Russian Blue Cat (Russian Blue)

Russian Blue Cat (Russian Blue)

The Russian blue cat or Russian blue cat is a breed of cat native to Russia. They are known as aristocratic cats possessing an elegant appearance and mysterious blue eyes. In Vietnam, this breed of cats is quite popular, but there are very few purebred Russian blue-eyed cats.

The origin of the Russian blue-eyed catThe origin of the Russian blue-eyed cat. internet photos

The origin of the Russian blue-eyed cat

It can be said that Russia is the homeland of this breed of cats. World famous cat organizations and farms mainly import Russian blue-eyed cats into Russia and take the characteristics of cats here as the standard for all people in the world. Therefore, the price of Russian cats in this country is usually higher than in other countries.

It can be said that the origin of the Russian blue-eyed cat is unclear, some information indicates that this breed of cat originated from the northern Russian islands. Before, when they were not kept as pets, they were captured for their fur like other animals.

Until the end of the 19th century, they were discovered by the British during expeditions and brought to exhibitions in London. It wasn’t long before they were quickly noticed and raised in families. Russian blue-eyed cats were bred to retain and preserve bloodlines. In the US, cat lovers breed British Shorthairs with Scandinavian cats to produce Russian Blue cats. These are the first Russian cats bred in the United States to this day. This was also the most sought after breed of cat by the aristocracy at the time.

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Characteristics and personality of the Russian blue-eyed catCharacteristics and personality of the Russian blue-eyed cat. internet photos

Characteristics of Russian blue-eyed cats | russian blue cat

The Russian blue cat is a medium-sized, muscular cat. The balanced body with long legs can move flexibly. It is a cat that loves to run, jump and climb. Blue eyes are very mysterious, when they are young, the blue color is not obvious, but it will darken in adulthood. It can be said that the eyes are one of the two impressive points of the Russian Blue cat.

The second impressive feature of this cat breed is the coat. The short, thick, silky coat that is light blue in color with a silver sheen when standing in the sun is the most characteristic feature of this breed of cat. The more they are in the sun, the more special their fur becomes. The coat color has only one color, blue. They make this breed stand out and sexier than ever. That may be the reason why the blue-eyed Russian cat is called a noble cat.

Russian blue-eyed cat personality

Classified as a rare breed of noble cat, but in contrast to this title, the Russian blue-eyed cat is extremely close and friendly towards people. They are not fastidious or stubborn, but they are very loyal and attached to people. They are cute and charming. Although sometimes quiet and withdrawn. Be loving and enjoy petting every day.

Russian cats do not like strangers. They are only for owners and known to pet. Even so, they don’t pamper themselves or complain much about being picked up or petted a lot. The blue-eyed Russian cat will make a great family companion.

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The price of the Russian blue-eyed cat.  internet photosThe price of the Russian blue-eyed cat. internet photos

The price of the Russian blue-eyed cat

Russian blue-eyed cats have a fairly high average price, because in Vietnam they are rare and less popular than other cat breeds. Cats imported from Russia or European countries with pedigree documents cost up to ~$3,000. Not everyone is willing to spend such a large cost to have this cat. At the same time, most of the cats in Vietnam are undocumented.

Russian blue-eyed cats, when imported into other countries as pets, are thoroughly sterilized before being removed from the cage. If it is necessary to breed them, you will have to pay a much higher price to own them. So when choosing to buy a Russian Blue-eyed cat, Russian Blue, you should consider the purpose of breeding them for breeding or to be a family pet.