.


Also considered one of the many popular poodle breeds today, the Pekingese is bred by many Vietnamese families for ornamental purposes.

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They originated in China and appeared 2000 years ago.

PekingesePekingese. internet photos

As one of the first dog breeds introduced to our country along with Japanese dogs, the Pekingese is considered the most popular poodle breed today.

Even in ancient China, this breed was considered a sacred dog in their beliefs. They were adored and cared for like the old aristocracy. Currently, in order to have a Pekingese dog, you only need to spend 2-3 million. This price is adequate for the income level of many families today.

bichon dog

Bichon dog is probably a strange name for many people today. This breed was created from the Poodle and the Barbet Water Spaniel.

Basically, the Bichon has the same physical characteristics as its ancestors. They flourished in the 19th century and were bred by many aristocrats during this period, especially in England, France, and Spain.

About bichon dogsAbout bichon dogs

The only difference between the bichon and the poodle is that they have a white coat that covers their entire body. This makes the Bichon attract many loving and loving female friends. They are intelligent and friendly towards humans like their ancestors.

The price of Bichon is similar to that of Poodle, you only need to spend 4-6 million to be able to have a beautiful Bichon dog.


The Pomeranian is a dog breed second only to the Poodle in terms of popularity, the Phoc squirrel is also a dog breed bred by the aristocracy. They appear a lot on the internet and works of art all over the world.

The origin of the Pomeranian dogThe origin of the Pomeranian dog. internet photos

The Pomeranian was even successfully bred and bred by Queen Victoria of England to produce the current Pomeranian breed.

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They have very soft fluffy fur. This coat is soft and long. Everyone may have to gasp when they see these dogs when they were young. So beautiful.

However, Pom dogs are quite elegant. They tend to have small dog syndromes, so they are quite difficult to control. In Vietnam, this breed is also widely bred. The price of having a squirrel is not expensive (4-6 million)

japan dog

It is one of the first dog breeds introduced in our country. A few years ago this breed became a phenomenon when it was very popular.

Many people keep them because of their attractive fur and not too high a price. However, most of the Japanese dog breeds in Vietnam are recreated, mainly the Beijing-Japanese hybrid.

This breed of dog is small in size and weighs less than 8 kg, so it is quite cute and easy to breed. The muzzle of the Japanese dog is wide, the ears are folded, and the fur is tousled.

The usual colors are black, white or brown… They are also very elegant and hate noisy and crowded places. However, the Japanese Fluffy Dog’s sense of hygiene is very good. They don’t like to play dirty, so they save themselves the effort of bathing.

fluffy japanese dogFluffy Japanese dog. internet photos

Currently, pure Japanese dogs in Vietnam are very rare, so most breeders choose Beijing-Japan hybrid dogs as pets. Its price is also quite cheap from 500k – 1 million You already have a nice Japanese-Beijing dog with a ruffled coat.

Above are some of the most bred poodle breeds in Vietnam, hoping to help you choose a dog to care for. Vietnam has plenty of other furry dog ​​breeds, but I chose these 5 because they are fairly easy to care for and come at an average price that isn’t too expensive to suit your passions and interests.

Hope you find your cargo soon ^^!