Red Snapper – Blood of Anh Vu


The Red Ket fish is one of many beautiful ornamental fish species that are cared for by many people. The Red Kettle fish is known by another name, Blood Anh Vu.

Hong Ket fish has many types, such as Hearttail, King Kong… According to many studies, this fish is the ancestor of the Arhat fish mentioned in previous articles.

Red Snapper Preliminary Introduction

Red Snapper or Blood Anh Vu

According to Wikipedia, the red cichlid, Blood Anh Vu or red parrot fish has the scientific name of blood parrot cichlid, parrot cichlid, bloody parrot. Created by crossbreeding in Taiwan in 1986.

No one has information on how to breed this fish, only some hypotheses are made with 2 hybrid combinations. This fish was recreated in Taiwan in 1986. Very soon, the Anh Vu Blood fish was a favorite of many aquarium owners not only for its color but also for its outstanding features.


Classification details:

  • Order: Perciformes (order of seabass)
  • Family: Cichlidae (tilapia family)
  • Other Vietnamese names: red safe; hero’s blood
  • Other English names: Bloody Parrot; blood parrotfish

The fish has been introduced to Vietnam since the 1990s. Through the years of development, Blood Anh Vu fish is popular in our country. The price of fish is also not expensive. Only 1 -2 kg/head.


The fish has a round body, a small nose, and a head with slightly forward claws. Similar to Arhat but smaller. Big round eyes. The color is yellow when it is a baby and turns red as it grows.

Characteristics of the blood fish Anh Vu

According to popular belief, the red color of the fish brings good luck to farmers, similar to Arhat. With good care, the fish can reach a size of > 20 cm.

You can easily distinguish this fish among other fish. They have a round body, a small nose, a sloping back, a slightly protruding head, and a non-closed beak like the Mo Ket fish. When it grows up, it will change color to red.

Biological characteristics

  • Fish length (cm): 17 – 20
  • Water temperature (C): 21 – 28
  • Water hardness (dH):2 – 25
  • pH: 6.0 – 8,
  • Diet: Omnivorous
  • Reproduction: lays eggs
  • Detailed biological characteristics:
  • Inland aquifer: All aquifers
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Fish only eat small animals such as shrimp and worms… Most of the food, Hong Ket fish can be used. Therefore, when breeding this fish, you should not keep it with other small fish. In addition, industrial feeds can also be used to feed fish. The males cannot fertilize the eggs.

They need a clean environment, so regular cleaning and aerating are very beneficial in caring for your fish.

The special thing about this fish is that they often like to be clean. Therefore, you should regularly aerate and have water filters to help keep your living environment cool.

The lines of the blood fish Anh Vu

Currently on the market, the Anh Vu bloodfish is very diverse in color and shape. They usually come in 3 main types.

  • King Kong Red snapper: The price of this Blood Anh Vu is quite high. This is considered one of the most beautiful lines of Hong Ket fish. The color and size are nice. Usually this line is kept with Arowana fish.
  • Hearttail Red Snapper: Fairly common and recognizable by its heart-shaped tail. From an early age, the fish is trimmed in the shape of the tail, so it will be very beautiful when it grows up.

red hearttail snapper

  • Tattooed Red Snapper – This type of fish is usually tattooed by people with the words Phuc Loc Tho with the wish to pray for prosperity and fortune. This type of fish is more expensive than other types because it requires careful investment and care.

How to breed red snapper in Vietnam

It must be said that Hong Ket or Blood Anh Vu are quite demanding with the environment, so they must meet the basic conditions of water source and temperature so that they can grow and develop better.

Is it easy to breed Anh Vu Bloodfish?

Loved and chosen by many people to care not only for its beauty, but this fish also contains lucky feng shui meaning.

It can be said that taking good care of fish with beautiful and standard colors is quite demanding. Ensure all the criteria of temperature, water quality, food…

How to Breed Anh Vu Blood Fish

Therefore, to help fish breathe well underwater, it is necessary to add aeration, and especially the water must be clean and low in bacteria. This will help the fish grow and produce the best color.

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Is it easy to breed Blood Anh Vu fish?

The way to change the water in the fish tank is the same as for other fish. Slowly change the first 1/4 amount and you need to measure the pH of the new water after the change.


25 -28 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature for breeding Hong Ket. Too low a temperature will make them less flexible. Color also deteriorates and resistance decreases in aquatic environments.

What does Anh Vu Blood Fish eat?

This fish does not eat plants, it eats smaller animals such as shrimp, worms, fresh processed food or industrial food. Fish can eat the remains of other fish, they do not eat aquatic plants but they like to dig the bottom, so they cannot live in an aquarium.

What does Anh Vu Blood Fish eat?

Usually, this fish can eat any leftover food in the tank, fish smaller than itself, shrimp, worms, etc. So when breeding this fish, you should keep it with larger species.


Before eating or turn on the tank light for 5 minutes and feed them afterwards. Just watch the light come on later, the fish will know it’s time to eat.
Red Ket fish can be kept with any fish.

You need to pay attention when breeding Red Ket fish so that they can eat fish that are smaller than themselves. Although they are docile, they should not be kept with other fish.

How to care for Blood Anh Vu fish

You can keep the Red Ket fish with other fish of similar size.

The price of Red Kettle fish – Blood Anh Vu

– Average price (VND/head): 70,000 VND

– Minimum – maximum sale price (VND/head): 40,000 – 100,000 VND

– Popularity: Many

– Popularity: Medium

Currently on the market there are heart tail red snapper and tattoo red snapper, Kinh kong red snapper is very beautiful

The price of red snapper fish

The feng shui meaning of Anh Vu Blood fish

As mentioned above, Blood Fish Anh Vu has great meaning about feng shui. With this breed of fish, they always think that fish can mediate killing intent. They bring luck and fortune to the owner, and resolve conflicts in the family. Bring joy and laughter to your home.

Also, for fish farmers, watching fish bouncing in the water tank also brings relaxation and relieves stress after exhausting working hours.

Hopefully, through this article from, you have understood more about a beautiful fish in Vietnam. If you have any suggestions for information, you can comment below so that you can complete this ornamental fish section.