Purple Dragon Betta – The Rarest Betta Dragon Breed

Purple Dragon Betta - The Rarest Betta Dragon Breed

Purple Dragon Betta Fish It is a unique beauty in betta fish. Many professional aquarists want to own this breed. However, finding and possessing them is extremely difficult work.

Small ornamental fish will help you learn more about this fish in the article below.

What is a Purple Dragon Betta?

Purple Dragon Betta Fish is a species of fish belonging to the betta dragon family. The color of betta dragon fish line is very diverse like blue, red, white, black, yellow,…. Originating from Thailand, their beauty is always something very mysterious.

Experts say that if properly cared for, betta dragon fish can live up to 5 years and have great color. Thus, fish keepers should always be careful to learn how to raise and care for betta fish properly before deciding to purchase them.

The hobby of aquarists is to breed fish. However, successfully raising a Purple Dragon Betta is no easy task. Perhaps that is why this breed of fish has become extremely rare in the aquarium market.

Characteristics of the Purple Dragon Betta Fish

Purple Dragon Betta Fish extremely easy to confuse with the betta fish of the galaxy. Looking at the appearance, it’s hard to tell the distinction. Possess a neat and small body of about 8 cm. Their fins and tail are easily seen as a fan due to their sharp, subtle bevels.

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Different from all dragon bettas, the purple dragon betta wears strong and sturdy purple metallic “armor”. Their whole body is covered in purple, and that’s what makes the difference.

Common dragon bettas are only different and colorful in the fins and tail. However, the Purple Dragon Betta is favored by this special color.

How to Care for a Purple Dragon Betta

With years of experience in raising and caring for fish. Small ornamental fish find the purple dragon betta to be one of the easiest fish to care for. Their food is extremely diverse ranging from worms, sticks or basic dry food, …

When feeding, farmers should be very careful. Feed them only 20% of their body weight. This guarantees to limit excess food polluting their habitat. Any heavier will affect the inherent health and development of this fish.

Ensuring that their aquatic environment is always clean is a major concern. So remove leftovers, if any, after feeding them.

According to expert recommendations, 25-30 degrees Celsius, 7-7.5 degrees PH is the best temperature for the growth and development of this fish.

Benefits of Keeping Purple Dragon Betta Fish

Purple Dragon Betta fish bring great benefits to the owner. Because purple is a perfect and delicate combination between the abundant energy of red and the stability of blue. It is associated with nobility, prestige and royalty.

Purple Dragon Betta symbolizes mystery, besides power and luxury. Raising Purple Dragon Betta in the house allows the owner to prosper, prosper, be very lucky in work and family life.

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Avoid placing the betta fish aquarium in the bedroom or in direct sunlight. These are places that can affect the health of farmers and fish.

Purple Dragon Betta Fish Price

By studying the market price, this variety of fish fluctuates mainly from 110.00 to 140,000 VND/fish. Although the price is quite cheap, their quantity is still very limited. Many farmers even try to buy and resell at a price several times higher than the original price.

At Small Ornamental Fish Shop, Purple Dragon Betta fish only costs 120,000 VND/fish. A very good price for aquarists.

Where to supply the prestigious Purple Dragon Betta

In the market, establishments selling Purple Dragon Betta are relatively rare. However, at Small Ornamental Fish we always make sure we have the best quality stock for you.

With a number of loyal customers, huge orders sold every month, and reasonable policies, extremely preferential prices. We always pride ourselves on being a place that provides reputable ornamental fish breeds that customers trust.

The Purple Dragon Betta is exactly one fish worth owning. With great looks and meaning in terms of feng shui and fortune, there is no reason to turn them down.