Short-legged Munchkin cat – the smallest cat breed in the world

Short-legged Munchkin cat - the smallest cat breed in the world

The short-legged Munchkin cat is one of the cutest cats in the world, originally from the United States with the outstanding feature of short legs, the figure of the dwarf has become the stuff of legend.

Perhaps the name Munchkin is quite new for cat lovers in Vietnam, it is a new breed of cat originating from the USA, from the 40s of the last century, the Munchkin cat breed was developed as a specialty from the state of Louisiana.

The standard by which to judge this cat is its short legs. Their fur can be short and long, but this is not a factor for evaluation.

The origin of the munchkin catFountain. ST photo

Munchkin cat breed characteristics

The Munchkin cat is one of the most beloved cat breeds today. Perhaps the short legs and greasy gait have captured the hearts of millions of cat fans around the world. The length of the body is 2.5 times the height, the 4 legs are never stretched, the knees are not bent, making the Munchkin extremely cute. Its weight is only 3-5 kg.

The Munchkin’s fur is soft and helps them protect their body from the weather, their fur is usually cream, grey, chocolate, black and white… the hair on the tail is longer.

Characteristics of short-legged Munchkin catsInternet Photos Features

With his dwarf mushroom appearance, Munchkin is loved by all because of his cute humor. Immediately, this breed became the most popular photographic cat in the world. Munchkin cats are friendly with people, especially children and other pets. Unlike other cats, they cannot jump and run as much as other cats, so they are very comfortable.

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How to care for short-legged munchkin cats

It can be said that, with other breeds of cats, Munchkin have a great advantage in destructive pranks when they can hardly dance due to their cute short legs.

Munchkin cats are very easy to care for and raise, you just have to take care of their fur. It is advisable to groom their fur weekly and use good shampoos and shower gels. Munchkin shed very little, so they just need regular brushing to control the amount of hair shed.

The personality of the short-legged Munchkin catCharacter . internet photos

Except for paw and joint problems, the Munchkin cat is very healthy. When lifting, please pay attention not to cause damage to the little feet.

Munchkin short-legged cat grooming

Not only Munchkin cats, but also other cat breeds should pay attention to the coat. Fur occupies an important place for cats when they keep warm and make the cat beautiful.

With the Munchkin’s short and close coat, little shedding is already a big plus for owners who are busy or don’t have a lot of time to brush their cats. However, every day, he spends a few minutes stroking and brushing his cat’s fur regularly.

Cleaning the face, eye sockets, ears for Munchkin

Many cat owners are no strangers to rusty cat eyes. This is quite normal, but don’t be biased, clean your pet regularly to avoid eye diseases that affect cats.

In addition, periodic cleaning of the ears is also essential. The ear area contains a lot of bacteria and dirt builds up. Many children even have ear mites.

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Note when caring for this cat

Here are some tips to help you take good care of your pet.

  • Please do not bathe it for a long time to avoid affecting the cat’s body temperature and health.
  • Gently scrub and rinse the water slowly, avoid pouring the water directly, causing confusion for the cat.
  • Dry the fur well and be careful not to blow air directly into the cat’s face, making it psychologically unstable.

For details of the process of caring for and bathing cats, you can consult the article: How to bathe cats correctly?

How much does the Munchkin short-legged cat cost?

To own this breed of cat, you have to spend a large amount of money. However, when this breed of cats began to be introduced to Vietnam, much more were bred. Munchkin cats born in Vietnam are priced from 6 million to 9 million. Those with papers and imported from Thailand cost more than double or triple depending on their pedigree.

How much does a short-legged munchkin cat cost?How much does a short-legged munchkin cat cost? internet photos

Munchkin cats imported from European countries usually command a very high price >$2,500. So it can be said that this is a cat breed for people with high incomes.

  • The price of a Munchkin Cat depends on the male or female sex of the cat. Females are often taller than males because buyers can use the same cat to breed Munchkin.
  • Cats with good pedigrees and health tend to be more expensive because these breeds can produce quality litters.
  • Cats with beautiful coat colors will also be more expensive, light colored cats will be more popular than dark ones.

Some cute images of munchkin cats

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