Thai Ridgeback Dogs – Price List and How to Tell Them Apart

giá chó xoáy thái lan

Thai Ridgeback Dog is one of three eddy dog ​​breeds in the world. Along with Phu Quoc dogs, South African Ridgebacks create a special breed when there are whirlwinds and swords on their backs. However, these are just the unique characteristics of this breed. The others each have different characteristics that create their own charm

Thai Ridgeback Regional Class

If compared in terms of beauty, Phu Quoc dogs and Thai Ridgebacks have their own beauties. But comparing the class, the legality, the place on the world dog map, the Phu Quoc dog has no door. They are classified as grass dogs, wild dogs native to Vietnam. As for the Thai Ridgeback, the number has cheeks while it has a worldwide reputation. The reason they are is because they are on the list of recognized canine lines by the FCI and the AKC. That is, they have a birth certificate and clear household registration. In contrast, Phu Quoc dogs have no birth certificate, no household registration. So they are almost unknown in the world. There are even many people who mistakenly believe that Phu Quoc dogs are Thai Ridgebacks.

Thai Ridgeback DogThai Ridgeback won a prize at a dog show competition held in Thailand. Remember that dog shows in Vietnam must invite foreign judges and also in Thailand. It shows the level of the dog game movement here.

Due to the fact that there are documents proving the origin, i.e. there are genetic studies, so they are better than Phu Quoc dogs in particular and all dog lines in Vietnam in particular. Not all dog bloodlines in Vietnam have been recognized by the AKC or FCI. All dogs from Phu Quoc, Hmong, Coc, Bac Ha… are just playmates in Vietnam. The rest of the world has almost no name but no age.

Characteristics of the Thai Ridgeback Dog

If you are looking for Thai Ridgeback information, here is the most basic information. With this information you can find the Thai Ridgeback Wikipedia or another site. will not go into this information, but rather focus on new, more useful information.

  • Thai Ridgeback Name – Thai: ไทยหลังอาน, RTGS: Thai Lang-An, English: Thai Ridgeback
  • Type: Ancient hunting dog.
  • The identifying feature has a sword vortex on the back that runs from head to tail.
  • Weight 23-34 kg.
  • Male size 56-60cm, female size 51-56cm.
  • Life expectancy 12-13 years.
  • Soft short hair.
  • The color of the coat is black, red, gray, light yellow.
  • Muzzle box V

Red Thai Ridgeback DogRed Thai Ridgeback Dog

See more Thai Ridgebacks on Wikipedia!

How to distinguish between Thai Ridgeback and Phu Quoc Dog?

For those new to the game, ordinary people will find it very difficult to distinguish between these two types of dogs. At a glance, they are quite similar in appearance and behavior. However, there are still very clear characteristics to distinguish these two breeds. Please refer to the following.

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This is the first characteristic you can refer to when you want to tell these two dog lines apart. With Thai Ridgebacks, their weight is quite large from 24 to 36 kg. Several times larger than the Phu Quoc line of dogs while they weigh only around 18 kg in return.

Phu Thai dogs are much heavier than PQ dogs.Phu Thai dogs are much heavier than PQ dogs.


Although there are many different coat colors, Phu Quoc dogs do not have too dark silver gray, blue gray or red. Only Thai Ridgebacks have these coat colors. Moreover, Thai Ridgeback dogs also do not have brindle colors, white tigers, guys. Note these features to recognize them.


Both have short hair, but there is a significant difference in the basics.

  • The short Thai whirlpool is soft and has a higher sheen than the Phu Quoc dog’s coat.
  • Phu Quoc dog hair is short but harsh and feels different to the touch. Some people also play the strange long-haired Phu Quoc dog. They do not follow the VKA standard, so this breed has almost no paper.

head and neck

Phu Quoc dogs do not have wrinkled skin on the bottom, back of the neck, and other places. However, Thai Ridgebacks have these characteristics. Also, if you look at the head and neck of the Thai vortex, the muzzle looks bigger, more square, suitable for hunting and biting prey. In contrast, the Phu Quoc dog has a smaller muzzle suitable for hunting small agile animals or hunting fish.

The box muzzle is a characteristic of the Thai striped dog line.The box muzzle is a characteristic of the Thai striped dog line.


The standard version of Phu Quoc dogs needs a curved tail with a fishing rod on its back. The more individuals with the more folded tail, the more they are deviated, the less they are appreciated. In contrast, Thai Ridgebacks have almost no such feature. Instead, they have slightly lowered or sideways tails.

How much does a Thai Ridgeback cost?

Many people think that this line of ridgeback dogs from this land of millions of elephants has a lower price than Phu Quoc dogs. However, this point of view is completely wrong because they have a much better price than what the Vietnamese know.

If ridgebacks are imported directly from Thailand, their price is quite high, maybe 1-2000 USD/head. This price is quite understandable when they have clear documents of origin that guarantee genotyping. It should be remembered that Thailand is also very methodical in genetics and breeding, so their quality is significantly better than Vietnam. With Thai Ridgeback dogs bred in the United States, the price can be higher and up to 2-3 thousand USD/child. The quality of the breed here is even higher than in Thailand due to the technology as well as the rigorous breeding and selection process in the kennels.

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thai ridgeback dog priceIt is common for dogs to win dog shows which can range in prize money from $5,000 to $10,000.

In contrast, Thai ridgebacks born in Vietnam are priced much cheaper. For undocumented dogs, their price is only about 5-10 million or less. Because there is no paper, it is not possible to prove the origin, so the price is quite cheap. Also, the community playing this dog breed in Vietnam is not large, so almost the quantity is quite small and cheap.

For dogs with a lot of crosses, it only takes 3-5 million customers to buy a Phu Thai dog easily. Many people confuse it with the Phu Quoc line, but it is not. If you want to buy a purebred Thai Ridgeback, the price must be much higher.

What is the Thai Ridgeback’s favorite color?

If you are looking for a puppy from Thailand, check out the coat colors below. With hot coat colors, the price may be higher than below price.

  • Fire red is the most sought after color. They are both beautiful and aesthetic while creating a sense of health and aggression. When it’s dry in the sun, it’s great.
  • Black is also a feng shui color that many people choose. Especially lately, this color is extremely hot with Phu Quoc dogs.
  • The least popular colors are yellow, grey, blue-grey… They are maybe 10-20% cheaper than other coat colors.

Black Thai Ridgeback is also a favorite color for many people.Black Thai Ridgeback is also a favorite color for many people.

Should You Breed Black Phu Quoc Dogs Or Not?

Are Thai Ridgebacks smart?

The intelligence of hunting dogs or wild animals should not be underestimated. Because they must have some intelligence to be able to survive until today. For long and deep breeders, this breed of dog is quite smart and intelligent. Thus, they can organize hunting as well as survive with a history of more than 300 years of their development. If you compare the intelligence, the skill with the Phu Quoc dog, it is also quite difficult when the person weighs eight pounds and half a pound.

Choose the Phu Quoc dog or Thai Ridgeback

Depending on individual preferences, choose the corresponding type of dog. If you like the strength of the hound, you can choose the Thai hound line, but you also want the gentle agility Phu Quoc Dogs is the number 1 choice. Also, many people appreciate and love Phu Quoc dogs more, so they will definitely choose this breed. They are really friendly looking and don’t have too many aggression points like dogs across the border.

Thai Ridgeback gives birthDepending on your preferences, economic conditions as well as other factors, you decide whether to choose Phu Quoc or Thai vortex.

Moreover, the beautiful, diverse and soft coat color of Phu Quoc is also an advantage. Especially the white tiger, the brindle color is still loved by many people. Their price is even higher than other individuals with the same specifications.

With the sharing of About the Thai Ridgeback, hope to bring more useful information to customers. If you need more information, please contact us for the best help.