Revealing 2 Simple and Easy Ways to Calculate the Dog’s Age

Revealing 2 Simple and Easy Ways to Calculate the Dog's Age

“Every dog ​​year corresponds to 7 human years” this is an extremely misconception of dog owners. In fact, a dog’s age fluctuates greatly in the first 2 years.

The age of the dog also depends on how big your dog is to calculate. However, all formulas are approximate and approximate. The life time of a dog depends a lot on its nutrition and physical condition, taking care of it and adjusting the diet according to the age of the dog increases its useful life. Depending on the stage, you can offer reasonable care and parenting solutions.

Fat dogs have a shorter life expectancy than those that are cared for according to a nutritionally balanced diet.

The following is a graph to calculate the age of the dogs based on the synthesis of the scientists.

dog age chart dog age chart

How to use a dog age chart?

  • The age of the dog depends on the size of the dogs SM, L, XL as the picture shows. SM are small size dogs, L is medium size, and XL is large size. With each corresponding size is a color as shown.
  • You can see that the 3 dog breeds have no age difference in the first 3 years. From two months to 2 years, all 3 dog breeds are the same age.
  • The difference only occurs from the 3rd year when the dog of the SM breed corresponding to the orange circle is 29 years old. The same with the rest of the races. Very simple, true. Most importantly, you only need to size your dog to match the dog age chart.
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golden dog breed

So you can see the most dramatic change in the dog’s age during the first 2 years. This is also the period when dogs need the most nutrients for maximum growth. However, it is also necessary to apply a reasonable diet to prolong the life of your dog.

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It is not necessary to use a scheme, we can also calculate the age of the dog based on the characteristics.

The above diagram has provided you with a way to calculate the dog’s age quite accurately, in addition to the above method, owners can also guess the age of another dog through body features.

Tooth: The color of the teeth and the number of teeth give you an estimate of the age of the dog. By the seventh month, the dog’s teeth are fully developed, based on the number of teeth, one can guess the age of the dog. However, to be more accurate and reduce the prediction interval, you should evaluate the tooth color. If the dog’s teeth are white, it is less than 1 year old, yellow means the dog is 1-2 years old, if the dog’s color is dull, it is 3-5 years old. Dogs that lose teeth mean that they are old.

How to calculate the age of a dog through body characteristics?How to calculate the age of dogs through body characteristics. internet photos

Muscular system: The legs and the musculature evaluate the youth or old age of the dog. With old dogs, the muscular system is no longer as good and toned as before. Walking also becomes much more difficult for puppies and is lost. Strong, strong muscles often appear in young dogs.

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The hair of the young is always more beautiful than that of the old grandparents: Adult dogs have a hard coat and is divided into many layers, while puppies and small dogs, the coat is very soft.

Eye Older dogs are often opaque and translucent, appearing more oozing, while younger dogs do not have those characteristics. Their eyes are alert and sharp, transparent so they are easy to recognize

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