Shocked at the price of hundreds of millions of male calico cats, there are still buyers

Shocked at the price of hundreds of millions of male calico cats, there are still buyers

Cats, in the opinion of many Vietnamese, are unlucky animals, despite the fact that they are one of the most popular pets in human life. However, the male calico cat is an exception when not only Vietnam but even Japan consider it a money lucky pet. Perhaps because the number of male calico cats is so rare and hard to find, they are always for sale at sky-high prices of up to hundreds of millions?

The calico cat is not a name for a separate breed of cats like british shorthair cat ,long haired brother hay Persian …which refers to all cats with a typical three-color base coat with a predominance of white markings along with a few other common colors such as yellow, fawn, sepia, and black. , brown-black…

In other animals, the ratio between males and females is usually the same. However, with calico cats appear almost exclusively females, not males. The reason for this, according to scientists, is due to the group of genes that regulate coat color, which makes it difficult for male calico cats to appear.

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Like humans, cats also have 2 substituent chromosomes X and Y. Chromosomes are the vehicle for genes, and genes are used to determine characteristics of coat color, coat length, eye color, generally, to create the shape of a cat. Female cats have two X chromosomes and male cats have one X and one Y chromosome. The gene for black and yellow coat color is found only on the X chromosome. The gene for white coat color is found on the X chromosome on autosomes as an independent gene.

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The cat has 2 X chromosomes, so it can be black and yellow-orange at the same time, plus white to form a tricolor. Male cats only have 1 X chromosome, so they can only show yellow-orange or black. That is, the genes for the yellow/fawn and black/brown groups are both on the X chromosome, so only female cats (carrying 2 X chromosomes) are capable of carrying the same thing when 2 genes regulate 2 different color groups. .

The expression of this color is quite complicated because it involves dominant and recessive traits that are regulated by genes located on the X chromosome. The expression of this color is quite complicated because it is also influenced by dominant and recessive genes on the X chromosome.

So is there a male calico cat in this world? The answer from is yes. However, the percentage of male cats that appear is extremely low, it is estimated that there is only 1 male cat for every 3,000 calico female cats. In fact, male calico cats exist because they have Klinefelter syndrome, in which their sex chromosomes are either XXY or XXXY. And so, male calico cats are almost all infertile due to the abnormality of the sex chromosomes.

Because it is so rare, in many Asian countries like Japan, China or Taiwan… the calico cat is an animal that brings luck. If you pay attention to the beckoning Japanese genius cat, Maneki Neko is also a calico cat. Because according to the Japanese concept, its tricolor plumage symbolizes good luck and prosperity. So you can see them everywhere: restaurants, hotels, shops…

Maneki Neko, the Japanese calico lucky cat

In China and Vietnam, traders who believe in spirituality often find male calico cats, even though the price is very high, because they believe they will bring wealth, prosperity, good luck, and good luck. .

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