Share your experience of choosing puppy food when arriving at a new home

Share your experience of choosing puppy food when arriving at a new home

Puppy food is extremely important when you welcome your dog to a new home. Being exposed to a new and unfamiliar environment can cause problems for your dog. Here are 2 experiences to choose and organize a puppy’s diet when he returns home to guarantee absolute success.

There are two main types of puppy food on the market today: dry food and fresh food. Depending on the dog, the diet and the menu are different. Not only that, the arrangement and selection of dog food depends on your time and work.

Characteristics of 2 lines of food for puppies

Dry food

Pros: This is quite a popular food line. Especially those who are busy because they are full of nutrition. This type of food is processed and produced according to certain standards. All ingredients and nutritional content are suitable for puppies.

Most dry foods are calculated and balanced by food processing companies with adequate nutritional content for each type of dog. Therefore, you can be completely sure of the safety and efficacy of dry dog ​​food.

dry dog ​​foodGranulated food for puppies. internet photos

Also, the usage is extremely simple to help users easily care for their pets effectively.

For more information about granular dog food, you can refer to the article “Should or shouldn’t you use granular dog food? And dog food brands in Vietnam market” >> HERE

Fresh food

Fresh food includes daily food such as meat, vegetables, etc. Some dog owners also let dogs eat lumps and bones.

However, with the arrival of new puppies at home, the use of these bones is not recommended because the characteristics of the small dog’s digestive system are not yet complete. So by eating solid, hard food like tubular bones, there is a risk of causing intestinal perforation and affecting the digestion of food… Fresh food is only used for dog owners who have time to care for their dogs at home .

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In addition, the nutritional content of fresh foods must also be carefully measured. This can be difficult for first time dog owners.

Cereal food can meet all the nutritional and health needs of puppies. Dry food helps to stabilize the intestinal tract, prevents helminthic diseases, safety and nutritional content are absolutely guaranteed.

Therefore, dog owners in Western countries have gradually replaced fresh food with dry food for puppies and adult dogs.

fresh puppy foodfresh puppy food

However, dry food is quite expensive, so not everyone can use it for a long time.

So in this article, I will share how to apply 2 types of food. This is my collected and applied practical experience with puppies from the new home to adulthood.

Choose and organize puppy food when it comes to a new home

I choose to combine both fresh and dry dog ​​food. I am a person who has a lot of time ^^

When the puppies first come home, the space and everything is new, you have to let him acclimatize slowly. The food portion at this time should be small but divided into many meals. I feed my dog ​​4 meals a day, 4 hours apart. Dinner for the dog to eat a little more.

breakfast for dogs

Morning: Since I am busy with work, I let the dog use dry food. The puppy’s teeth are still developing, so he dunks it in water for a few seconds and feeds it.


Lunch and dinner I use fresh food. My cooked rice is a bit bland and is mixed with shredded lean meat, a little cooked and chopped vegetables every day. You can use more digestive enzymes mixed with rice. The purpose is to stimulate the dog’s digestive system, in addition, you can use chopped boiled chicken neck for puppies to use. Some babies will not like to eat chicken neck so you can substitute some other food.

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Dinner is dry dog ​​food soaked in soft water like breakfast.

Keep in mind that you have to have the right amount of rice, not too much and not too little. In my opinion, it is not good for dogs to eat too much rice.

Choose dry foods

In the first stage when you get to a new home, you should choose a good dry dog ​​food like Royal Canin, Classic… I use Royal Canin.

However, for those of you who ONLY USE dry dog ​​food for a long time, it will be difficult to adjust later because they are used to the dry food diet. So when switching to fresh food, it will take a lot of time to practice.

Organize your puppy's foodOrganize your puppy’s food.

I had a case where Corgi had only eaten Royal Canin before. When the owner wants to switch to fresh food, he refuses to eat but also breaks the pot.

Dogs with long, beautiful coats need to focus on caring for their coat. You can feed your dog duck eggs. However, duck eggs should be used 2-3 times a week. Eating too much is also not good for the dog’s digestive system.

Some notes on the process of care and preparation of diets for puppies.

  • When introducing a new puppy diet. The dog will choose the food and refuse to eat it all. It is simple, it is used as follows. Wait for the dog to eat half, then remove the food bowl. Then wait a few minutes and put them back to eat.

This will make the dog hungry and eat the entire bowl of rice. As for my pig, all he does is “pump” from vegetables to meat. But I have to do this for the first time because it’s all meat.

New home dogs are only about 3 months old, absolutely not to be fed.

  • Hot, spicy, salty, greasy and processed human food
  • Don’t eat raw food. Everything needs to be cooked.
  • Do not eat hard bones will affect the digestive system.
  • Do not eat sausages, chorizos..
  • Do not eat refrigerated foods. One time my dog ​​vomited and had diarrhea.

I hope the above article I shared helped you understand more about how to choose puppy food when you go to a new home.

Good luck to the BOSS