Should the dog’s tail be docked? How to safely dock a dog’s tail at home

Should the dog's tail be docked?  How to safely dock a dog's tail at home

It is recommended to trim the dog’s tail with some breeds of dogs. This is beneficial for its maturation. However, how safe is it to dock a dog’s tail? Let’s explore the cat and dog lovers blog.

Perhaps many of you still wonder why you have to cut a dog’s tail. Does it hurt to dock the tail? I would like to explain as follows. Docking the tail makes it easier for some dog breeds to move and run better. Often when dogs are born their tails are docked so they can easily adapt when they grow up.

Why dock a dog’s tail?

As mentioned above, dog owners, especially breeding dogs, often dock their tails at birth (with some dog breeds) in order to

Trim tail for easier operation

In some breeds of dogs, the long tail often greatly affects the activity of the dog. This is quite a big obstacle, so they dock the dog’s tail to make it easier for them to live and run.

Why do you need to dock a dog's tail?Why do you need to dock a dog’s tail?

Long-tailed hunting dogs in the woods often have difficulty moving and get stuck in trees, requiring their tails to be docked.

guaranteed standard

With professional dog owners, they dock their tails to make sure their dogs meet the association’s standards.

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In some breeds, if the tail is not docked, the breed is considered ineligible for competition. Therefore, this is required for dogs that fully meet the breed standards.

Easy to go to the bathroom

Dogs with long tails also have a lot of influence when it comes to going to the bathroom. They often have feces on their tails and are difficult to clean. To solve this problem, owners usually dock the dog’s tail.

This only applies to certain breeds of dogs. Not all breeds have to dock their tails to facilitate defecation. you look

This tail docking is not supported everywhere. In the UK, Belgium has introduced a law banning the tail and ears of dogs. They think the dog will look better when everything is left as it is.

Some breeds of dogs often have docked tails.

Not all dog breeds need their tails docked. You may not be aware of many dog ​​breeds that are born with short tails, not docked by their owners.

Dog breeds often have docked tails.Dog breeds often have a tail. internet photos

Some lines of dogs have docked tails like Boxer, Rottweiler, Phoc…

How to safely dock a dog’s tail at home

For breeding dog owners, docking the dog’s tail is not too strange. This procedure is usually done when the puppies are born at 3 to 4 days of age. During this period, the dog will not feel too much pain from tail docking and will also adjust to adulthood more easily.

Currently, there are 2 safe ways to dock tails at home that many breeders do.

Use an elastic band to cut the dog’s tail.

From the moment of birth, the cub is firmly tied to the tail with an elastic band at a distance of 1 vertebra from the coccyx. Be careful not to cut it too short. At first, the dog may be a bit sore and squeal, but don’t worry, he will get used to the presence of the rubber band.

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After a few days, the pup’s tail will droop and the wound will close without bleeding.

Cut the dog’s tail with scissors.

Preparation: Alcohol, brake caliper, pull

When the dog is newborn or 3 days old. You do this trick.

Step 1: Sanitize all tools to be prepared, wear gloves or sanitize your hands before cutting.

Step 2: Press the tail joint that you plan to cut 1 tailbone segment. Use the brake to firmly grip the inside of the terminal tail to stop bleeding when cutting.

Cut the tail with scissors.Cut the tail with scissors. youtube photo

Step 3 – Use sharp scissors to firmly press down on the tail to be cut.

Step 4: Apply alcohol and disinfect the wound immediately. Pay attention to thorough disinfection before releasing the caliper brake.

Should the tail be docked when the dog is an adult?

In my opinion, a dog’s tail should not be docked from 2 months of age. this is extremely dangerous

  • Performing manipulations will be more difficult because they have fully developed the musculoskeletal system. Tail docking will be much more difficult. Their tails are already robust making it difficult to perfect.
  • Make the dog feel pain. If you want to dock the tail, I recommend doing it from an early age.
  • Ease of infection and arthritis of the coccyx when performed when the dog is older.

You can dock a dog’s tail at home according to the instructions above on the Dog and Cat Love blog. If you do not have experience, it is best to go to a veterinary clinic. The price of tail docking is also not too high.

Hopefully the above blog post will help you understand more about tail docking tips for dogs. Thus helping to take care of pets.

Good luck.