Squirrel dog | pompom dog | dog fox squirrel

Squirrel dog |  pompom dog |  dog fox squirrel

Pomeranian or Pomeranian dog, the Pom dog is known as a charming little dog with an attractive coat and appearance. Pom won the hearts of many dog ​​lovers, especially girls. In addition to the cute appearance, Phoc Soc can also take care of the house and please the most demanding owners.

The origin of the Pomeranian dogThe origin of the Pomeranian dog. internet photos

The Pomeranian dog breed, also known as the Pom dog, has the scientific name Pomeranian – it is a small dog breed native to European countries, this breed has long hair and an aristocratic body. It is for this characteristic that Pom dogs are bred a lot among the nobility. Today, they are widely cultivated throughout the world, including Vietnam.

The origin of the dog Phoc Squirrel

Although they have small bodies, their relatives are large sled dogs like the Husky and Samoyed. They all have ancestors from the ancient Spitz breed, after being crossed with many other breeds, forming as many branches as today.

The name of the Pomeranian dog is also derived from the name of a German province called Pomerania.

Since its appearance, this breed quickly won the hearts of many dog ​​lovers and was featured in many world-famous works, including drawings and sculptures.

Compared to modern Pom dogs, their ancestors were slightly larger in size but their physical features remained intact.

This breed quickly spread throughout the world, especially in countries bordering Europe. Many people hunt Phoc squirrel dogs for breeding and care. When introduced to Vietnam, the Phoc squirrel dog created a trend among dog owners.

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Many youngsters are fascinated by the super cute photos of this breed and are determined to take a little Phoc squirrel home with them.

Characteristics of the squirrel dog Phoc - Pom dog.Phoc Soc Dog Characteristics – Pom. internet photos

Phoc Soc Appearance Features

The Pom or Phoc squirrel is as small as a teddy bear with an average height of 20 -30 cm. The weight of the dog can reach a maximum of 4-5 kg.

They are pretty and well proportioned to the body. Round face and cute round eyes. The Pom’s ears are small and stand erect on the head.

The plumage is probably the most prominent feature of the Pom. This breed has a thick double coat. The outer coat is thick and hard, the inner one is soft and has the effect of keeping the dog’s body warm.

The purebred Pom’s coat can come in many colors, but the most popular is pure white. In addition to white, there is also red-brown, white-black… The tail is curved over the back and there is thick fur.

POM Personality Traits

The Pomeranian is an intelligent and extremely active dog. They are eager to learn and easy to train from a young age. With careful training and guidance, they can become talented circus performers. They also get along well with other pets when taught from a young age.

However, the Phoc squirrel dog’s biggest handicap lies in “little dog syndrome”, they are over-pampered, well-fed, well-dressed, and in an aristocratic breeding environment that makes them rave about their role.

In many cases we don’t even know which is the dog and which is the owner. To overcome this syndrome requires the owner to strictly teach and train the dog. Practice life and eating habits on time with them.

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Phoc Squirrel Dog Personalitycanine personality. internet photos

Some of the symptoms of this disease are irritability, irritability, and anxiety that attack even the largest dogs.

How to care for Pom

The Pomeranian is a picky eater, perhaps because they are raised with good care, their diet is also quite strict.

They hate eating rice and vegetables, so for them to be fully nutritious, you should drink mixed vegetables and rice with their favorite meals. Some dog food that Pom likes to use like animal organs, drunken meat…

Pom dogs have thick coats and will of course shed so eliminating hair loss for Poms is necessary and should be done daily.

His teeth fall out early, so you give your dog dry food and large bones to strengthen his teeth. Take time every day to take them outside for exercise and a run.

Avoid symptoms related to environmental behavior – “small dog syndrome”.

Squirrel Price Phoc – Pom.

Like other dog breeds, the price of the Phoc squirrel dog depends on many characteristics, such as origin, pedigree, place of importation, and certification.

In Vietnam, most Pom dogs are priced at 5-7 million VND. Usually domestic dogs and depending on appearance characteristics determine the price. Of course, bitches are more expensive than males. The Teacup line is much more expensive than the regular line. Teacup Phoc squirrels can be as many as 15-17 million/child.