Ragdoll cat breed – Characteristics and price of the Ragdoll cat in Vietnam

Ragdoll cat breed - Characteristics and price of the Ragdoll cat in Vietnam

The Ragdoll cat, also known as the Ragamuffin cat, is one of the most attractive cat breeds in the world. The Ragdoll cat is large and affectionate, which is why it has earned the attention and love of many cat lovers around the world, including Vietnam.

origin of the ragdoll catOrigin of the ragdoll cat. internet photos

Origin of the Ragdoll cat breed

According to Wiki, Ann Baker is known to be a cat breeder with a person named Josephine, a cat who is a cross between a Persian and a Turkish Angora. During the mating process, Josephine was mated with a Burmese cat, whose coat is quite similar to that of a Siamese cat. After a period of pregnancy, José gave birth to special, docile and docile cats. This is the premise of the later Ragdoll cat breed.

Ann Baker did not embrace the traditional cat association and named her own breed Ragdoll and founded the International Ragdoll Cat Association. Furthermore, this association also sets standards for its own breed of cats bypassing traditional cat associations. In 1975, a group of people who escaped from the International Ragdoll Association and wanted other organizations to recognize the existence of the Ragdoll breed, developed a new standard for Ragdoll cats.

During its development, the Ragdoll cat was exported to the United Kingdom and other countries. Here, the Ragdoll cat is recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association.

Ragdoll Cat Characteristics

Like the Maine Coon, the Ragdoll is known as a large cat with a strong body and a body weight of up to 9 kg. This is arguably one of the many large body weights in cat breeds today. However, this is his standard size and is not considered obese.

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Ragdoll Cat CharacteristicsRagdoll cat characteristics internet photos

The coat of the Ragdoll cat is thick and dense, soft fur with many colors but mostly white, cream, blue, chocolate… The enchanting blue eyes make this breed of cat special. The head is quite large, the face is round, and the ears are triangular in shape.

Ragdoll Cat Personality

The Ragdoll cat breed from the first individuals has a calm temperament, is affectionate and loyal to its owner. They are cuddly and love to be petted more than any other breed of cat. Even their loyalty is so high that they follow their owners as shown in the picture. There are times when they are even compared to a dog welcoming its owner home.

If you train the Ragdoll, they can play other dog-like games like catching a ball or calling and following commands. Ragdoll cats like to rest on the floor all day and are sensitive to being called by their owner’s name. In words, examine Ragdoll as a loyal dog in the family from him. Unlike many cats, the Ragdoll is very friendly with children, family, and other pets. They are easier to train than other breeds of domestic cats.

The biggest disadvantage of this breed lies in its ability to fend off bad situations. They are so friendly that they don’t even use their teeth and claws in most gaming situations, making them a target for many thieves. Always keep a close eye on your Ragdoll cat when outside to play

Ragdoll Cat CharacteristicsRagdoll cat characteristics internet photos

Caring for the Ragdoll cat

Since the Ragdoll is a cat with long, smooth hair, care does not require too much time. Unlike other long-haired breeds, Ragdoll cats only need weekly brushing to remove loose and tangled hair. They often shed a lot during season changes. You should pay attention to keep them clean and remove this coat regularly.

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With Ragdoll cats, they don’t need to be bathed a lot, nor are they afraid of bathing like many other breeds of cats. If they are trained from a young age, everything is easy for them. Despite its large size, this breed of cats often suffers from joint or heart problems. So when feeding them, you need to carefully monitor their health.

Ragdoll cat price in Vietnam

Currently, this breed of cats is one of the rare breeds in Vietnam. Importing cats from other countries is quite expensive, and the difference in climate is also considered the biggest obstacle for cat lovers. Ragdoll inherently have a thick coat suitable for places with cold and dry climates. Vietnam is too humid with a hot climate, it is difficult to adapt.

It is these conditions that make this breed difficult to breed in Vietnam and the number of breeding camps can also be counted on the fingers. Ragdoll scarcity makes the price for you to own them also higher than other cat breeds.

  • With individuals imported from Thailand priced at 13-16 million, they are released with extremely good breeding conditions and modern technology. Farms here are willing to invest in technology to create the best living environment for Ragdolls.
  • Cats imported from European countries are even more expensive when the cost of transportation increases many times. For children with clear documents, the price can be up to 30 million.

The quality of the cats in these areas is good, the pedigree is clear, but the big problem is that the captivity conditions in Vietnam are not adequate, making this breed of cat not widely bred in our country.