Share 5 Tips for Naming Good and Meaningful Dogs, Easy to Train

Share 5 Tips for Naming Good and Meaningful Dogs, Easy to Train

Naming a good and meaningful dog is the first thing you want to do when you bring a new dog home. But how to name it so that it is easy to call, easy to train and meaningful? This article will reveal to you the 5 dog naming tips and provide you with a list of good dog names for you to choose from.

Rules for naming dogs

  • Make the name as easy as possible to pronounce, sometimes it’s as casual as fate.

In everyday life, the words you accidentally say are a very good name for your dog like Bun, Bin, Bo, Miu, Dau, Kem, Lac… Receptive makes your dog docile and much easier to train.

  • The names of the idols

Also, many of you named your dog after your idol character in the movie like Jack, Rose, Rex… or even famous brands. I’ve seen neighbors name their 4 dogs after famous airlines in Vietnam like Vietjet, Vietnam airline, Jetstar… Extremely diverse, isn’t it?

random dog namesRandom dog names. internet photos

  • Named by the name of the dog breed.

In the past, interacting with many dog ​​owners, many of you have a very good way of naming your dog after the word that follows the name of a dog breed like Husky, it’s Ky, Corgi is called Gi, Chow Chow is called Chow or variations of that word such as Chau, Chao…

  • Foreign names for dogs.

It can be said that this is the name that many people use to call their dog. Some names like Summer, Lucky, Spring, Sunny… In fact, this is a good and meaningful way to name dogs. English names are also quite diverse and easy to think of.

  • Named for the sex of the dog.
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Male and female dogs go by many different names. This is often very noticeable by dog ​​owners. For example, Sunny will be more suitable for female dogs, Lucky is suitable for male dogs…

Above are some principles for naming pet dogs in Vietnam that I have worked out through many times of contact with dog owners. In my own subjective opinion, the dog’s name should only stop at 2 words, it shouldn’t be too long. The name should be receptive and familiar to the dog. You can also name your dog in Vietnamese or English based on your preference.

Pay attention when naming your dog

When the puppy arrives at a new home, the name will be very important in the training process. Short, easy-to-pronounce names will go a long way with potty commands, handshakes, and other commands.

  • As mentioned in the dog’s name, it is recommended to stop at least 2 words to facilitate voice commands. If it has a long name, you won’t be able to issue training commands quickly.
  • Remember to use only 1 name to call the dog. Today, spring and tomorrow, the other peach and Micky are still hard to remember, let alone a dog. The denomination must be fixed and consistent with a name from small to large.
  • Please avoid common names, guys. Going to the park to call Rex and a whole herd of Rex running around is also exhausting.
  • It is better not to name the dog after the person to avoid misunderstandings when going out. Be careful not to eat it. 🙁 It is also not recommended to name your dog after a friend :)).
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Pay attention when naming your dogBe careful when naming your dog. internet photos

You can check out some suggestions from the Dog and Cat Love blog below:

  • Choose a name for your dog or cat using the tools available online. You enter Website: and choose the right attributes for your dog. Here you can choose the right name for the dog by checking the gender box or by checking the options of the name characteristics, such as the name containing sympathy (Friendly, the cute name (Lindo)…
  • Here is a list of some of the best dog names and meanings listed. You can choose one of these names and give it to your dog. As long as you like it, doggy
  • Squid
  • Place
  • TO
  • Bun
  • Bi
  • American soldier
  • li
  • Paper bin
  • my moon
  • Milo
  • Nik
  • kiki
  • lu lu
  • I I
  • Xia
  • Liter
  • Of
  • titus
  • With
  • pipe
  • Thomas
  • Kem
  • List
  • Microphone
  • rex
  • bye