Pug Breed: cute floppy face, cute wrinkled face

Pug Breed: cute floppy face, cute wrinkled face

Pug breed – or bulldog is the name that dog owners love to give this breed. The Pug is a famous breed of pet dog from China that appeared in the 200s B.C.

pug dog breed It is a small breed of dog and is popular with many dog ​​owners, not only for possessing a unique and strange face, but they are also very active, suitable to have in a small space. The dumpling face with deep wrinkles like an old man makes the Pug quickly win the hearts of the owners. Also, Pug dogs are also quite cute and make everyone laugh.

Origin of the Pug breed

Pugs first appeared in China during the Han Dynasty in 200 BC. C. and for thousands of years the aristocrats maintained them. It can be said that the Pug breed is the aristocrat in the world of dogs.

The wrinkles on their faces form the word for “prince” in Chinese. This may also be a reason why Pug is popular in the palace.

pug with floppy face Drop faced pug. ST photo

Starting in the 16th century, Chinese merchants began to trade with European countries, the Pug was also brought to Europe by these merchants, so this breed quickly became a beloved dog, especially in royal families at that time. They were even protected and raised as princes of the royal family.

Not only that, the Pug also became the main character in many famous films and paintings by European artists.

Characteristics of the Pug dog breed

In the 1860s, when the British invaded China, they brought the most prized purebred Pugs to the country. These dogs are mixed with UK born Pugs to create a Pug breed with a precious and extremely special genetic pool.

It was Queen Victoria who bred this line of royal dogs in England. Until now, the Pug is in fact one of the many popular dog breeds in this country. It can be said that the Queen is the one who helped the Pug breed become as famous as it is today.

  • The body of the Pug dog is small, the height is equal to the length, its body is called a square body.
  • Their weight is usually not more than 10 kg. The head of this breed is large and round, the ears are large, and the eyes are large and round and dark brown in color. However, the special feature of their faces lies in the wrinkles on the forehead and around the mouth. This is what makes this breed special and also unique.
  • His lower jaw juts out and his face sinks in very nicely. According to the opinion of today’s dog owners, the more wrinkles this Pug breed has, the more beautiful it is.
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Pug with personality

The Pug is a playful dog, but a bit hyperactive. After a history of development for thousands of years, raised in an aristocratic environment, they have quite a high personality, which can be considered as a lazy dog ​​breed. However, the Pug has a good appetite, so it is easy to breed, you should also pay attention to the diet of this breed because eating too much also makes them obese.

Let’s get them out, go jogging so they burn calories.

Like the Golden breed, the Pug is also an affectionate dog that always wants to be attached to its owner. He especially likes to be hugged and patted. Unlike Golden, Pug locked up in the house for a long time will not show signs of biting and destroying furniture, therefore it is well suited for staying in apartments or cramped quarters.

How to breed a Pug

Because the Pug’s characteristics are very easy to eat, care is also quite simple. Pug does not need to go for a walk and exercise too much, what he should take care of is to maintain a diet low in fat and carbohydrates to avoid obesity. You should spend 15-30 minutes a day exercising to lose fat.

For more information on Pug dog diet and nutrition. Please see the article: What do Pug dogs eat?? from Blog love dogs and cats.

Unlike other breeds of dogs, their ability to adapt to the environment is not good. If you play in the sun for too long, you can get heat stroke and catch a cold in the winter. So when you breed a Pug, you should pay attention to his body temperature in order to avoid seasonal diseases.

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How to breed a PugHow to breed a Pug. Image STREET

  • Their fur is short and doesn’t require much brushing, but when they roll around a lot when playing, they need frequent baths. Especially after bathing, it is necessary to dry the coat to avoid colds and skin fungus.
  • Pug’s face structure is quite special, the nose is short and flat, revealing big eyes that make them easily hurt. Some eye diseases that Pug can encounter like bulging eyes, scratched cornea… Pugs also have respiratory problems, a short nose makes it difficult for them to breathe, especially in high temperature conditions.

The lifespan of a Pug is 11 years with good care. Breeding this breed of dog is quite simple, you just need to give the Pug a reasonable diet and exercise to avoid obesity.

In addition, the wrinkles on the Pug’s body are also potentially dangerous, so clean the ears and wrinkles on the Pug’s face carefully. Dry their fur to avoid colds in winter.

To own a Pug, you don’t need to spend as much money as other dog breeds. Just spend 5 to 8 million, you have a Pug born in Vietnam and in good health, but in the market today there are sellers who deliver Pug dogs for 1 million.

They are usually mongrels, contraband, of unknown origin or sick dogs. Therefore, when buying a Pug, you should ask the seller for detailed photos of the dog’s parents and puppies, as well as the necessary documents.

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