Seizure dog? 6 Causes and treatment recommended by veterinarians

Seizure dog?  6 Causes and treatment recommended by veterinarians

Dog seizures are a sign of many dangerous diseases and must be treated promptly. Here are 9 causes of seizures in dogs and home remedies.

Dog seizures are one of the many symptoms that many dog ​​owners will experience while caring for their dog. This sign can have many different causes, both common and serious. Most dog owners, when they find out that their dog is having a seizure, often do not find the cause of the problem, so they will be passive in the solution.

Here are 9 causes and treatments for dog seizures that are synthesized and drawn from the practical experience of I hope this knowledge helps readers.

Causes of Seizures in Dogs

  • Due to environmental factors, the temperature

When the ambient temperature drops too low, the dog’s body does not exercise and warm up first, which will lead to seizures because the muscles cannot adapt to the weather conditions. This situation occurs quite frequently when dogs exercise in adverse environmental conditions with low average temperatures.

How to handle a dog with heat strokeHow to treat heat stroke in dogs. internet photos

Excessive heat that causes heat stroke in dogs is also the cause of dog seizures. If heat stroke is not treated in time, it can be life-threatening.

  • By the movement of the dog.

Excessive activity, excessive exercise will cause muscle tension in the dog, give him a rest and do a proper exercise regimen. Combining exercise and rest to avoid overtraining will cause muscle spasms and even lead to dangerous injuries in the dog.

In addition, the exercise regimen and excessive exercise will make the body tired, the amount of lactic acid accumulates for a long time, causing muscle contractions.

  • The dog is having seizures due to loss of electrolytes.
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Excessive exercise, especially in hot weather for a long time, will cause the dog to lose water and electrolytes. The loss of water will follow the sweat, which will cause the muscles to be stimulated, leading to seizures in dogs. Therefore, if you have an exercise regimen for your dog, you should choose a time when there is no sun or when the weather has calmed down to avoid problems related to dehydration.

Causes of Seizures in DogsCauses of seizures in dogs.

Muscle damage is also a cause of dog seizures. The use of a leash by the owner causes damage to the musculature of the dog if the leash is too strong. Accidents found in the breeding process such as muscle tears, collisions with other dogs… that cause muscle damage will put the dog at risk of seizures.

  • nervous system problems

Viruses that have a direct effect on the nervous system of dogs, causing danger to the brain, are also the cause of seizure symptoms. Dogs suffering from a number of life-threatening diseases, such as Care’s disease in dogs, epilepsy, rabies in dogs, etc., are also causes of seizures. In particular, these diseases directly affect the nervous system, causing the rapid death of the animal.

Signs of Care's disease in dogsSigns of Care’s disease in dogs. Internet photo ST

Poisoned dogs and baits are also causes of seizures. Most of the time, if treated with rapid vomiting, the dog can survive.

  • Dogs have seizures due to calcium deficiency.

Calcium is extremely important for dogs in the development of the musculoskeletal system. For breeding dogs, calcium supplementation for the mother dog is extremely necessary. It is not uncommon for dogs to have seizures due to calcium deficiency during pregnancy and postpartum.

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The need to provide puppies with calcium during pregnancy and the amount of calcium lost during lactation will greatly affect the mother dog. If there is not enough calcium in these 2 stages, the bitch will have milder seizures and frequent cramps.

Dogs have seizures due to calcium deficiency.Dogs have seizures due to calcium deficiency. internet photos

Dogs often pant, stick out their tongues, and gasp for breath before a seizure. The dog’s body is hotter than usual, the leg muscles will become stiff, and quickly turn into convulsions. For those of you who have breeding dogs, you are probably all too familiar with this situation. Based on the experience of a long time dog owner: Take ice to apply to the dog’s neck, do not apply oil, cover with blankets, etc., apply continuously when the seizure is over. Let the dog take 1 calciox tablet and inject 1 dose of calcium into the muscle. After half an hour, the dog will return to normal.

If you are not familiar with veterinary medicine, you should immediately call your veterinarian or a qualified person for timely advice.