Reasons why you should adopt a Siamese cat

Reasons why you should adopt a Siamese cat

Does it bother you having to brush and bathe your cat regularly? Or angry that he was playing with the boss and the boss scratched him? Or you want a small pet but the boss won’t let you… If all the above points make you wonder whether you should have a cat or not, then the Siamese cat will be a great choice for you.

Siamese cats are just like real cats and bring good luck

Without exaggeration, Siamese or Siamese cats, or Siamese cats, are the ancestors of cats because they have been present on this earth for thousands of years, accustomed to breeding and breeding many other breeds of cats on the planet. They are also known as the Thai royal cat, because in the beginning, Siamese cats were mainly bred by the aristocracy, and they regarded them as a god that brought luck and prosperity to the royal family.

At the end of the 19th century, the Siamese cat also became a gift from the British consulate in Bangkok to his sister. Thanks to this, the Siamese cat was officially introduced to Europe and quickly became a new breeze in the western feline world, replacing the British shorthair or Persian cat thanks to its body and way of moving.

Characteristics of the shape of Siamese cats

After being introduced to the West and bred, the Siamese cat split into two separate lines commonly known as the Thai Siamese and the European Siamese. Keeping many of the same genes as the older Siamese, the Thai Siamese has a round head, a pointed triangular face, and a slender body, and is shorter than the European Siamese.

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The Siamese cat has bright, sparkling blue eyes and a silky coat that comes in a variety of colors such as seal grey, light blue, chocolate, and lilac. The Siamese cat’s coat is usually quite short, so you won’t need to groom it as often as the British or Persian longhair.

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Affection is the outstanding personality of Siamese cats

They are very useful for families with small children because unlike the British Shorthair or the Scottish Fold, the Siamese has an active personality, he likes to run and jump, he likes playing with children more. Siamese cats can “weigh” all the games presented by children, from gentle games to monstrous, rough games that only children can think of. Not only that, they also love to play with toys!

Siamese cats have brains that are considered more intelligent than other western cat breeds. They hunt and work very scientifically, they are also very calm, especially they are not picky eaters. In addition, this breed of cat is also very tame and calm, and knows how to live in harmony with the rest of the pets in the house.

Although they play active or naughty, but you don’t have to worry when you play with them. Because unlike other cats, Siamese cats always learn to hold and hide their claws inside, so they never scratch their owner’s skin.

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Compared to “super chic” cats who only call you when it’s time to eat, Siamese cats are extremely affectionate. They always follow you wherever you go, so you will never be sad to be ignored! They love to sit on your lap and sleep next to their owners. For this reason, the Siamese cat is also a great friend for older people who live alone.

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How should I care for a Siamese cat?

Siamese cats love to live in warm places or curl up in the sun in the morning. If you have a spacious living space, this is indeed a paradise for Siamese cats to play freely, be naughty or lie down in the warm winter sun. Although the Siamese cat’s hair does not shed much, every week, remember to brush it to make its fur softer, remove dead hair and improve blood circulation, making babies healthier.

Thailand is the country where the Siamese cat was born, where the climate and environmental conditions are quite similar to those of Vietnam, so you won’t have too many difficulties when it comes to taking care of this cute feline. Although it is a healthy cat with few diseases, it sometimes suffers from liver problems, asthma or a congenital defect. Therefore, in the process of taking care of yourself, remember to clean your ears, eyes and nose regularly to avoid infections in these sensitive areas.

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Siamese cats have a fairly long lifespan, even living to be 20 years old. So if you are afraid of one day leaving your beloved cat and you want to keep it with you for as long as possible, then a Siamese cat will be a great choice for you.

How much does a siamese cat cost?

Because the number of Siamese cats is quite large, bred in Vietnam, they are affordable at only 1 – 1.8 million for a pure Siamese cat. For cats imported directly from Thailand, the price is around $200, while Siamese cats imported from Europe are delivered higher, ranging from $500 to $700 per cat excluding shipping.

Siamese cats in Vietnam are often crossed with Vietnamese cats. However, they still have many characteristics similar to pure Siamese cats and usually have an average price of around VND 500,000.