Signs of a false pregnant dog? How to treat this phenomenon?

Signs of a false pregnant dog?  How to treat this phenomenon?

Dog false pregnancy is a phenomenon that can be encountered when breeding breeding dogs. So what are the signs of a false pregnancy? And how to treat this phenomenon? Let’s find out with the blog that loves cats and dogs

Fake pregnant dog concept

Pseudopregnancy is a common phenomenon in premenstrual bitches, this is considered a pathology of bitches during the reproductive period due to insemination failure or fertilization failure after mating. Dogs often appear to have a large belly, full breasts, and milk. After 60 days of mating, bitches also tend to seek a secluded area to lie down, but are unable to give birth as they do not have a belly.

What is a fake pregnant bitch?The pseudo-pregnant bitch is sick. internet photos

Usually after 6 to 12 weeks of mating, dogs will have these symptoms.

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The cause of the dog false pregnancy phenomenon.

  • Most dog false pregnancies are caused by hormonal changes, decreased progesterone and prolacin hormones.
  • Due to the activity of the corpus luteum.

Signs of a false pregnant dog

  • The most obvious signs when a bitch is falsely pregnant is that the belly stretches and grows during weeks 6 to 12, the mammary glands develop like a pregnant bitch, the teats milk and gradually increase in size.
  • There are signs of cleaning the nest, cleaning the living room, preparing to give birth. Many dogs bring home toys and supplies.
  • In addition to the form, the bitch’s personality also changes when she is restless, restless, always looking for ways to defend herself and worry about the fetus.
  • Licking the body area of ​​the abdominal wall as if pregnant.
  • Digestive disorders and lower than normal body temperature.
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How to prevent false pregnant bitch diseaseHow to prevent false pregnancy dog ​​disease. internet photos

How to Treat False Pregnancy in Dogs

  • This is a fairly common condition and it usually goes away on its own after a month. Just a little attention will detect the signs of the disease and take the necessary steps to eliminate it completely without affecting the dog’s mood.
  • During the dog’s illness, you should pay attention to cleaning the dog’s nipples to avoid infection. At the same time, cleaning with physiological saline also limits many agents that are harmful to the health of dogs.
  • Try to distract your dog from the false pregnancy by playing games and directing her to light physical activities.
  • According to vets, testosterone injection can completely treat the false pregnancy condition.

You also don’t need to worry too much when your dog has a false pregnancy. Because this is a common condition in breeding dogs. To make sure that your female dog is pregnant, you need to monitor and monitor her regularly.

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