Scottish Fold cat (Scottish Fold cat) – The breed of cat that steals the hearts of millions of cat lovers

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my scottish fold alias folded eared cat, was born due to a natural genetic mutation. This type of mutation causes the cat’s ears to fold up or fold down to make them look very special. The reason why this breed of cat is called “Scottish” is also because its ancestral birthplace comes from Scotland.

The Scottish Fold was first introduced on a Scottish farm in 1961 by a cat named Susie, a white breed of cat with folded ears that was a keen killer of mice. The farmers discovered Susie, feeling very surprised, because Susie was completely different from the other cats, with a pair of ears that fell close to the head that looked very much like an owl. Therefore, Susie was brought in and raised with a local cat species and gave birth to 2 kittens with the same ears as her mother.

folded eared cat They are often paired with British cats such as the British Shorthair or British Longhair, there are two main lines of cats, the Scottish Fold and the Highland Fold. The Scottish Fold is the most popular and preferred breed.

Initially, the reproduction rate to produce folds was very rare and meager, only accounting for 1/10, which means that for every 10 kittens born, there will only be 1-2 cats with folded ears, the rest are mostly straight-eared. . . This is because the folded ear trait does not appear in all Scottish Fold cats, but rather has a certain proportion, depending on the genes of the parent cat. According to pedigree, if from the cat’s life, both grandparents and parents have folded ears, the birth rate of a cat with folds is very high, from 60 to 80%. If a parent or grandparent has straight ears, the chances of having a lop-eared cat drop from 30% to 60%. But there is a point that points out to you: ABSOLUTELY NEVER TAKE 2 CLUB EARLY CHILDREN TOGETHER, because they do not help to increase the rate of floppy ears, but even the cat will be born with deformities due to degeneration, ossification or prematurity. death.

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In order to achieve the best results, breeders in Vietnam or around the world often choose babies with the folded ears trait for further breeding, in order to create generations with more pure sophisticated genes, aiming for 100 percent. % of Scottish cats born with floppy ears.

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Due to the purpose of mating to produce the Scottish Fold, straight eared cats are often considered failures in the breeding process, so the price is very cheap, only 700k to 1.5 million. Meanwhile, you have to spend 4 million or more to be able to have a floppy ear. However, the Scottish Fold cat has all 4 fold levels, and the closer the fold, the more expensive the price.

Scottish Fold Cat Levels

simple simple fold

The ears are slightly inclined and inclined, with a fold on the ear cartilage forming the letter L at an angle greater than 90 degrees, the ears are slightly bent, not clear. This ear shape is actually considered a defective ear.

single fold

A fold in the ear cartilage forms a V at an angle of less than 90 degrees, compared to the Single Easy Fold, the ear sits lower but not close to the head, the ear is still visible. However these babies can be bred for breeding, they can be combined with Scottish Fold straight eared cats to produce double or triple eared babies as shown below.

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double fold

Thanks to 3 fold lines in the ear cartilage, forming the letter W, the ears are very close to the head, sometimes without seeing the cat’s ears.

tri fold

There are still 3 fold lines in the ear cartilage and they form the letter W, but bent to the maximum level, completely close to the head, almost not seeing the cat’s ears.

The shape and size of the folded-eared cat.

The lop-eared cat is large, muscular, but has a round figure, short thick fur, and large, sweet eyes.

The paws are medium in size, the limbs are strong and strong, the tips of the cat’s paws at the tip are circular (like the British cat). The tail of this cat is medium long, thick and rounded.

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Wildcats’ heads are quite large and round, creating a very cute and close feeling. Thanks to the slightly curved nose combined with the palate to form a permanent smile on the lips, making them always look friendly and close.

The health of the cat with ears

The Fold cat is actually a form of defective gene, because in order to create a different set of folded ears, Scottish Fold cats often suffer from a cartilage-related disease called osteochondrodysplasia. This is a dangerous disease that causes osteoarthritis, most of which occurs in cats with folded ears, and the symptoms appear from an early age.

If the cat is affected by these sequelae, it can become deformed, the limbs are short and large, the tail becomes stiff and short, affecting walking. Even if it is not treated in time, it will lead to quadriplegia. Therefore, adding calcium, giving milk that contains calcium to help the baby’s bones become stronger is extremely necessary for the cat.

Fold-eared cat personality

The Scottish Fold is a friendly and calm cat, suitable for single people or families with small children.

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They are very intelligent, active, they like to participate in playing with people, but sometimes they like to sit quietly and observe everything around them. However, they are not as hyperactive as other cats.

Note when buying a fold-eared cat

Usually, at birth, kittens’ ears are still straight, it takes 3-6 weeks for the ears to gradually begin to droop. And it takes 6 months of age to be able to determine if the baby has a flat ear or a straight ear. Therefore, when buying a cat with folded ears, you need to be very careful, you need to ask the buyer about the age of the cat, if he is only 2-3 months old, even if you see the fold closely. , there is also nothing to confirm that it is a lop-eared baby, sometimes in a hurry, you catch it, the more you raise the baby’s ears, the more upright, leading to the loss of money.

In the 1970s, the Fold cat became the “hegemonic” feline breed in the world, the most bred in Europe and North America. Although this “king” did not last long, due to the appearance of many other cat breeds, to this day the Sotish Fold remains one of the most beloved cat breeds in the world.