Rottweiler dog – Characteristics and price of the Rottweiler dog in Vietnam

Rottweiler dog - Characteristics and price of the Rottweiler dog in Vietnam

Rottweiler or Rot is a rather aggressive dog breed originating from Germany that is currently being cared for by many experienced dog owners in Vietnam.

The Rottweiler dog originated in Germany and was bred for herding or training as a working dog. This is a fierce fighting dog that is banned in many countries around the world along with some other breeds like Pitbull or Tibetan Mastiff.

Although aggressive, he is extremely loyal and wary of strangers. They are quite intelligent and easy going with family members when they have met before.

The Rottweiler is a breed that needs training from an early age to adapt and get used to strict commands. If they are not trained and trained, they can bite people and other animals. There have been cases of Rot dogs biting people in Hanoi when the owner bought them when they were old and difficult to control.

Origin of the Rottweiler dog

According to some documents, the Rot dog originated from the Italian Mastiff breed. They were bred in Germany and appeared in the 1800s. In the past, Roman warriors used them to pull chariots or graze cattle.

In 1910, the Rottweiler was officially trained to become a service dog for security forces and police. With their quick instincts, they quickly accomplished many feats and became an indispensable member of the security forces in many countries today.

Origin of the Rottweiler dogOrigin of the Rottweiler dog. internet photos

The Rottweiler is a dog breed that requires strict training, so not everyone can take care of it and raise it. This breed of dog, if regularly cared for and trained, will be very obedient, a very good housekeeper.

Rottweiler Dog Characteristics

The Rottweiler is a large, well-proportioned and solid dog. They are flexible and calm. The maximum size of the body height of Rot dogs up to 70 cm, females up to 60 cm. The weight ranges from 50 to 55 kg. With good care, the weight can pass this mark. However, the Rot dog’s body balances against each other to form a unified block.

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The Rot’s head is spherical, the muzzle is large and raft. The flexible eyes are brown. There are 2 characteristic yellow spots on the eyes. They have a very large and heavy head. The jaws are developed and the strong and sharp teeth have a great biting force, it is difficult for any prey to escape from the teeth of the Rot dog.

Its teeth are also sharp with a scissor structure. The tail is usually docked and docked at birth. Short fur and less shedding, easy to clean are the great advantages of this breed when it comes to living with humans.

When carefully cared for and cared for, Rottweiler dogs can live up to 12-13 years.

Rottweiler Dog Characteristics

The outstanding characteristic of the Rot dog is its composure in all situations, the loyalty and bravery of the Rot dog towards its owner and family. They are trustworthy and are willing to sacrifice their lives to keep everyone in the family safe. However, their high alertness causes them to become aggressive when they see nosy strangers, be they relatives or neighbors.

rottweiler dog personalityRottweiler dog character. internet photos

Rotten dogs are very bloodthirsty, their bodies can withstand injury quite well. If you are not strictly raised and have no training experience, it will be very dangerous for your loved ones. On the contrary, when they are raised properly, they will obey and become the safest bodyguard in your house.

The Rottweiler’s instinct is to hunt and smell great, which is why it is used by many security forces and guards in many countries as a working dog. They are raised and trained in professional dog training schools from a young age.

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A personality trait of the Rot dog is that it is quite aggressive towards other breeds of dogs. When taking them out to play, it is necessary to clean Rot’s muzzle to avoid unfortunate circumstances. Especially with strange Rottweiler dogs, absolutely do not allow your dog or small children near. Usually, when raised from a young age, they are very friendly with the children of the house, but they are quite aggressive when they meet strangers.

Rottweiler dog training needs experienced ownersRottweiler dog training needs experienced owners

Rottweiler dogs do well in a spacious environment, which allows them to run and jump freely rather than being confined to a small space and on chains. There have been many cases of people and other animals being attacked by Rot, but these are dogs bought by the owners when they are too old or because the owners are not trained enough.

Many countries have now classified the Rottweiler as a dangerous and banned dog breed in many countries around the world. Many countries that want to breed this breed need to get permission from the government.

Rottweiler dog price in Vietnam

Currently in Vietnam, Rottweiler dogs are priced between 6 and 10 million depending on the characteristics of the dog. Dogs do not have VKAs and are raised in families. Children with paper cost > 13 million VND

  • Rotating dogs imported from Thailand are priced at 15-30 million depending on whether the dog you buy has a certificate of origin or not.
  • Dogs imported from Europe, especially from Germany, cost from 50 to 70 million depending on the characteristics and documents of the dog.

Hopefully, through this article, you have understood more about Rottweiler dogs, their body features, and their personalities. Breeding a Rottweiler requires a strong and strict owner. Therefore, you should carefully consider before breeding this breed.