Summary of the most popular groupers today

Summary of the most popular groupers today

Currently, compared to all of us, aquarium fish are gradually becoming familiar and a stylish pastime chosen by many people. Because it brings people closer to nature. When we see the fish swimming, we all feel so peaceful and comfortable. In the market at that time, Open aquarium fish were very diverse and rich. However, to talk about the “miniature” fish samples, today we would like to introduce you to a type of fish called grouper and the top 5 neatest grouper at the time.

General introduction to grouper

Among the ornamental fish species, the grouper is considered an “easygoing” fish and has the ability to reproduce quite quickly. Despite their small size, with their gentle demeanor and bright pigmentation, they easily win the hearts of aquarists. This fish has the English name Platy, they belong to the same family as guppies and are widely distributed in the wild. They are best known in Mexico and Central America. Thanks to their beautiful little body, they can easily live in small aquariums. At the same time, it helps to make your aquarium cleaner and less time-consuming to clean.

It can be seen that the grouper is very similar in shape to the swordtail, so there may be some confusion. But compared to the swordfish, the platyfish is shorter and its tail is not as long or pointed as the swordfish.

This fish can live up to 3 years. They are known to be omnivores, so it is best to feed the fish with a mixed policy.

Some nice groupers on the market at this time

red grouper

It is an artificial breed, they are the result of a cross between the common grouper and the red cock. Other names for red vermicelli are known as Pomegranate, Dutch, Hong My, etc. The fish will be around 6-9cm long when fully mature. This fish is omnivorous and can live in all layers of water. Their mode of reproduction is calving, fertile and fairly easy to reproduce. Red grouper spawn after about 1.5 months of pregnancy. It is not difficult to care for and breed groupers, their lifespan is even very high by 4-5 years.

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On the market at that time, the price of red grouper rose from 7,000 to 8,000 VND/head. However, by coming to Small Aquarium Fish, you will be able to buy it at an extremely promotional price. The listed price for red grouper in our store is currently 5000 VND/fish. Make sure a good price comes with good quality for you.

Panda Grouper

Mun Panda is a beautiful ornamental fish with two remarkable black and white colors typical of pandas. It is also the typical image that creates their “name”. The panda is healthy and easy to keep, so it is the choice of many aquarists. Adult fish measure 4 to 6 cm, have a short, sturdy body and a broad, strong caudal fin. Females will generally be larger, plumper, and less pigmented than males. The monarch panda is also an omnivore. However, they should also give them a nutritious food policy such as: brine shrimp, chilled food, worms…

Behind the quality of the product surely hides the concern for the price. How much does panda plaice cost? The answer is that the price of Panda in the market at that time fluctuated between 15-20,000 VND/head. And the price displayed in our shop is 12000 VND/child. This price is too good for water lovers, right?

Pomegranate Seed Grouper

The pomegranate tray is smaller than other types of groupers. The reason they have this name is that they are shaped like a seed. They are often bred in large flocks, adult fish are only about 2-3 cm in size. If you don’t look closely, it’s easy to confuse them with red grouper. Basically, pomegranate is also an easy to breed and spawn fish. They breed at the age of 5-6 months and each time about 20-30 young. Also because it is not difficult to breed and buy, the pomegranate fish is a harmonious and reasonable choice for those who are new to the aquarium hobby with a smile. The price of pomegranate seeds listed at the Small Ornamental Fish Shop is 8000 VND/fish

grouper koi

Grouper Koi are known to be hybrids and are quite rare. They have a light white and red color quite similar to the Koi carp “originating” in Japan. They are considered a fish of pure beauty, rare and hard to find. The price of Koi vermicelli is also quite high ranging from 20k to 50k/pair. They are friendly fish that live in groups and reproduce by giving birth at the age of 5 months. On average, each clutch has between 20 and 50 babies. As these are rare fish, they are not often sold in aquarium stores. So it will be difficult for those who intend to conquer this guy.

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Meal grouper

The grouper is a beautiful ornamental fish with a typical yellow body and an orange tail that stands out like the afternoon sunset. They are healthy and not picky, so they are loved by many aquarists. Vermicelli are usually sold at major aquarium stores. The sheep is alive and fertile at the age of three to four months. German fish are usually smaller, the pigment also shines brighter than the female. We can totally tell them apart by the gonads. The fry can develop perfectly in the aquarium provided there is a hiding place for them. The scorpion is an omnivore of commercially processed foods and algae, as well as dried worms, bran, boron, etc. The size of this species is approximately: 4-6 cm. The price indicated at the aquarium shop is currently 5000 to 8000 VND / fish

Other types of groupers

In addition to the 5 types of platypus that are “hunted” by aquarists above, there are still common types of groupers that are easy to see. These can be mentioned as: Kim money grouper, Dutch grouper, yellow grouper, short grouper, firetail grouper… These sample fish are easy to find and have a much cheaper price. In general, they are also omnivorous fish, easy to keep and whose form of reproduction is to give birth. This will often be the starting choice for aquarists who are not financially viable. In general, grouper is one of the ornamental fish that is easy to breed, easy to breed, and has a very harmonious and reasonable price. It is a safe and cost-effective choice

black grouper
Fire-tailed grouper


In order to meet the aquarium needs of most buyers at that time, the grouper was bred a lot. They have different beautiful pigments such as: jade green, yellow, black, orange and bright red which shines in the sun. Moreover, they also have beautiful and long fanciful fins. However, one of the most popular fish samples at the time, we have listed it in detail in the article above. Hope this article provides useful information for those who need aquatic fish farming. At the same time, choose the fish pattern you like.