Ragdoll cat looks like a big but gentle cat.

Ragdoll cat looks like a big but gentle cat.

ragdoll cat otherwise known as stray cat, the cat breed has light blue eyes and a distinctive contrasting bi-color coat. They are famous for being a “big” but extremely tame cat, which, as many people call the Ragdoll, is a hybrid of a cat’s appearance plus a dog’s personality, maybe so catty. Ragdoll receives a lot of attention and affection from cat lovers. all over the world, including Vietnam.

Ragdoll Cat Characteristics

The Ragdoll cat breed originating in the United States is the result of crossing many different breeds of long-haired cats, the reason why they are called Ragdol (little teddies) is because of the habit of people softening every time they are touched. burden. This breed was recognized by the International Association of Cat Lovers in the year 2000.

Ragdoll is one of the largest cat breeds in the world, possessing a strong body and a body weight of up to 9 kg. This is the standard size for this breed of cats, they are not obese like many other cats.

Thanks to a series of special genes, Ragdoll cats have attractive, light blue eyes and a characteristic bicolor coat, but very thick and dense, soft fur with many colors such as white, cream, blue, chocolate, but groomed and mixed. harmoniously, being a spotted breed, the color of the hair on the body will tend to be lighter than some other “accents” on the muzzle, ears, tail and legs for example.

Due to their large size and thicker coat than many other cat breeds, Ragdoll cats grow very slowly, only being able to reach full development in terms of body, including size and weight by the time they are 4 years old, compared to other cat breeds. it generally falls between 1 year and 1.5 years.

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Ragdoll Cat Personality

Docile, loyal, docile, even “too gentle” are the words that best describe the Ragdoll cat’s personality. According to Wiki, the sweetness and excessive docility of some cats have given rise to rumors that the Ragdoll breed is very good at suffering. Some British cat breeders have even tried to get rid of the Ragdol’s excessive tameness, because they believe that excessive tameness is not a good trait for cats.

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Because of that personality, Ragdoll cats are often very “fragile, easy-to-catch”, wrapped up, and love to be petted and protected more than any other breed of cat, and always like to follow their owners as one. image with a shadow. According to some experts, the Ragdoll’s docile and docile temperament is believed to be inherited from the Persian and Siamese breeds.

Thus, the Ragdoll can be considered more of a loyal family dog ‚Äč‚Äčthan a cat, and of course, the Ragdoll is very friendly with children, family, and other pets. They are easier to train than other house cats, you can also teach them to play dog-like games like catching a ball or calling names and following commands. Ragdoll cats like to rest on the floor all day and are sensitive to being called by their owner’s name.

This cute and cuddly advantage also becomes a disadvantage for Ragdoll cats as they will be helpless in all situations. They are too friendly, they do not know how to use their claws and teeth to defend themselves, so this will be the target of many thieves. You need to be very careful if you let the Ragdoll cat out.

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Caring for the Ragdoll cat

Since Ragdoll is a cat with long and soft hair, it takes a lot of time to care for it. However, due to their gentle nature, this breed will often lie obediently for you to brush. And because the hair is not clumped, due to the soft and smooth hair, you just need to work hard to brush regularly to remove any hairs that fall, without having to suffer “fighting” like many other breeds of cats, expressed as British Longhair . , For example. They often shed a lot during season changes. You should pay attention to keep them clean and remove this coat regularly.

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In particular, Ragdoll cats are not afraid of bathing like many other cat breeds. If they are trained from a young age, everything is easy for them. Despite its large size, this breed of cats often suffers from joint or heart problems. So in the process of caring for Ragdoll cats, remember to bathe them weekly and clean their ears, nose, eyes, and fully vaccinate the babies.

How much does a Ragdoll cat cost in Vietnam?

Currently, the Ragdoll cat remains one of the rare cat breeds in Vietnam. Because the Ragdoll has thick fur that is suitable for places where the weather is cold and dry, but the weather in Vietnam is too wet and uncomfortable, so it is difficult for them to adapt.

Therefore, Ragdoll cats are very difficult to breed in Vietnam and the number of breeding camps can also be counted on the fingers. Ragdoll scarcity makes the price for you to own them also higher than other cat breeds.

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Ragdoll cat imported from Thailand

The price of imported Ragdoll cats from Thailand is currently around 12-15 million per baby. Although Thailand also has a similar climate to Vietnam, the cat farms here are more modern in scale and technology. Thus, they easily create a suitable habitat for the Ragdoll cat, thus increasing the conception rate and the survival rate of the kittens.

Ragdoll cat imported from Europe

The price of imported Ragdoll cats from Russia, the US and Europe when they return to Vietnam is usually 20 million for the pet form (which is a cat that has been sterilized, bred for ornamental purposes only and cannot reproduce). And the hill with the Ragdoll cat has full papers, imported by the camps in breed form (used for breeding and breeding) and ranges from 30 million to 40 million depending on the quality of the pedigree and the breeder.

For the most part, these ragdoll the cat Imported from Europe, mainly from Russia, they are filled with paper, usually of good quality. However, due to the difference in Vietnam’s climate compared to western countries, it leads to poor growth ability and susceptibility to some tropical diseases. kattentrimsalon.com We recommend that you carefully consider abilities, size, and conditions before entering this breed.