Should dogs eat duck eggs? How to cook for dogs?

Should dogs eat duck eggs?  How to cook for dogs?

Should dogs eat duck eggs, chicken eggs? This is probably the most important question for dog owners, especially newbies. Many foods and human foods can cause allergies or poisoning in dogs. So if duck eggs, balut chickens can be detrimental to your dog’s health.

Eggs are a nutritious food that is widely used in the daily meals of the Vietnamese. Eggs have many nutrients, proteins and minerals that are good for health. Therefore, many dog ​​owners use eggs in their diets to supplement their dogs’ nutrients.

In addition to containing many nutrients, eggs are also cheap and easy to use and process, which is why many people like to make dog food.

Effects of duck eggs, chicken eggs.

Duck eggs and chicken eggs contain a lot of nutrients, according to the research of medical experts, within 1 egg contains 182 kcal of energy; 13.6g of protein; 12.4 g lipids; 82mg calcium; ; 600mg of cholesterol… In addition, there are a lot of beta-carotene (435µg); vitamin A (875µg), a small amount of iron, glucose, vitamins B1 and C, phosphorus…

Should dogs eat duck eggs and chicken eggs?Should dogs eat duck eggs and chicken eggs? Photos collected Internet

If used moderately and properly, it is very beneficial to the human body. Dogs too, you should only give them a moderate amount to prevent it from affecting their health. It must be combined with many other foods so that the dog can fully develop.

How to cook duck schizophrenia

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The only way to process chicken and duck eggs is to boil them for dogs to eat. Once the boil is complete, the crushed peel is used and mixed into the food. Eggshells are rich in calcium, which supports bone and tooth development, but needs careful cleaning and preparation.

Why is it important to boil hard-boiled eggs for dogs? Because using raw eggs can cause salmonellosis in dogs. But on the contrary, after the processing of the eggs, the nutrients in the eggs are lost a lot, which leads to the effect that it is no longer as high as raw eggs.

Be careful when feeding your dog duck eggs and chicken eggs.

– As you know, chicken or bird eggs can increase people’s blood cholesterol, but dogs are different, it doesn’t affect them on the contrary, it also makes their coat shiny and healthy.

Chicken or bird eggs often contain Salmoneia bacteria, so they must be cooked and chilled for dogs to use. Do not give your dog raw eggs to avoid causing adverse health effects. Cooking the eggs will waste many nutrients, but if it’s for the sake of nutrition at the expense of the dog’s health, you probably don’t want to do it.

– Use chicken eggs, duck eggs sparingly, usually 2-3 eggs/week to minimize side effects from egg whites. Egg whites contain substances that inhibit the action of biotin (vitamin B7). To minimize or limit this situation, feed your dog a proper diet in combination with other dog foods as I wrote above. However, this condition is quite rare because the yolk itself also contains a lot of biotin that can make up for the lack of biotin caused by the white.

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Should dogs eat duck eggs? Should dogs eat duck eggs? internet photos

In chicken eggs, duck eggs also contain enzyme inhibitors, but like vitamin B7, if the dog eats properly, this situation will not happen.

Through this article, you probably have the answer to the question of whether to feed your dog duck eggs. Duck eggs or chicken eggs do not affect the health of the dog if eaten properly. In a maximum of 1 week, you should only feed your dog 3-4 duck eggs.

Too much is too dangerous, right?

Wish the BOSS always healthy!