spanish or cocker spaniel

spanish or cocker spaniel

The Spanish or cocker spaniel is a hunting dog native to Spain used by hunters to hunt wild birds. This breed of dog is quite popular in Vietnam. They are affectionate and loyal to humans, which is why they are very popular with dog lovers.

Spanish or cocker dogs are originally a breed of retriever but are loved by many people. Not only because of his appearance, but also because of his wisdom and loyalty. Before becoming a family pet, hunters used cocker dogs to hunt wild chickens and other poultry.

That’s why they were called Cock-er (Gallito: male bird). Cocker dogs originated in Spain, but are most commonly bred in the United Kingdom and the United States. In our country, the majority are American Cocker lines.

Origin of the Cocker SpanielOrigin of the Cocker Dog. internet photos

The Origin of the Spanish Dog – Cocker

As mentioned above, this breed of dog originated from Spain. They were part of the Spaniel family and were later classified as terrestrial hunting dogs for hunting chickens and wild birds.

Most of this breed is popular in England and America, the aristocracy keep this breed very much. Since its appearance, the Spanish dog has been bred and bred, so there are many dog ​​breeds in these countries and at the same time they enrich the genetic resources of the dogs here.

In 1870, the Spanish dog was introduced to the United States and licensed by the AKC, starting the Cocker dog revolution in this country.

Many breeders quickly crossbreed to produce a small line of Cocker that is better suited to breeding in an apartment environment.

Along with the Poodle breed, the Cocker breed is also divided into Standard, Miniature, and Toy lines. In Vietnam, the Miniature line accounts for a large number.

Characteristics of the Spanish dog

The Spanish dog breed is divided into two lines, the Spanish-American dog and the Spanish-English dog. Each line has a distinct and different character.

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For example, the American Cocker dog breed has a maximum height of up to 40 cm, the weight ranges from 10 to 15 kg. They have small heads, strong jaws, and large, sharp noses.

Perhaps this is a line of hunting dogs with an aural nose in today’s dog breeds. The large chest and strong legs make this breed move very fast. The long ears cover the cheeks and hang to the sides.

Characteristics of the Cocker - Spanish dogCharacteristics of the Cocker – Spanish dog. internet photos

The Cocker’s coat is long and curly, which sets the breed apart. Thanks to the characteristics of the coat, the Spanish dog has conquered the hearts of many dog ​​lovers around the world.

They are easy to style and beautify, but if they are not taken care of for a long time, they can cause clumps in the hair, especially in the area behind the ears and underarms.

The colors of the dogs are many, of which yellow and cream are the most popular. Most Cocker Spaniels, when they are born a few days old, have their tails docked into 1 or 2 segments.

Spanish Dog Personality – Cocker

The Cocker Spaniel is a loyal dog and loves to be petted and played with near his owner. Despite being a hunting dog, the Cocker Spaniel was mostly bred and trained to participate in dog show competitions.

They do not tolerate harsh training conditions like other hunting dogs. The Spanish are very obedient.

Spaniards have a friendly personality, so they need training and patience to avoid being pitied. Getting used to the living environment, Cocker dogs will quickly integrate and become friendlier with people. They are even more dynamic.

Cocker loves to be cuddled and petted by his owner. You should spend time during the day playing, letting him exercise and running to avoid crazy legs.

Give them a challenge to complete, increase their head rubs, and reward them with food so they can easily learn and enjoy.

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How to care for the coat of a Spanish dog

The coat is one of many factors to pay attention to when caring for this breed. In fact, the Cocker will lose its beauty if you do not take care of its coat regularly.

You may not know that it takes a long time, even 1-2 years, for your coat to be perfect and curly, so in addition to taking care of the coat by brushing, you need to provide it with the right nutrients. very healthy

Another feature of the Cocker’s coat that you should pay attention to is the ruffling of the feathers. This often happens when breeding a Cocker. That is why it is necessary to remove these tangled hairs every day, avoiding that the longer it is difficult to remove.

There have been many cases where Spanish Hounds have had to shave all their body hair off because the tangle is too deep. If left too long, these tangles are also a place to store a lot of bacteria and affect the dog’s skin.

How to care for a Cocker Spaniel dog?How to take care of a Cocker Spaniel dog. internet photos

The area around the face should also be cleaned daily if you do not want this area to become yellowish and unsightly.

  • The Cocker’s ear area should be cleaned daily. Their long fur and ears that touch the ground often cause problems. Their ears often stink and have an unpleasant odor if they are not cleaned daily. You can use physiological saline to clean it every day and dry it with a cotton ball. The long coat also makes it difficult to bathe and dry the dog.
  • Take your dog for a walk or exercise every day for 30 minutes to avoid obesity and inactivity problems.

The price of the Spanish dog

Compared to other dog breeds in Vietnam, the Cocker Spaniel is very cheap. To own a Cocker, you only need to spend 4-6 million VND.

Female dogs can be between 500 and 1 million more expensive than males, depending on their physical characteristics. Many children with rare colors will also be more expensive than popular colors. Cocker dogs can also increase in price up to thousands of dollars if they are imported from European countries or dogs with clear documents and pedigrees.