Saint Bernard dog breed – Courageous and faithful companion

Saint Bernard dog breed - Courageous and faithful companion

The Saint Bernard or Saint Bernard is a giant and powerful dog that originated in Switzerland. Such a big body, but St. Bernard has a gentle, kind and friendly personality, especially with children. They are widely bred throughout the world as fun companions.

Most Saint Bernard dogs are bred for the purpose of rescuing and carrying heavy objects to help people move in hard-to-reach areas. There are many cases, thanks to St. Bernard that the victim received first aid in a timely manner, narrowly escaping death.

The origin of Saint BernardThe origin of the Saint Bernard dog. internet photos

The Origin of the Saint Bernard Dog

As mentioned above, the Saint Bernard is an ancient dog breed dating back over 1000 years, they were first found and bred in the Alps region, bordering Switzerland and Italy.

They were bred from the famous Tibetan Mastiff and the famous Great Dane. Bred from 2 giant dog breeds, when mature a St. Bernard is about the same size as its parents.

During wars, humans used to use this breed as rescue dogs, searching the snow. But later, when it was raised on many farms, the Saint Bernard was used to transport goods and carry boxes, graze livestock, and save people.

The role of the Saint Bernard dog in reality.

In fact, this is one of the many great rescue dogs available today. During the avalanche at Hospice, this breed helped rescue nearly 2,000 people and helped people trapped under the snow for hours.

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Thanks to its sharp nose and agility, this breed has saved many lives over the years.

Characteristics of the St. Bernard dogCharacteristics of the Saint Bernard dog. internet photos

Contributing to the community and saving lives, the Saint Bernard is recognized by the American Kennel Club and has become one of the many rescue dogs in the world. Today they are commonly grown in icy regions.

Physical characteristics of the St. Bernard

Street. Bernard is a giant breed with a height of up to 70 cm and a maximum weight of up to 90 kg. A terrifying figure in the world of dogs.

The face of the St. Bernard is flat, it has a large round head and a short muzzle, upturned nostrils, its sense of smell is extremely keen and can locate missing persons trapped in the snow, small eyes and 2 long ears close of your cheeks to keep the area warm. head area

The tail of this breed is lowered to the ground and it has a thick coat.

The coat of this breed is short and silky, the hair on the head is thicker and disheveled than the rest, many have a long coat that is usually wavy along the body.

Like dogs that live in icy areas, their undercoat is soft and thick on the inside of the body to help keep them warm and withstand inclement weather in the high mountains.

Saint Bernard Dog Personality TraitsSaint Bernard dog personality traits. internet photos

The color of the coat of the Saint Bernard is also highly characteristic with 2 main color spots, reddish brown and white, many of them have special colors such as wood brown mixed with white.

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You can also immediately recognize this breed on the street by 2 coat color patches in the head area. This color space forms a mask that covers the head area and creates a distinctive feature compared to other breeds.

It can be said that they are the 2nd version of the Tibetan Mastiff, only that they differ in color.

St. Bernard Personality Traits

Despite his somewhat large appearance, the St. Bernard is an extremely gentle and loyal dog. They are affectionate and nice to people, especially funny nannies with young children and the elderly.

Fierce on the outside, but on the inside he is an extremely devoted and intelligent friend. With good health and stamina, they are ready to search and save people in any situation.

When they see danger lurking, they are ready to run to protect their owners, even if it means sacrificing their lives.

The Health of St. Bernard

As mentioned above, this breed grows and thrives in icy weather conditions, the thick coat can help them adapt to frost, they will not be able to live in hot and humid climates.

If they are raised in this area, they need a similar temperature in order to acclimatize.

Like large dog breeds, the St. Bernard needs plenty of space to run and release energy. Restricting movement can make them uncomfortable and prone to obesity. Also, the thick coat of the Saint Bernard dog needs regular grooming and grooming if you don’t want it to get skin diseases.

If raised in a good environment with the right conditions, the lifespan of this breed can last up to 10-12 years. They can live longer depending on the care and condition of each individual.