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Shar Pei Dog |  dog knows bi

The Shar Pei dog is also known by the family name Sa Bi dog. One of the most wrinkled dog breeds in the world originated in China. Sa Bi dogs are bred to guard the house. They are cute and extremely loyal.

The Shar Pei nearly became extinct in the 1960s. After a period of development, they once again attracted the attention of many dog ​​lovers and are considered pets in many homes. Shar Pei dogs are always cute because of their wrinkles and perhaps because of this feature, they are loved in many countries around the world.

Shar Pei Dog Breed - Sa Bi DogShar Pei – Sa Bi Dog. internet photos

Origin of the Shar Pei Dog, Sa Bi Dog

The Shar Pei is an ancient dog with an ancestor from the Chow Chow.

During their development, Sa Bi dogs were bred for many different purposes, such as housekeeping, herding livestock, or fighting wild animals. Few people know that this breed has had to go through extremely difficult stages in which was about to disappear. the native country.

However, some individuals who survived in Taiwan and Hong Kong helped the Sa Bi dog to survive and survive to this day.

The Shar Pei was brought to the US and thanks to the dog loving communities here, the breed was quickly bred and their numbers rapidly multiplied many times over.

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Thanks to that, their genetic resources are conserved and are much more diverse.

Shar Pei dogs were introduced to Vietnam almost 10-12 years ago, but they have really piqued the curiosity of dog owners.

Characteristics of the Shar Pei Cho Dog

Appearance is the special feature of this breed. The body is large, with a maximum height of up to 50 cm and a weight of up to 25 kg when well fed and cared for.

Their wrinkled, flaccid skin allows them to limit bites or attacks from other breeds. The Shar Pei’s head is square and the tongue is dark blue.

They appear to have a bulky and heavy body, but in reality they are active and love to play with their owners.

Raising a Shar Pei dog is difficult in eye care. The eyes often suffer from droopy eyes and often require surgical intervention. If it is left for a long time it can affect the eyeball.

Shar Pei Dog Personality TraitsShar Pei dog personality traits. internet photos

Shar Pei dog personality traits.

You may see the exterior of this dog breed with a heavy, wrinkled body, but this breed’s personality is extremely friendly and approachable.

They have a body similar to some famous cartoon characters on the internet. However, the Shar Pei is extremely intelligent and wary of strangers and extremely loyal to its owner. Signs of being teased or dangerous will cause the Sa Bi dog discomfort.

Although the hearing and eyesight are not good, the alert spirit of this breed is not inferior to other famous watchdog breeds.

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Shar Pei dogs are extremely voracious, can gain weight quickly, and eat anything that leads to obesity. Therefore, it is also necessary to give Sa Bi a proper diet, limiting starches and excess fats.

In addition, it is necessary to apply an adequate exercise regimen to avoid related diseases.

How to raise a Shar Pei dog

If you don’t want the Shar Pei to be difficult to control, you should train him from an early age to help him obey and put him in a habit-forming framework.

  • The diet should limit fat and starch to avoid obesity.
  • Another major problem is the wrinkles on the body of Sa Bi, they are difficult to clean, so it is necessary to keep them dry. After bathing, it is necessary to stay dry and wipe excess water from the body in order to avoid fungus and other skin diseases.

How much does a Shar Pei dog cost?How much does a Shar Pei dog cost? internet photos

It is advisable to take them out often to help them not to go crazy with their feet, so that they do not get clamped when they stay too long indoors also to help them not to get obese diseases.

How much does a Shar Pei dog cost?

Currently, Shar Pei dogs are very rare in our country, perhaps due to the difficult care and very low life expectancy of dogs, not many dog ​​farms are interested in this breed. This is what makes the price of Shar Pei dogs very high. To own a Shar Pei, you need to spend between 10 and 15 million.