Should I use granular dog food or not? notes to know

Should I use granular dog food or not?  notes to know

How many types of dog food are there? And are there any reputable dog food brands in Vietnam? It can be said that this is a common concern of many dog ​​lovers, especially new owners.

Let’s follow this article from to better understand the lines of food that dogs can use.

In the current market, 2 lines of dog food are used: fresh food and dry food. Fresh foods are fresh foods that are prepared to suit the taste and preferences of each breed of dog. Or according to the personality and diet of each child.

By contrast, dry food is a form of food prepared by the manufacturer. This food is nutritionally balanced and suitable for each breed of dog and its age.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Granular Dog FoodAdvantages and Disadvantages of Granular Dog Food

Dry food is mainly processed into a pellet form, which is easy to use, which is why many dog ​​owners prefer it. Especially the young and busy people.

Advantages and disadvantages of using granular dog food

Dry food is mainly made from grains, meat, and meat products. In addition, it is also complemented with a fat and mineral content suitable for each age and different lines of dogs. This amount of fat and minerals is carefully and properly balanced by the manufacturer for the best development of the dog.

Mostly in developed countries, people have been gradually switching to using granulated dog food with the advantages of this type of food:

  • Using dry food helps reduce the daily work of preparing food for your dog. Honestly, dry food saves the most time for him to complete other chores. For busy people, this is really a great solution to take care of your pet.
  • Clean and carefully processed, carefully measuring the nutritional content. Many brands also add many flavors to help stimulate the digestive system, making it easy for owners to choose from a variety.
  • Limit and minimize intestinal diseases such as helminths, in fact, eating dry food makes the dog’s intestinal tract healthier and diseases related to worms and flukes are also minimized.
  • Thanks to the improved digestive system, loose stools are rare. Using granules will help the dog’s poop harden and solidify better. Cleaning has also become much simpler.
  • There is no need to worry too much about whether the dog has enough nutrition because the content of the granular dog food has been calculated in detail. You just need to pay attention to the balance of the dog’s diet.
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Currently in Vietnam cereal feed is also widely used, although this line of products was introduced in our country not long ago.

Cons of granular dog food

  • Perhaps the biggest drawback of dry dog ​​food lines is that the prices of these products are very expensive, especially the pellets imported from abroad. With a variety of flavors to choose from, granular food packets are sure to meet your dog’s nutritional needs.
  • By limiting the feeling of enjoyment with fresh food, many dogs, when they run out of grain food, become picky eaters and can no longer use fresh food.
  • Eating seeds but not providing enough water for the body can cause many excretion or digestion diseases. Therefore, you should feed your dog seeds, drink plenty of water, and use green vegetables to increase the fiber in his body.

Should I use dry dog ​​food?

With the previous advantages and disadvantages and depending on your working and economic conditions, you will decide to use dry dog ​​food.

  • If you are a busy person, you do not have a lot of time to cook and prepare food, you should use grain foods to minimize care time. There is no need to worry too much whether the nutritional content is sufficient or not. The only thing you need to do is organize the diet and the number of daily meals for your dog.
  • If you are a picky person and have a lot of time to take care of your dog, you can organize meals for your dog yourself, you can still use dry food to save labor time.

What brands of dog food are there?What brands of dog food are there?

Arrange a reasonable meal for the dog

According to many dog ​​owners, it is not necessary to arrange a reasonable eating schedule, but if you let your dog eat a lot of meals, it will make the dog obese, causing many other diseases. Feeding dogs daily helps them develop good habits and develop a proper body weight.

At each age and stage of development, dogs need a different diet, so the choice of diet and feeding is extremely important. Granular dog food is a great option for you when the manufacturer has noted and calculated the nutritional ratio for each stage.

You just need to buy the right product for your dog’s breed and age, such as 3-6 months, 1-3 years, adult… In addition to a reasonable diet and exercise regimen.

Some reputable granular dog food brands in Vietnam market

Although dog food was not introduced to Vietnam for a long time, within a short time, this line of products won the favor of most dog owners. Not only because they are so convenient, but they also provide a complete range of minerals for dogs.

Now the simple thing to do is schedule your dog’s meals scientifically. Currently, in the Vietnamese market, there are many brands of dog food that are sold widely throughout the country specifically.

  • royal canin dog food

Dog owners may not be too familiar with the brand of dog food. royal canine.

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This is a famous brand in the world imported to Vietnam. This brand was founded by a vet. With the desire to reduce pet diseases through nutrition. He quickly and successfully invested in machine technology to develop his product line.

Is Royal Canin puppy and adult food good?Is Royal Canin puppy and adult food good?

After many changes of ownership, the company continues to operate to this day and offers a wide range of quality cat and dog food products.

Perhaps Royal Canin is considered the first product line to study in depth the nutrition of dogs and cats. This also makes it special compared to other brands.

Royal Canin focuses on dividing its products according to each pet’s stage, age and size to offer suitable products. The details and clear division make it easy for consumers to choose products for their pets without having to measure and measure nutritional content.

For example, the Poodle product line is divided into Royal Canin Junior Poodle and Royal Canin Adult Poodle, you will easily choose for your dog just by looking at the package. Too easy, right?

Probably researched in detail and methodically, the price of Royal Canin’s product line is usually quite expensive. But you got what you paid for. You will certainly be satisfied with the quality that Canin provides.

  • Smart Heart Dog Food

SmartHeart is known as a brand of dog and cat food products from Thailand of Perfect Companion Group (PCG) that has been distributed in our country for 6 7 years.

With modern technology and ISO9001 certified production lines, this brand has been working hard to research innovative products that help keep pets healthy.

The ingredients of Smartheart food for puppies and adult dogs provide all the nutrients for a comprehensive development with milk, fish oil, fatty acids, Omega-3, etc. to help the nervous system and skeletal muscles get stronger.

Like the brands of nuts in general, the price of these products is quite high. You can check the price of the product on the famous Pet Store websites.

In addition to the two product lines mentioned above, there are many other brands on the market with similar prices and quality. Mostly from countries with a growing movement of dogs. You can name some brands such as Pedigree, Ganador….

NOTE when using pelleted dog food

  • Dogs need to make sure they get enough water when using pellets. When it’s hot, they need more water. For every 0.5 kg of seeds, you need to add 1 liter of water as advised by pet nutrition experts. Water is considered an important element to help stabilize a dog’s digestive system. Therefore, add water to your dog every day.

Wishing the BOSS always healthy.