Teacup dog concept. How Much Do Teacup Dog Breeds Cost?

Teacup dog concept.  How Much Do Teacup Dog Breeds Cost?

The teacup dog is not a breed, this is the term for dogs that are super small in size. This breed is about the same height and size as a teacup.

teacup dog It is a term used to refer to small dogs. Most breeds of dogs with a body size <15 cm and less than 2 kg are classified as teacups. Currently, in the world, there are 3 breeds of dogs that are classified as Teacup teacup dog Poodle, Pomeranian and Chihuahua.

teacup dog Teacup dog. internet photos

According to the world dog association rating, Teacup is unrecognized, according to their ad, Toy is the smallest size on the rating scale.

So this breed is not really recognized by the world. However, the very difference in the size of teacup dog it made a lot of people love them and aggressively hunt them.

Today’s Popular Teacup Dog Breeds

The Teacup breed has some of the most popular dog breeds known. At the same time, these are the rather high-priced babies on the market today.

Teacup Poodle dog breed

For dog lovers, it’s probably not strange for the Poodle, this is the most bred dog breed in the world and in Vietnam.

The popularity of Poodles is so wide that you can find them on the street wherever you go. According to the International Canine Association, the Poodle has 3 main sizes, Standard, Mini and Toy.

Most people can see these sizes, but teacup poodles are extremely rare. They are unrecognized, but they are cute and attractive to many dog ​​lovers, especially women.

You may not know that: Teacup Poodle is a misproduct of nature, not a man-made purpose. This irony brings a twist to the world of dogs. The price of this difference is the record price up to tens of millions.

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teacup poodle dogTeacup poodle. internet photos

Although the cost of owning the line teacup dog This poodle is quite large, but many of you still try to hunt and are determined to own one.

However, the Teacup Poodle encountered many health problems due to his poor health. Especially blood sugar problems or a poor digestive system…

Because it is a defective product in the breeding process, the Teacup Poodle probably only lives for 5 to 7 years. Their resistance is very poor, giving rise to many dangerous diseases.

I know it is so, but many people still challenge themselves to have one. teacup poodle dog. However, they are classified as rare dog breeds in limited numbers. It is extremely difficult to mix 1 true cup of tea.

teacup pomeranian dog

Pomeranian, also known as Pom, the Phoc squirrel is a popular dog breed in Vietnam after Poodle. They are small dogs and have smooth white fur.

The teacup squirrel line is similar to the poodle, they were born unwanted but also quickly won the hearts of many dog ​​owners. The fluffy white coat and small appearance are probably the heart-stopping feature of dog lovers around the world.

teacup pomeranian dogTeacup Pomeranian. internet photos

However, Teacup Pom’s health is also quite weak. They are susceptible to infectious diseases from the outside environment. Its half-life is also quite low.

To remedy this, you must be careful teacup dog Pom follows a special diet. If raised under favorable conditions, their lifespan can be up to ~6-7 years.

to have a baby teacup pomeranian dog You have to spend at least 20 million. These babies are mainly from Thailand and China…. in breeders.

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In Vietnam, the skill and conditions of the breeders are not enough or the survival rate of the dogs is not high. The probability of obtaining 1 cup of tea is 50 : 50

teacup chihuahua dog

The Chihuahua itself is already a tiny dog ​​with a super small size. So it’s no surprise that Chihuahuas were used to breed the Teacup variety. Same with Teacup Poodle and Pom. Chihuahuas also face many health problems, they are not hardy and are susceptible to infectious diseases.

teacup chihuahua dogchihuahua tea cup internet photos

The Chihuahua Teacup measures less than 15cm and is lightweight. Therefore, in order to care for the Chihuahua Teacup line, it is also necessary to provide them with proper nutrition and a suitable diet for them.

Finding Chihuahuas in Vietnam is not difficult because they are probably too popular. There was even a time when many families kept chihuahuas as pets.

Another special point is that Teacup Chihuahuas can be born by natural means. There is no need for premature birth or mating like Pom and Poodle. Therefore, they are easier to find, and the price is also cheaper than the two teacup friends above.

The price of Teacup dog breeds

The price of owning this line of dogs is very diverse. As mentioned above, you may need to spend between 6 and 20 million to own one. Depending on the origin, genealogy, dogs imported or bred in Vietnam.

Imported dogs are more expensive than domestic breed dogs. Original and documented dogs are always more expensive than Vietnam bred dogs.

I hope the knowledge about teacup dog This has helped you to get an objective view of them. I hope you will find a real boss in your life soon.^^

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