Samoyed dog breed – northwestern Siberian snow angel

Samoyed dog breed - northwestern Siberian snow angel

The Samoyed dog breed is one of the many beautiful dog breeds that originate from the cold Siberian country – Northwestern Siberia. Over thousands of years of history, the Samoyed has gradually become a popular pet dog in many countries around the world, including Vietnam.

History of the Samoyed breedHistory of the Samoyed breed. ST photo

The Samoyed, also known as the Tai-ga Forest Snow White (Siberian Snow Dog), was originally bred by the Samoyed people for hunting and pulling carts.

Samoyed plays an increasingly important role in people’s lives here. In addition to sledding duties, this breed is also used to guard Samoyeds and track in the snow.

samoyed dog breed They are highly valued by the indigenous people, who always appreciate their loyalty and dedication to their work. It not only makes life easier for people, but also keeps wild animals away from their families.

Although, known for a long time, it was not until 1889 that this breed was known to Europeans when it was brought by an explorer. Very quickly, the Samoyed breed became popular with many families and became the most popular pet dog breed today.

Characteristics of the Samoyed breed.

Appearance: The Samoyed’s body is well-proportioned and neat. They have a height of 50-60 cm, weight 20-30 kg. The eyes of the Samoyed race are black and the nose is also black, the ears are erect and are in proportion to the proportions of the face. The tail is furry and is held upright on the back like the Husky breed. The legs are large, muscular and light walking with very thick pads.

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Characteristics of the Samoyed dog breedCharacteristics of the Samoyed breed. ST photo

However, what makes this Samoyed breed special is its shiny white coat. Samoyed has 2 coats, 1 is a very thick outer coat and a thin and soft undercoat that keeps heat and prevents cold air from entering the body.

The white color of the coat also helps this breed camouflage itself in the snow to avoid predators and hunt more effectively.

In Vietnam, Samoyed dogs are bred a lot, but their fur cannot adapt to too hot living conditions, forcing owners to take care of their hair and raise them in a cool air-conditioned environment when the hot season begins.

Samoyed breed personality.

Samoyed is the most intelligent and loyal breed of dog, they are friendly and close to everyone. It is this trait that makes a Samoyed not a good housekeeper. In addition, their nature is active, so they are very mischievous and playful.

Samoyed Dog Breed PersonalitySamoyed breed personality. PHOTO ST

Like Husky, Samoyed is indeed a high-energy dog, when it is not allowed to go out or go outside, it will make noisy repairs and bite home appliances or destroy something to satisfy its hyperactivity.

They do not like to play with smaller animals. In order to get along with other animals, such as mice and cats, you need to expose them from an early age. Samoyed need to be taught from an early age. Punishment must be applied so that they can put themselves in order and not disturb.

You will feel helpless when you don’t wake up from a baby. You should spend time getting them out and about and being active, not chaining them up too much at home. This will make the Samoyed uncomfortable and lead to depression in this breed.

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The price of a Samoyed dog

Samoyed in Vietnam ranges from 8 to 30 million / 1 child depending on characteristics and genealogy.

Samoyed dog price in VietnamSamoyed dog price in Vietnam. ST photo

  • A Vietnam-born Samoyed has an average price of 8-10 million. This is a cheap seed price for anyone who is passionate about this breed. Another thing is that dogs bred in Vietnam will adapt better to the climate than those imported from abroad. Much easier to nurture and care for.
  • Samoyeds imported directly from abroad like Thailand will be priced higher because Thailand is where this breed was introduced earlier, so the quality of the dogs in Thailand is much better. In addition, the adaptation of Samoyed dogs in Thailand is as good as in Vietnam.
  • Samoyed dogs command sky-high prices: $1000 – $2000 are imported directly from European countries, especially Russia. These are good quality Samoyeds that are usually bred when imported. However, the cost of transporting and importing dogs to Vietnam is very high, and the climate difference also makes these children unadapted to the Vietnamese climate, leading to death and some dangerous diseases.

Some cute photos of Samoyed dogs