Scottish Fold cat? How much does a Scottish cat cost in Vietnam?


The Scottish Fold is a beautiful and rare breed of cat born from a natural genetic mutation. This type of mutation causes a cat’s ears to bend downward in a very specific way.

The Scottish Fold was first discovered on a farm in Scotland in 1961 by a cat named Susie. The first people who discovered it were surprised by the strange face of this cat, the ears that fell close to the head very much resembled those of an owl. When Susie started breeding, both kittens had the same ears as her mother.

Origins of the Scottish Fold catOrigin of the Scottish Fold cat. Photo Daisy Link

They are immediately acquired by a person and registered with the GCCF organization. From these 2 kittens, more Susie offspring were born with 42 kittens after 3 years. And now Scottish Fold cats are very popular in the world.

Characteristics of the Scottish Fold cat

Most kittens are born with straight, folded ears that will appear after 20 days of age. They have round heads and eyes and thick fur that forms a lovely face. The Scottish Fold cat breed is only medium in size. Its weight can reach 7 kg. The nose is short and slightly flat, similar to that of the flat-faced Persian cat.

To evaluate a Scottish Fold cat we usually base ourselves on the level of the ears as follows:

  • Scottish Fold cats have L-shaped ears at a 90-degree angle. The ears are slightly inclined and not very clear.
  • The Scottish Fold cat has large folded ears that form a V, the fold not being close to the head.
  • The Scottish Fold cat has ears that fold close to the head, forming a nearly earless W on the face.
  • The Scottish Fold cat has a pair of tails very close to the head, the ears are not visible, together with a long coat that will make it look like an owl.
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Characteristics of the Scottish Fold catCharacteristics of the Scottish Fold cat. Photo

The curl of the ears of a cat can depend on the weather and the ambient temperature. Many Scottish Fold cats tend to prick up their ears when the outside temperature rises.

Scottish Fold cats come in a variety of colors. No matter what color they are, they are classified as Scottish Fold Cats.

Scottish Fold Cat Personality

The Scottish Fold is one of many human-friendly cat breeds that are calm in any situation. The Scottish fold clings to its owner and is suitable for storage in an apartment, where the area is average. They get along well with children and love to be petted and pampered by their owners like other cats.

You should also pay attention to the health of cats when being inactive will make them face obesity.

Scottish Fold Health

All Scottish Fold cats are susceptible to cartilage related diseases. This disease is called osteochondrodysplasia. This is a dangerous disease that causes the failure of osteoarthritis, it occurs mainly in cats with folded ears, and the symptoms appear from an early age.

my scottish foldScottish Fold cat. internet photos

Osteochondrodysplasia causes many complications in the body of kittens, namely deformed limbs, larger, stiff and short tail. The cat’s gait often limps due to swelling of the wrist and leg joints. Over time, it can lead to quadriplegia unable to walk.

Currently in Vietnam, cat ears in Vietnam cost only 3-6 million for undocumented cats. These cats interbreed a lot with other cat breeds. On the other hand, children registered and imported from abroad such as Thailand or Europe have very high prices from $1000 – $2000 depending on the family and origin of each child. These babies are of a much higher purity, which is why they are often imported for breeding purposes.

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