Somali cat – Charming cat breed with noble fur

Somali cat - Charming cat breed with noble fur

The Somali cat is one of the cousins ​​of the Abyssinian cat, they are intelligent and love to see things from above. This is considered a breed of cat that has appeared a long time ago and is highly sought after by the nobility.

Origin of the Somali cat

The Somali cat has been proven to have originated in ancient Egypt. They were formed from the long-haired mutation of the Abyssinian cat. Later, with this special coat, the Somali cat was successfully bred and known today.

Soon after the successful breeding, many Somali cat clubs and cat lovers were established in 1972 with the aim of developing and breeding them. This breed was quickly exported to other countries, including Europe and America. Here they quickly won the hearts of cat lovers and in 1978 they were officially recognized by the International Cat Association.

Characteristics of appearance of Somali cats

The appearance of the Somali cat is similar to the previous Abyssinian cat that blogyeucomeo has presented to you. They are healthy cats and have a muscular body, strong muscles and a full body. High neck and broad face. The Somali cat has a long muzzle and large round green eyes. Their eyes also have a characteristic brown or amber color.

Somali cat characteristicsCharacteristics of the Somali cat. photo collections

The ears and tail have long guard hairs. They are usually thick and dense. However, the Somali cat’s coat takes a long time to fully develop and mature. The average time is about 2 years. Common coat colors are gray, light brown, and tamarind red…

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Personality traits

The Somali cat is a breed of cat that shares many similarities with its cousin. They always want to see things up high and feel safe at a certain height. They learn very quickly and are extremely intelligent, they love to perform dangerous tricks at heights and give their owners many heart-stopping moments.

Somali cats are hyperactive, they sleep like they never sleep. Always hyperactive, running around jumping on walls, branches or clinging to the highest places in your house to watch people from afar and control all the activities in the house. They are always the center of attention and they want people to focus on the actions.

Somali Cat PersonalitySomali cat personality. internet photos

If you decide to adopt a Somali cat, you should prepare a lot of toys for him because Somali cats love to play and are busy. And you must remember to buy them a very tall cat so that they can climb easily and consume excess energy in the house.


during their growth and development. Somali cats often suffer from many health related diseases

  • dental disease
  • knee dislocation
  • progressive retinal atrophy
  • Increase in renal amyloidosis, an inherited disease
  • Hyperesthesia syndrome.

how to care

  • Perhaps the most prominent feature of the Somali cat breed is their long, flowing coat, thus a regular brushing regimen and schedule is required for this breed of cat. In particular, you need to take care of his coat more carefully during the shedding season. Removing excess hair and tangled hair is essential.
  • You should also pay attention to organize bath time for Somali cats because long fur until shedding season will be very sticky. Therefore, to prevent the hair from getting tangled, you should bathe your cat at least once a week and pay attention to the rear and tail.
  • Dental disease is a common disease in Somali cats, so you should also brush them and maintain proper oral hygiene for them. Check your ears every week and clean them regularly if they are dirty. Use cotton swabs soaked in physiological saline or warm water and clean your ears. Please pay attention to clean the ear until there is no more salt water in the ear.
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Somali cat careTaking care of Somali cats. CFA Photo

  • Because Somali cats are very active and energetic, you should keep them indoors and have cat toys ready so they can avoid danger from outside. The risk of contracting this breed of cat is very high.
  • The Somali cat is a fairly active and outgoing breed of cat. They are the perfect pet for families and children. They are friendly and approachable. However, with children who are obedient and treat them kindly, the Somali cat, on the other hand, hates childish antics and needs respect. They also have their own self-respect and do not like to be worked with when they are in private territory. Most of them are also friendly with other animals, be it dogs, parrots or other pets.

The price of the Somali cat

According to some information on the website, to own a Somali cat you need to spend between $500 and $1,000. When returning to Vietnam, this price may increase.

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