Sibir Husky Dog – The Best Stray Dog On Earth

Tuy Husky ngáo nhưng nhiều người lại thích nuôi.

Husky Sibir dogs are bred a lot in Vietnam. The dog nickname also comes from here as they have countless fever-inducing expressions on social media. The playful and active personality combined with the beautiful long and soft fur makes the lotus irresistible. Especially the baby Husky with extremely cute and super cute appearance.

The origin of the Siberian Husky dog

True to its name, this line of sled dogs originated in cold Russian Siberia. This is why their names are written in the Sibir style. Although originally from Russia, they have also wandered as far as Alaska in the United States. This area has a lot of mines, gems, gold and silver, so many people gather here to mine them. Husky Sibir was later used as a sled dog when it was cold tolerant and could work continuously for a long time. Later, they gradually became companion dogs and were bred by many people.

The Sibir Husky is also known as the Husky Husky.The Sibir Husky is also known as the Husky Husky.

Close relatives of the Husky also include the Alaskan, Samoyed… Because the ancestors of the Husky Sibir are wolves, it can be seen that they also resemble wolves. But they are much friendlier and kinder.

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Siberian Husky Dog Information

With long straight hair and super cute, they win the hearts of many people. If you still do not know the characteristics of this breed, here are their characteristics.


Agile in operation, speed and extreme endurance. Do not forget that they are working dogs, sled dogs, so they are very resistant. The ancestors are wolves, so they still partially retain the form of their ancestors. Thanks to their long and strong legs, they can speed up in a short time or work continuously for many hours when working as sled dogs.

White coated Husky dogs are quite rare.White coated Husky dogs are quite rare.

Size weight

Purebred husky dogs measure around 60cm for males and around 50cm for females. Size-wise, this breed doesn’t really stand out from other sled dogs like the Alaskan. Therefore, their weight is only 28 kg maximum for males and 25 kg maximum for females. Of course, there are still larger and heavier individuals, but the number is not much.


With 2 layers of thick coat allows them to withstand harsh cold in snowy areas. Especially the region of Alaska with a harsh climate that can reach minus 20-30 degrees. The outer coat is thick and smooth like a coat against rain and snow. The shorter inner coat traps heat so the dog won’t freeze to death in extreme conditions.

Table color

Variegated color when there are individuals of black, gray, sepia and a small number of snow-white. These individuals are rare or mostly albino with small numbers. Regardless of coat color, the legs, muzzle, and tail spots are all white, easy to identify. In Vietnam, red-brown individuals are often hunted due to their finer color.

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The head of a Husky dog ​​is a Sibir.Sibir Husky dog ​​face

face head

Almost like a wolf when it comes to having a different colored head and eyes. The position of the eyes tilted slightly towards the tail looks very fierce but is actually very gentle. The color of the eyes is as diverse as the color of the fur with blue, black, amber, brown… The best quality remains the individuals with 2 eye colors which are hunted at a high price. In gamecocks, it’s two-eyed lingo when it’s classed as a god, and in the case of the Husky, it’s bought at full price.


If you plan to breed in a densely populated area, this may not be suitable. First, because they howl many wolf ancestors. Second, they like to move around in wide open spaces. If there is no large yard, it will make them feel cramped. Remember that this is a very active dog, so when you let him play you have to be very careful not to get lost. Once gone, they rarely return due to their playful nature. Wearing a muzzle is a necessary measure to ensure the safety of others.

How Much Do Husky Dogs Cost?

The prices are quite varied but have been much lower than before. Make it easy for dog lovers to choose their favorite person. With low cost conditions, the price of 3-4 million for a hybrid husky dog ​​is appropriate. If you like purebred husky dogs, the price of 6-10 million will choose quite a satisfying one.

Although Husky is shy, many people enjoy raising him.Although Husky is shy, many people enjoy raising him.

The price of 10-20 million, the appearance is better, the purebred has beautiful parents, the VKA paper is also quite safe. If the price is around 15-20 million, these are the husky lines of Thailand. Their quality is assured and much more assured than VKA Husky paper.

The price of 1-2 thousand dollars is for huskies imported from abroad such as Europe, America… They have complete pedigree papers with FCI certification. They are doing professional business, so make sure they are of good origin and purebred. Peace of mind during breeding and care is not afraid of hybridization like domestic breed dogs.

For more details on Husky dog ​​prices, see here.

What do husky dogs eat?

This breed of companion dog is quite easy to raise when its food can be chosen from grain foods. Suitable for busy families who cannot prepare food for them. If you have plenty of time, be prepared to eat delicious and inexpensive chicken, chicken neck or chicken breast. Occasionally adding vegetables like pumpkin, carrots to porridge with chicken is too delicious. For men who want to eat, use more duck eggs, seafood will be like a bow.

How to distinguish between husky and alaska dogs?

For many people, the distinction is quite difficult because they are close to each other. However, if you look at the identification characteristics, it’s too easy. Basically, the colors will be almost the same and will have similarities due to the common ancestor.

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The photo distinguishes Husky and Alaskan dogs.The photo distinguishes Husky and Alaskan dogs.

The coat of the Alaskan Hound will be much denser and denser than that of a husky. So we can see an Alaskan dog feeling bigger and bigger than a husky dog. Their weight can reach 30 to 40 kg against approximately 25 to 27 kg for a husky.

In addition, they can use their personality to distinguish between husky and Alaskan dogs. Husky dogs are more difficult face and temperament are also fun at any age. In contrast, the Alaskan Hound is a serious young man with a calmer personality and does not run and play like its sibir Husky sibling.

Where to buy purebred Husky dogs in Vietnam?

There are many places to buy and sell on facebook, good markets… However, we must also pay attention to the origin. Especially dog ​​dealers with all sorts of charms and dog papers. Should buy from reputable farms will be safer for farmers. On the other hand, buying on Facebook carries a much higher risk.

If you want to buy a purebred sibir husky, please contact We will supply according to clients needs based on age, budget, coat color… Full guarantee of original documents, vaccinations and breed standards. Safer than buying Husky from online sites today.

Husky Dog FAQs

As usual there is an FAQ on this breed at the end. Those who want to adopt can read and consult before deciding whether or not to adopt.

Are huskies easy to breed?

If it is a puppy, it will be more difficult to raise than an adult dog. They are prone to diarrhea if they do not know how and proper diet. In addition, it is a breed of dog originating from a cold country, so it does not support the heat in Vietnam. When breeding, prepare cooling conditions for them with air conditioners if you don’t want your dog to have nosebleeds and heat shock.

Husky dogs are quite easy to breed and popular in Vietnam.Husky dogs are quite easy to breed and popular in Vietnam.

How long do husky dogs live?

They can live 10 to 15 years like other dog breeds. However, as you get older, you can get diseases of old age such as corneal diseases, cataracts. Therefore, when raising them, you should also pay attention to their unusual features, take them to the vet.

How much does an adult husky weigh?

As mentioned above, the individual Husky weighs around 23-25 ​​kg. The male individual weighs about 26 to 28 kg. This weight is quite low for sled dogs. Much smaller than its Alaskan or Samoyed cousin.

Husky dogs weigh around 25-30 kg.Husky dogs weigh around 25-30 kg.

How many types of husky dogs are there?

They only have one line. Along with this, there are also dog lines that intersect with other dog lines. Further, with purebred huskies, they are divided by origin such as domestically bred VKA dogs, imported Chinese dogs, Thai Husky dogs, and finally European imported dogs. The highest quality, most standard variety, but it can be difficult to raise because you are unfamiliar with Vietnam’s climate.

Which husky and alaska puppies are the most expensive?

According to information from Alaska is more expensive than Husky. They are slightly better than each other by 3 to 5 million depending on the individual and the origin. With imported purebred animals, the price may differ from 10 to 20 million.

Alaskan dogs cost more than sibir huskies.Alaskan dogs cost more than sibir huskies.

Which husky and alaskan puppies are the most beautiful?

It is difficult to compare because each species, each person will have different eyes. Husky is distinguished by its doglike temperament, beautiful eye color and colorful coat. A smaller size should also be bred more than Alaska.

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