Super cute mini pugs that everyone loves

Chó phốc sóc hay còn gọi fox sóc - Pomeranian

squirrel dog Mini size that everyone likes. They are one of the choices along with poodles and pugs when you want to create your own companion dogs. Featuring beautiful fur, eye-catching colors and mini size, it captures the love of many discerning owners.

Origin of the squirrel dog Phoc

The Pomeranian, also known as the fox squirrel, is a Pomeranian dog that originated in Germany and Poland. They were first recorded in the 17xx years when they appear in many historical records. According to research, they are closely related to Alaskan, Husky, and Samoyed dogs. So, the lineage characteristics of Fox squirrels are quite similar to the long coat and face shape.

Pomeranian - PomeranianPomeranian, also known as fox squirrel – Pomeranian

In Vietnam, most Pomeranian bloodlines are imported from abroad. They were then crossed with many different lines of dogs creating their diversity. Basically, this lineage in Vietnam does not have many purebred individuals. Most are hybrid products or dogs imported from China. This is to meet the care needs of ordinary customers such as students. The price is only around 500,000 to several million for these hybrid puppies.

Characteristics of the fox squirrel dog

It is no coincidence that they won the hearts of many people. The cuteness combined with the beautiful fur is very pleasing to the eye. With small companion dogs, it’s the perfect budget-friendly choice.


As they are mini-dogs, their size is not too high. Being categorized under the Toy range, the height of only about 15-25cm is popular and popular. With its small size, it is easier to maintain and carry. Strangers also appear as larger individuals up to about 30-35 cm, but they are not popular.


They are smaller than poodles when they weigh only 2 to 4 kg. With this weight can carry all day without feeling tired because of the weight. Feel free to move around and play. With high lines of 30-35 cm, the weight can reach 5-7 kg.

pomeranian fox squirrel dog bodypomeranian fox squirrel dog body


Phoc’s squirrel is his adorable, long-haired companion dog. This is the characteristic that makes their mark with close brothers like Husky, Alaska, Samoyed… White is the most original color recorded from this line. However, after the breeding process, the coat color is more diverse, such as yellow, gray, and black.

face head

At a glance, it looks like the Fox Squirrel line is quite similar to the shape of the fox when it has a small face, long muzzle, big bright eyes and shows its agility. They differ from Poodles with a short face or a Pug with a similar face shape. When we look at the face of the squirrel of Phoc, we also feel its ferocity and its sterility.

Fox squirrel facing head.Fox squirrel facing head.

There is also another line of squirrel foxes called bear faces when they have a small muzzle, which looks quite cute, almost similar to Chihuahua. If someone who has ever bred a dog can tell it apart, it is very difficult if they cut the same hair.

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Phoc Squirrel Dog Personality

This breed of dog is always bouncy, cheerful and energetic like a child. Even adult dogs retain these traits. They love to be petted by their owners every day. Moreover, they are also very intelligent with basic lessons on their teaching that can be memorized and followed easily. Note that they have a fairly clear territorial division, so if you keep them with other individuals, you should also be careful to avoid fights.

How much does a poodle cost?

There are several price ranges for fox squirrel dogs in Vietnam. Its upper yellow lower with purebred individuals and crossbred dogs. For ordinary owners, they should choose hybrid dog lines, not necessarily purebred dogs imported from overseas. Below is a price list of squirrel dogs that we have compiled for your reference.

For more details, see the squirrel dog price list.For more details, see the squirrel dog price list.

Fox Squirrel Dog FAQ

Just like the other articles, the quick farmer questions are a must. Pay attention to the follow-up and answer your own questions.

Where to buy fox squirrel dog?

There are too many places to buy dogs in the market. From big pet companies to Facebook markets or good markets. With larger stores, the price may be higher, but the accompanying service is always better. There are also guarantees, returns and exchanges. On the contrary, buying on a cheap facebook brings bad luck in quality. Not to mention buying the wrong infected person, they can die at any time.

The fox squirrel dog has many different shopping addresses that customers can refer to.The fox squirrel dog has many different shopping addresses that customers can refer to.

With the price from a few million to a few hundred thousand, you can refer friends and relatives. On the other hand, dogs of the VKA, FCI or AKC paper breed should find a more prestigious place. Their value is high from tens of millions to tens of millions, so be careful.

What do poodles eat?

The companion dog line is quite simple to raise and maintain. The ideal food is still grain food, dry food. They don’t need a long time to cook. If there are no conditions, they can eat meat, duck eggs or animal organs. However, it should be noted that this strain has a weak stomach, so it is best to limit fat, fishy stuff, and indigestible foods. Above all, do not give milk to drink because it is easy to have diarrhea that is difficult to manage.

If we have time, we can cook porridge and rice for them. The amount of food for squirrels is not large due to its small weight, so it is not too expensive. However, the most reasonable thing is to divide your food portions to help them digest more easily. Most companion dogs are quite voracious, so owners don’t have to worry about the food portion.

Do squirrels shed their hair?

With long hair like Husky and Alaskan dogs, shedding is inevitable. Especially during the moulting season they will shed a lot. However, having raised a long-haired dog but worrying about shedding hair is a bit confusing. The owner has also determined that it takes time for the dog to bathe and go to the spa to look good. Caring for the coat is a beautiful dog to behold. And if you’re worried about the poodle losing its hair, then cutting the hair is less scary.

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Do fox squirrels shed hair?All dogs shed their fur, poodles too.

When does a poodle molt?

They molt and moult as they grow and develop. However, hair loss is greatest before the time of sale from 2-3 months. So if you see your dog shedding, he might be ready to go to bed. When they have completed the shedding and shedding process, their fur is at its shittiest, growing beauty and ready to breed.

Are squirrels easy to keep?

As mentioned above, we already have food requirements. The rest is how to take care of it as effectively as possible. The fox fox’s personality is quite nimble and nimble, so it’s best to keep a large area in captivity. They love to be petted and spoiled by their owners every day. In addition, this breed of dog from cold countries will be very uncomfortable with the heat of Vietnam. Therefore, if you are breeding them, you must have an air conditioner if you don’t want them to suffer from heatstroke or nosebleeds like other imported dogs.

What milk do squirrels drink?

Dog owners recommend fox squirrel dogs to drink milk as they are quite weak in the intestines. Instead of milk, give them cheese, which is best in limited doses. 3 pieces per week, for example, should not be fed much. These products are very easy to ferment and spoil, causing stomach upset in dogs. Even a person with such a strong digestive system can even fall up and down like a dog.

Squirrel dogs are quite easy to keep, so customers can be sure to take good care of them.Squirrel dogs are quite easy to keep, so customers can be sure to take good care of them.

How many puppies have squirrels?

Like other dog lines, the number of their descendants varies from 1 to 9. However, the most common is still 2-6 or 2-4 animals only. The smaller the size, the more dangerous the pregnancy. Also, with small canine lines, breeding will be quite difficult. Prepare mentally for us to call the vet during delivery to ensure the safety of the mother female dog and the puppies.

How many litters does a poodle give per year?

Dogs usually give birth to 2 litters a year about 6 months apart. The approximate calculation of about 2 years and 3 generations is the most standard. When you reach about 8-9 months, start selling for the first time, then about 3-4 months later, if the first litter is abandoned. With young dogs, most people will jump the first time to help the dog get strong and develop his whole body. Also limit the risks when the dog breeds for the first time.

The Pomeranian puppy is super cute.The Pomeranian puppy is super cute.

Squirrel dogs are out?

Certainly, their feeding conditions are affected. The first thing to do is to determine their pathological condition. Determine their causes, how do you stop eating, do you have blood in your stool? Suspend feeding and monitor specifically, then count again. Details can be found in the following articles:

How long do squirrels live?

Most dogs have a fairly long lifespan. Under ideal conditions, they can live 10 to 20 years. With the application of the formula, 1 year of human age is equal to 7 years of dog age, so depending on the age of the dog, they can reach 70 dog years – 140 dog years. At that time, they were also old and old, with silver hair and lost yellow teeth.

Are squirrels smart?

Most companion dog lines are intelligent and agile like the poodle, pug, and fox squirrel. They can therefore be taught basic exercises such as lying down, sitting down, stepping back or walking on two legs. Of these, the Poodle is probably most valued for its wisdom and cunning.

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