Should cats’ nails be trimmed? 3 steps to trim your cat’s nails safely

Should cats' nails be trimmed?  3 steps to trim your cat's nails safely

Should cats’ nails be trimmed? How are 3 bleeding-free nail clippers absolutely safe for your cat?

In cities, dogs and cats are often kept indoors and rarely come out to play, resulting in infrequent nail sharpening and toenail trimming. If the toenails are too long, it will cause difficulties and discomfort when moving for the bosses.

What are the effects of cat and dog legs that are too long?

Dog and cat paws often naturally sharpen during their movement, but when kept indoors, the nail surface in contact is mostly marble, reducing the grinding ability of natural nails. Too long nails cause a lot of damage to pets.

Should I trim my cat's nails? Should cats’ nails be trimmed? internet photos

The first damage to mention is detrimental to the health of pets, too long nails make it difficult for them to move and can even cause pain when moving.

In the case, if dogs and cats have claws, also known as hypotenuses (the thumb’s secondary nails are curved like a circle), if the claws are too long, they can dig deep into the dog’s and cat’s meat, causing bleeding Severe cases can cause an infection.

The harmful effects of incorrectly cutting the toenails of dogs and cats

Cutting the toenails of cats and dogs in domestic cases is necessary, but cutting them correctly is very important. The notion that clipping nails in dogs and cats is the same as clipping human nails is completely wrong, because the structure of toenails is not similar to human nails.

  • Improper nail cutting will worsen the condition of dogs and cats because when moving their nails they will be in direct contact with the floor.
  • Cutting the nail too deep will cause damage to the nail pulp which will lead to bleeding, pain, and negative effects, they will scare the next nail trim.
  • Even improper nail trimming and hygiene creates the conditions for bacteria to enter, which can lead to infection.
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Should cats’ nails be trimmed with human scissors?

Dog and cat nails contain a much stronger navel coating than human nails, so they cannot be used in conjunction with human pet nail clippers.

  • Nail clippers for people who cannot cut the thick nails of dogs and cats. Even dull clippers can cause your pet’s nails to break, affecting their health.
  • You should invest in a dog clipper specifically for cats and dogs to cut them. These alkalis are easy to find at any veterinary or pet supply store.

To know how to properly trim your toenails, you must first understand the structure of your nails.

Cat and dog nail structure and safe cutting area

The nails of cats and dogs are very long and hard. First you need to determine the area where the toenail can be cut. The easiest way to identify is based on the curvature of the nail, the part of the nail that can be cut is the part of the nail that starts to curve downwards. For pets with white nails on you, it will be easier to identify when exposed to light, the pink-red part is the marrow of the nail or in other words the dangerous area that should not be cut.

The structure of the cat's toenails and the safe space when cutting the nailsThe structure of the cat’s toenails and the safety of nail cutting. internet photos [AB] : The pulp of the nail, you should not cut it here, otherwise it will cause pain and bleeding.
[C] : Safe cutting area. You must cut in a direction that forms a 45 degree angle as shown.

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After cutting it will become

Trim the cat's nails after following the correct stepsTrim your cat’s nails after following the correct steps. internet photos

2. The correct way to cut your nails

Step 1: Create a sense of security for cats and dogs, firmly hold the part of the paw that needs to be trimmed, but pay attention to use moderate force, just hold it firmly, so as not to squeeze too hard, it will make them the dog reacts.

Step 2: Tilt the clipper and cut in the direction to form a 45 degree angle (see illustration in the figure). Note: Use specialized dog and cat clippers to cut.

Should cats' nails be trimmed?  How to do the steps?Should cats’ nails be trimmed? How to do the steps internet photos

Step 3: Check that the nail clipping is correct by tilting their paws to observe; If you see a black dot in the middle of the nail, you shouldn’t cut any more. On the contrary, if you do not see the blackhead, you can cut it little by little. For those of you who are not used to cutting pet’s nails, you should pay attention to cut just a little bit, not too deep.

To determine the area of ​​the pulp, hold the nail up to the light for a better view, determine the area that can be cut out, and proceed to cut with a specialized alkaline.

3. How to handle when you accidentally cut the pulp area?

Clean the cut area with 0.9% NaCl physiological saline solution by lightly rubbing the salt water with a clean cotton ball. Or use clean water if salt water is not available at home; then you should use Povidine to disinfect the wound.

Take care and clean their nails, limit contact with the ground for dogs and cats to avoid infections.

Hopefully the above information provided by the love cats and dogs blog will answer the question of whether to clip your cat’s nails and will help you in part in the process of caring for the babies!